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October 02 2006

SyFy Genre Awards announced. Firefly, Whedonesque win stuff.

Thanks to everyone who voted for this blog. You're all very lovely.

I'd like to give my heartfeld congratulations to the administrators/mods of this site with their award. This remains my favorite website, and you created an atmosphere which creates a high density of informative posts and sometimes happy mindless banter such as this as well.

PS I can't believe this is the first year Firefly wins any of these awards. That they can participate this year through some back door in the rules can happen, but why didn't they win when the show actually aired?
Hey, posters, you look lovely today.

but why didn't they win when the show actually aired?

Nobody watched it?

Also, as I was saying to somebody yesterday, Whedonesque is my favourite website ever. I won't say anything more as everybodies heads will explode.
"While some might question how much power these fanbases have, it is the fanbases that ultimately helps decide the fates of television shows and movies. That's why we let the fanbases decide what's best, and not just a few of us sitting around and talking about it over cigars and cupcakes." -- Michael Hinman, founder of SyFy Portal

Although every time I voted, I too, was talking, eating a cupcake and smoking a cigar. It took a quite a toll on me, but it was for a cause.

" 'Firefly' didn't take all the television categories... And Amy Acker from "Alias" won her third Genre Award, beating out both Rachel Luttrell from 'Stargate: Atlantis' and Katee Sackhoff from 'Battlestar Galactica,' who were in the runners-up positions."

Hee-hee. I have an idea why that might be, too. Oh, Fanbase, I love you. Congrats to all.

(ET: Damn, the Freudian slips. I'm not kidding, my unconscious must be rumbling...)

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Congrats Whedonesque and Firefly - much deserved. I love this site.
Congrats to Caroline and the mods. I love this place, and was very happy to vote for you. Thanks for the amazing site, and keep up the good work.
Congrats to Whedonesque - a great win!

As for Firefly, that's *so* 2002 ;-)
Yay! Hooah! Whedonesque gets some very deserved praise along with the very belated for Firefly!
Congratulations Caroline and mods for the bestest site anywhere, anytime! The interwebs would be so boring without Whedonesque. Yay us! ;-)

And congratulations to Joss, Christina, Nathan, Adam, Summer and Amy for being recognized for your great work! :-)
Kudo's to Caroline and crew for running the only ship as tight as Serenity, and to all the wonderful posters here. What? This isn't Sorry.

And a special congratulations to QuoterGal for always succeeding in removing her slip before I see anything. In my experience it's usually the other way 'round.
Congratulations to Whedonesque. Well deserved.
can't believe this is the first year Firefly wins any of these awards. That they can participate this year through some back door in the rules can happen, but why didn't they win when the show actually aired?

Probably because the fanbase for Firefly at the time when it aired was quite small. Nowadays Firefly/Serenity is more likely to top polls decided by voters cause the fanbase is quite big (at least 50 people! I counted, it was neat). But hey, Firefly did win an Emmy back in the day.
Congrats site runners and cheers for helping make Whedonesque such a cool hang-out.

So, from these results, it seems that we only really need fear the wrath of Harry Potter fans ? Truly we wield mighty voting power.

(though a tussle with trekkies might get messy)
I don't know why, but the first thing I though while reading the topic was:

"Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!"
Woefully off-topic, but on its home page has a new (to me) striking picture of Summer on a brown sofa that took my breath away. Awe-inducing.
Another reason Firefly may not have won in the past was that is was up against Buffy and Angel. Hardly anyone knew about Firefly at the time, and B & A had a much bigger fanbase. (Though in the end, it was Farscape that won as best TV show for that year.)

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Woefully off-topic, but on its home page has a new (to me) striking picture of Summer on a brown sofa that took my breath away. Awe-inducing.
That must be some sofa, jaynelovesvera!

Congrats on a very well deserved win, Whedonesque owner/mods.
'You love us! You really, really love us!'

Thanks to all of you who voted. In the words of Clark Kent... it's swell!
No, thank you Caroline! To Whedonesque goodness everyday.

And congrats to my beloved Firefly. May she sail again....
Thanks all, glad to be a part of the best danged site on this here intarweb ;) I know I have many reasons to be very thankful for Whedonesque!
I don't know if I should say this, but I was on the nominating committee for these awards, and I'm fairly sure I was the first one to propose nominating Whedonesque for best website. It really is an awesome site. The people here are terrific, and Joss and other cool writer-director-artisty types come here. It feels like one big party without the B.O.
Congratulations! And let me tell you, voting with dial up connection was a bitca.
It feels like one big party without the B.O.

Just because Nathan doesn't post...

*ducks and runs*
Congratulations to Caroline, our mods and everyone else who helps to keep this site in motion. Long live Whedonesque!
Congrats to all at Whedonesque! You should be really proud of the uber-quality of this site. It's why I hang here most days! You can believe that if I'm not posting, I'm lurking nearby.
Thanks all, glad to be a part of the best danged site on this here intarweb ;) I know I have many reasons to be very thankful for Whedonesque!
zeitgeist | October 02, 15:23 CET

Search Parameters: "Love Thread" (R)(TM)(C)
Congratulations to all and thanks for Whedonesque. I love this site.

...I will stop there to avoid an excess of goo.
Congratulations to the Whedonesque makers and mods.
Way to go, Caroline & mods! Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
Congratulations to Whedonesque! This is a great site.
Wow! This occasion is well worth coming out of the lurking state. Heartfelt congratulations, Whedonesque! You deserve it.
Well deserved award to the runners/mods of Congratulations. A well run, interesting, and funny site. Thanks for creating this site and keeping it running so well.
Numfar PTB - quite so :) Whedonesque brought me the reason I moved halfway across the country earlier this year :D Never been happier in my life!
Yay, Whedonesque! Before food, before coffee, sometimes even before being fully conscious (hee!), this place is my first net-stop of the day. It's like that cool neighborhood joint you have to drop by or things just doesn't feel right. Plus black is so slimming, and the clothing optional policy is the best.

And if you insist on wearing clothes, well...
Congratulations, Caroline, and the mods who keep us in line. I'm especially grateful that I was allowed to join even when membership was closed thus enabling me to see Serenity at a prescreening in Portland in May, thanks to m'cookies. I have also made some good friends through this site and The Library.

I so enjoy this site and the diverse - and often humourous - comments on it.

Long live Whedonesque!
I haven't been around/on Whedonesque for long, but I've been impressed with how well the site is run... congrats on a well-deserved win :)
If people actually still high-fived, I'd slap you one high and low, Caroline! Congrats and thanks too, to all you level-headed, uber-cool mods for the fabulous job you do here, and for keepin' my homepage real!

So, from these results, it seems that we only really need fear the wrath of Harry Potter fans ? Truly we wield mighty voting power.
Now if only Joss manages to direct a future Harry Potter movie, just imagine the power of the combined fanbases!! ;)

Congrats to all the mods and everyone who responsible in running! Plus thanks to all the members, for all the great links & comments that keep this place so interesting.

[ edited by Matt_Fabb on 2006-10-03 01:50 ]
Can we do an ironic, post-modern high five? Congrats Whedonesque!
zeitgeist, you should work on getting product placement into TV. Just imagine, hover boards in Deadwood.
Harry Potty, Matt_Fabb?

Hmm, sounds to me like that fanbase would need to check the restrooms a little more often... ;)
Well done, well deserved, and thank you Caroline et al. Loves me some Whedonesque and all its (unadvertised) fringe benefits. Had I known, I would have cancelled Diners Club and signed up way the heck earlier.

And Willowy... I believe that the high-five has been replaced by the celebratory Foo. Pinch your fingers together as though you were about to grab a touch of salt from a dish, and tap downward in rapid succession on my upward tapping fingertips that are similarly arranged. After a few taps, we'll reverse positions and tap again. (Sometimes called "feed the baby bird" and often done down low, at hip level, and behind the back, when one is wishes to express enjoyment over something, without broadcasting one's pleasure to those nearby.) The Foo. /foos Willowy, and foos Whedonesque in plain sight
Well there you have it. Foos all around!
Fandom-combining -- it's toute la rage and a la mode.

And I think there might be a way to merge fandom-combining, product-placement and stalking all together, but I haven't quite worked it out the details yet. I'll foo you all when I do...

!Kittens! and Dark Chocolate Foos.
Yay mods and rockers! Yay admins and adwomins! Yay home(page)-boys and -girls! I love it here!

ETA a little celebratory quotation. G.K. Chesterton on Charles Dickens All Things Whedonesque:

Considered merely as literary fashions, romanticism [i.e., sci-fi/fantasy] and realism are both tricks, and tricks alone. The only advantage lies with romanticism, which is a little less artificial and technical than realism.

[ edited by Pointy on 2006-10-03 00:21 ]
Goblet of Fire beat out Serenity? Shite...that's just a River Special to somewhere sensitive:(

Still...three cheers to Firefly and to Whedonesque! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!
What would happen if we got Joss and JK together?

Serenity and the Goblet of Firefly.

Serenity and the Half-Blood Cap'n.

When Harry Met River.
Pointy, very nice quote.

Serenity and the Half-Blood Cap'n

Drusilla must have made it another 500 years.
*gasping over the Foos*
Congratulations to Caroline and all you other Big Damn Whedonesquers!
Congratulations, Whedonesque! And congratulations Firefly! I hope next year's wins include many of the well-deserved cast of BSG.
What would happen if we got Joss and JK together?

Malcolm Reynolds and the Prisoner of Trebekistan*
Harry Potter and the Order of the Firefly
River Tam and the Chamber of Psecrets

Also, if we were at a pub waiting to be served and started doing foos would they be called foo-bars ?

*hands the baton back to jaynelovesvera, but quick ;) *

* 3-way fandom = invincible !, bring it on trekkies and, err, Star-Warsians ?
Saje - those would actually be bar-foos (think Simon Bar Sinister) or pub-foos (think Kung-Foo).
Saje, my first exposure to the term was when the ex-marine next door, seeing my 11-year-old, one-shoed-as-usual self chasing cars on my skateboard, exclaimed: "That boy is FUBAR!".
The way things are going in HP, I think Joss is the only choice for directing #7. Seriously: angst, violence, betrayal, possible-only-seeming-betrayal, death, redemption... who else could really pull it off?

As soon as we get a title for the last book, I say we start a Joss for Harry support site!
Yeah, i've never been in service but it certainly sounds like an acronym of military origin jlv ;).

zeitgeist, your mod-fu is strong ;).

(Joss may not be interested in Potter 7 without some drastic, err, remodelling. His Purpleosity has a weakness for super-powered teenage girls after all. How about "Harry Potter and the Story Where Hermione is Totally the Star" ? ;)
jaynelovesvera - There's FUBAR and there's foobar or foo/bar or foo@bar, etc. The former is the acronym of military origin, the others being often used as examples in computer-y related examples.,, etc.

Saje - seeing all of this talk of foo made me think of Outpost Nine's Az talking about Razor Ramon. If you don't know what that means, try not to be afraid :)
Wonderful news and most deservedly for this site. I've always said it's the best site on this planet and it appears the world agrees. Congratulations, Caroline! And, of course, it wouldn't be possible without our wonderful, insightful MODs. Simon, milo, soddingnancytribe, and zeitgeist, take a bow. You breath life into this site and it shows. Finally, congratulations to my fellow members. I've been to many a web blogs. None have remotely come close to giving me the joy I feel in this room. Whedonesque is number one because of its people. I salute you all.
Just wanted to add my congrats, to everyone. Good work! Long Live Whedonesque! Thanks to everyone for making this the site it is.
I think foobar as in the variable name filler originated in FUBAR but possibly with the added bonus of the 'bar' as in 'NOT foo' meaning too. It's slang for all occasions ;).

Never heard of Outpost Nine or Az or Razor Ramon and I am feeling a strange urge to back away in a non-startling yet emphatic manner zeitgeist ;).
:) Nice, Saje, Outpost Nine is/was a site for a guy who taught English to Japanese students in Japan and a repository for all of the wackiness that ensued :) He handed some part of it over to a network site as the bandwidth costs were getting a bit much. Most of the content was moved from here to here, though the new navigation and layout totally eludes me. Ahh, looks like this page is where they are reposting his editorials in order.

p.s. - way better explanation of foo/bar & bar, not foo than I could've pulled off at this point. Oy, what a day its been...
Hong Kong Phooey? Number one super guy?
I'm running with Willowy here. Enough with the foo/foobar/foolishness already:)
Aw Maddy, c'mon, it's a little funny! Especially z's Scatman reference, there! ;)
Don't forget 'quicker than the human eye'. That's one talented pooch. Fannnriffic !

(OK, Spot the cat had the real talent but we won't tell anyone ;)

Some of that guy's stuff seems pretty interesting zeitgeist. He doesn't mince his words though does he ? ;)

(a friend's brother's just come back from a similar stint in Tokyo though we call it TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

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