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April 17 2003

Freddie Prinze Jr. speaks candidly about treatment of SMG and the end of Buffy. "She's a very strong woman, because she deals with a lot of nonsense, and instead of that nonsense, she should be thanked -- and she's not. That's the reason she won't be coming back."

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This article leaves me with the sense that Sarah is pretty classy, given that she hasn't given a hint of this kind of sentiment in the end-of-show press that I've seen. I can understand him being upset for her, but I wonder who or what he's specifically referring to.

I have no idea what that article is about. Could you vague that up a little bit, Mr. Prinze?

What a strange "news article" to run.
"She's a very strong woman, because she deals with a lot of nonsense, and instead of that nonsense, she should be thanked -- and she's not. That's the reason she won't be coming back."

It's almost like he's talking about Sarah *and* Buffy. :)
I find this article very funny in stark contrast to this other article I found last week titled Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Wedding Sickness
. Oh, so sad.

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"if that environment would have remained the way it would six years ago, she would go back"

What the heck does that mean, exactly? Is he saying that Sarah is leaving because she's not being treated the same way she was when the show first started? That makes zero sense.

In any case, I suspect the WB/UPN switch is what's being hinted at here more than anything else.
What the hell is he talking about? Seriously, I want to know. The one thing he does make clear is that SMG turned down an 8th season, not because of a desire to move on creatively, or any kind of issue with her career, but because of personal "People aren't nice to me anymore" issues.
Huh. I'm all curious now.
I think there's some tension between Sarah and Joss.....and other writers as well. In the EW interview, it was mentioned that due to the fact that both Joss and Sarah didn't always see eye to eye....the tension between the rose. Ironically enough.....did anyone read the April issue of Femme Fetales magazine? It has interviews with Eliza Dusku, Charisma Carpenter and Stephanie Romonvoa.

Anywhos......the interesting think is what Charisma had to say in regards to this seasons direction and about Joss Whedon. She acknowledge that she had asked that her character get a major character arc, but she went on to clarify she didn't mean one where she had to boink Conner. She finds that storyline icky, as do the rest of us.

She also expressed that kissing someone that is not her "man" was gross considering she was umteeth mounths preggars. And she also went on to say that if Angel and Cordy were to hook up, it would be yawn fest Right on Charisma!! Right on

Anywho......the juicy part of the interview was when she was asked about Joss Whedon, she replied that she hasn't seen him on set since "Spin the Bottle" in which he wrote and directed earlier in the season. She deduces that the front runner when it comes to final decisions having to do with the show, but she seems skeptical of the actual value (or breadth) of his input. She acknowleges that he may of been spread thin considering he had three shows on at the same time. She then notes that since it's looking like Angel (if it gets picked up) would be the only show he has on the air next season, she hopes it would be given some respect, or more weight, in some people's estimation.

She targets the network as well for screwing the show around, and talks about how the fans always find the show even though it's been moved all over the schedule at elast once each year.

I'm sensing a little tension directed towards Joss.'s not just Sarah

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I find Prinze's comments highly unprofessional. He could have at least waited till the finale's screened to unleash the bitchfest.
nychick: Sounds like an interesting article! Can you provide a link to it, please?
Like everyone else, I have no idea what he's talking about. He's not going to be able to have an objective opinion about whatever it is, though; SMG is his wife. How else can he see (or at least say) it but the way that puts her in the right, and others in the wrong? I would take his views with a few grains of salt.
Huh... nychick, interesting article. Looks like I'm gonna have to find that magazine now.

::checks pockets::

Oh wait.... Heh.
I'm wondering if most Buffy fans think it's one big family on set. Well probably not. Do you get on with everyone at your place of work/school/university?

Natuarally some of the Buffy cast are bound to be better friends with others and some people will not be happy with the direction their characters went but I really doubt there are bitter feuds on set. The actors do a job and get paid and we the fans see a great show.

Though it probably didn't help matters when Joss went OTT about Firefly and saying it was his new baby and how great and fun the cast were to work with.
For anyone who's ever been in a band (or a marriage!), none of this tension is very surprising. :-)

Personally, I don't care if everyone on the set hates everyone else, as long as quality stories get produced and aired.

Ten years from now, we'll still watch re-runs of these amazing shows while the behind-the-scenes crap will be forgotten by both the fans and the cast/crew.

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I dunno, with all the stories that have been told about how much of a bitca Sarah can be when she doesn't like someone (*cough* Jeff Pruitt *cough*), I wonder if she's not being a bit of a diva. Or maybe she's hurt that James got a "thank you" ad and she didn't. He does say that no one has thanked her for sticking with it for seven years.

Who knows? But I agree with Prolific that it's rather unprofessional of him to be talking like that about her place of work before it's over.
When my partner asks how my day at work was, if it was good, I say so but don't go into a lot of specifics. When it's been a bad day, I vent about every little detail. My partner probably thinks I hate my job, my boss and my coworkers, but I don't.

This could be something similar. Sarah comes home after a rough day and vents about everything. Mr. Michelle Gellar Jr. hears a little good stuff and a whole lot of bad stuff, and that's what sticks with him.

He probably should have asked his wife before deciding to reveal what, to me, would have been said in confidence (if he had asked her, and if she is the professional he says she is, you'd think she'd have put a stop to it).

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I'd love to have more context for his quotes - doesn't sound like this was a one-on-one with Zap2It. Was this a Scooby press line? Something else?

Regardless, Mr. Michelle Gellar has definitely been running on at the mouth lately. I think Sarah's been too busy filming the finale to keep him in check. :-)
From the comments SMG made in her EW article earlier, she obviously didn't agree with some of the choices made regarding her character last year, so that may be part of it.

For the most part, though, I think that it is just time for her to move on. Creatively, her character has given her a great opportunity to flex her creative muscles, but there aren't many more places to take the character.

In the EW article, I think that SMG seemed very grateful to have great content to work with, and for 7 YEARS, no less, and was ready to move on. As evidenced by this site, Whedon gets what is probably too much credit as a genius while nearly everyone else is relegated to second (or less) fiddle. That has to get your goat eventually, not matter who you are.
ah husbands---- *roll eyes*
come on, he married Gellar who, though professional in interviews, is known as a mega bitch in the industry. Is anyone surprised he has no tact? There's got to be something wrong with him, people.
"I had like drool on my cheek. His hand was on the small of my back, holding me up straight so I didn't fall over." On his wedding day?!? Bad enough that he got that drunk before his wedding, but to brag about it? Fellow's not to good at the self-editing, is he?

Tamara.....Femme Fetales does have a website, but to read the Charisma Article you would need to buy the magazine, or wait a month until it goes up on the website!!!

But, your in luck. I did find a site where someone transcribed part of the Charisma article, so, I'll past and copy

Charisma Carpenter


That's the proclamation, accompanied by a laugh, issued by Las Vegas native Charisma Carpenter, who has spent the past seven years playing Cordelia "Cordy" Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel.

Carpenter here discusses her feelings about this serpentine story line and, in a surprisingly candid manner, her opinions on the state of Angel and its future. Still, it's admittedly difficult to get past her opening salvo: "I want to get laid or go back to being ditzy. I never thought I would say that. I used to beg for deeper and more poignant story lines, then I got it, and I kind of want to go back. Well, not exactly go back, because that doesn't seem realistic, but I'd like to recapture some of that Cordelia."

We heartily support this goal.

How do you feel about Cordelia's relationship with Connor?
It's weird; my stomach totally turns. I like him as a person and everything, and I like working with [Vincent Kartheiser], but I don't like my character being with him. It's icky to kiss someone else when you're pregnant [Carpenter was two weeks from giving birth at the time of this interview]. It's got to be icky for him, too. But if Angel and Cordelia got together, that would be a big snorefest, so what else were the writers going to do? regards to that very vague Freddie remark in the zap2it's possible he was referring to the talks on contract renewal for Sarah, to do a 8th season. Before the EW interview, it was presumed that Sarah hadn't made up her mind yet about continuing, and was waiting to see what kind of contract was offered to her. I'm guessing the contract was basically a slap in the face....something that she felt wasn't even worthy of what she braought to the table for the past 7 years playing Buffy.

Hence the "People should be thanking her, but they don't" response by Mr. Prinze!!!

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I wouldn't trust the imdb much, it's mostly gossip.
A point about Connor & Cordy. It was supposed to be 'icky'. That was the whole vibe the writers were going for, which should be pretty obvious by now.

And, I think the writers did quite well by Ms. Carpenter considerigng they had to reconfigure all there ideas to conform to her pregnancy.
I agree with Simon's comment, about Firefly and Joss Whedon giving it more of his attention. I think Firefly had more focus than Buffy and Angel lately ... it had a clearer, interesting, and un - icky direction ... though since both season aren't over that remains to be seen for certain.

With fewer shows ... hopefully Angel will come back and perhaps Firefly in one way or another ... maybe Joss Whedon will keep a better focus if that's even the trouble.

That article made SMG come off like a big diva, I guess despite whatever she thinks or feels she had the good sense to keep it to herself. Mr. Prinze on the other-hand is not the most clever or tactful human, see Jack Knight's link (above) about the wedding.

It seems Mr. Prinze does need to be kept in check, perhaps a leash or at least a muzzle ... besides when was the last time you saw a good "Freddie Prinze Jr. Movie" ... or the first?

I guess we'll see more about it on "E! True Hollywood Story" in a few years.
In Mr Prinze's defence, he comes over a bit better in this interview he did with the British paper the Daily Telegraph at the start of this year.
My guess would be that it comes down to some sort of money issue. How else do you "thank" a star of a show during contract negotiations? I don't know what the cast currently gets paid, but I'd betcha by golly wow that Sarah doesn't get the paycheck she deserves for helping make Buffy the pop cultural icon she is today. I'd guess that problem, coupled with a sincere desire for the show to go out on top and a need to move on creatively, is what lead to the end.
This is the first time I have heard anything about Sarah being a diva she has always come across as professional, Freddie on the other hand not to much so. No matter why Sarah has decided to move on in another direction with her career, I think we are all thankful for the seven years that she gave us as Buffy and hope she will have the time and the opportunity to bring us some more of Buffy either visiting on Angel, on a spin off, or maybe, if we are really lucky, a Movie.
*Useless trivia fact*

Freddie Prinze Jr was originally penned in to play Dracula in the season 5 premiere.
Can anybody even picture that?
You sure that wasn't a foiler, like the Britney Spears thing, or Sisqo?
FPj is a dork. That's the feeling of every BtVS fan who just read the article in this house. There was some swearing too, but.. You think he could have been all mature, and saved the whine for AFTER the show ended. Grow up, Freddie.

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