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October 02 2006

Eliza Dushku's "Last Supper" trailer now up. The film was screened this weekend at the San Diego Film Festival (link opens Quicktime file).

Looks interesting.

Sorry, but I think that looks terrible.
Hrm. Well, it doesn't give me a real longing to see the movie, and isn't that what a good trailer does? I wondered at first if this were fan made, what with its Papyrus font and all. That said, it looks to totally have comic potential and I stress potential... I'd love to see Eliza in any movie, to tell the truth.'s an indie film...maybe the ad budget is just non-existant.

'Sides, I have seen the trailer for Clerks I...and that wouldn't have sold me on it. But I laughed my ass off when I watched it;)
It had the feel of a Monty Python film rewritten by the writers of American Pie 4. Which is not a good thing in my book.
I don't think I'm the target audience for the trailer (or the film) - at least I hope not for the film's and Eliza's sake.

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