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October 02 2006

Check out some preview images from Angel: Masks and Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1. Includes a 5-page preview for each comic, roll down to the middle of the page. Angel: Marks is the 4th preview and Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1 is the 6th preview.

I really like the art for Angel: Auld Lang Syne, I think David Messina has been getting better with each new book he does.
That puppet is so darn cute. Nice artwork.
Thanks for the compliment on the puppet art, Cheryl! Its pathetic how much the members of Whedonesque's approval matters to me... sigh
Heh, look at it as seeking fan feedback in order to develop your skillset Stephen. Boils down to the same thing, just sounds better ;-).

FWIW, it looks good to me too, just enough muppet to be funny and just enough Angel to be cool (one of the things I liked about 'Smile Time' was that, daft as he looked, puppet vampire Angel actually still had a bit of hard about him, you sort of believed he could still kick ass, and I think your art captures that balance).

Also, is your 'Auld Lang Syne' cover the one shown or have we not seen a preview of that yet ?
Alright Saje! Nice one for the solid criticism. Fan Feedback... yeah, that's it! That sounds much better. Yep, my first three covers have been shown in the Scott Tipton interview about Auld Lang Syne' over at that was linked on the front page a little while back. The three covers that are mine are (1) The one with the characters from Angel's past surrounding him; The Master, Skip etc. (2) The shot of Spike sittng on the rooftop as Angelus looms over the city towards him, and (3)The shot of Spike facing off with Angelus, or at least his sword-arm! Yes I gave Spike a Katana, they're just the coolest swords ever, ok?
And yes, being such a rather large fan of the Buffyverse I'm hoping that folks don't hate my covers! LOVE ME!!! Sob
Those are some good looking covers, I especially like your first one with the characters from Angel's past surrounding him.

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Well now that we are having a dialogue with the artist, (another catch-phrase that saves the dignity) I am going to have to go take a look at all these at my home computer tonight. I've never really been into comics, but I love stories, and lurking in the discussions of the comics does make me want to seriously consider their finer points. Maybe I'll even get to the point of feeling qualified to say more than, "Hey, those look nice."

Saje, good point about Puppet Angel. He really did have the ability to look menacing. Without it the episode would not have worked.
Now we've got artists posting here, too? Oh boy, there goes my dignity--mark my words, before long I'll be begging said artists to work on my comic scripts. *sigh*

Especially if said artist manages to so perfectly capture the mix of bad-assedness and tiny-body-with-limited-movement that is Puppet Angel. Very nice.

Also--I don't think I noticed before, but there's a story by Christopher Golden in there? Cool to see the original Angel comic book writer return. Been a while since we saw him in the Buffyverse.
Awwww Stephen....don't worry...I love puppet Angel! I will be getting this comic and and the rest of the series too I imagine. The frames of lil' Angel and Nina on their date just look sooo cute!!!!
Plus the Spike shots for the other comics look cool too. Uhh...whats a katana?????? Pity a weapons challenged reader here.....
It's a Japanese sword kathylovesspike. Traditionally Samurai carried a katana and a wakizashi into battle, the katana being the longer bladed weapon. Going indoors he'd take only the wakizashi (sort of like a cowboy's pistol, with the katana more like a rifle).

Ah, cheers for the cover heads up Stephen (i'd seen the first one before as it turns out). I like all of them but I think I prefer 2 (loomy Angel) closely followed by 3 (sword of coolness ;). I like the individual images on your first cover but the composition's just a leetle too crowded for me. I likes me some space ;).
Thanks Saje....I knew I should have watched that Last Samurai movie and paid attention........I'm sure a weapon of that merit would suit Spike very well!!!!!!
Yeah, I hear ye Saje, kinda missed the target a little on the first cover, composition-wise. It is a little busy. I'm happy with the individual drawings of each of the charaters, but the arrangement leaves a little to be desired now that I look at it a few months down the line. But at the same time, just getting to draw these characters is just so cool that I can't stay mad at it for long(plus, Skip!). I mean, I dig these characters as much as all of you guys, I was trying to bag a membership for these boards way back when I was an animator for cartoon network. I'm gonna force my girlfriend to sit down and watch every episode of both buffy and angel if I have to use duck tape and a nail-gun. I LOVE these shows. It really is as cool as you'd imagine it is being able to contribute just a teeny-tiny piece of this universe. And the fact that you can receive such immediate feedback on your work from people with actual informed opinions on a site like this is just gravy. Also just 'spoke' to Scott Tipton a few hours back in the comments section of one of the other comics-related articles for the first time. Whedonesque is just super! Pass it on.
Oh, and thanks for the kind words Kathy, I loved working on the Puppet Angel story and am fervently hoping Chris(Ryall, IDW big cheese) lets me play around a little more in this world. That and Nina's.... really good looking.
And thanks Derf, good to know somebody liked the first cover! Like I say, I do really like certain elements of it. I've definately drawn worse!
I guess I'm going to have to dip into my poor, thin wallet and get these. Probably wait for the TPB for "Auld Lang Syne", though.

(Great art, btw, Stephen)
I wish you all the luck in the world trying to get your girlfriend to watch all of BTVS and ATS. It took me two years to get my mom to watch, another year for a fellow employee to take the plunge and my husband....since he likes to eat and I hold the hot pads, that one was fairly easy.
Each of the people that I have convinced to give it a try are as hopelessly hooked as we are, you gotta love that.

Your art really is right on. It looks great. :)
Man, thanks everybody. I REALLY appretiate the kind words. Let me know what you think when Angel: Masks hits the stores(later this month) and then when 'Auld Lang Syne' debuts soon after that. The work Scott Tipton and David Messina are doing for that book is really strong. Kay I really gotta get back to work now, this was a lotta fun!

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