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October 02 2006

(SPOILER) Summer Glau guest stars in October 19th episode of Supernatural. Joining the ranks of whedonverse actress who've also made guest appearances in the show, such as Amy Acker and Julie Benz in season one. Amber Benson will be in October 12th episode.

Glad to see they've got another Whedonverse actress - think they're going for the full set?
Yep, Joss is going to play the ghost of a car rental agent.
With Amber playing a cow blood drinking vamp , I hope they are going to throw in a few BtVS jokes. Maybe they'll have her drink her blood from a straw, out of a "kiss the librarian" coffee mug.

Or maybe they will even shoot her through the chest for old times sake.
Summer's sure keeping busy. I read she mentioned she's returning in the next season of The 4400 as well. (That hasn't come up yet on Whedonesque yet, has it?)

Well, I'm off to do the happydance.
I for one fully applaud Summers 'busyness', means we get to see more of her on TV!
With Amber playing a cow blood drinking vamp , I hope they are going to throw in a few BtVS jokes

The cows could be munching on Lethe's Bramble. Or she could just drink from female cows (I can never keep cow, bull, heifer, etc. straight, but if she drinks exclusively from females it won't matter).

At least she won't have to beef up for the role.
Did any of you see Ben Edlun is some kind of writer/producer on Supernatural now?
That could explain some of the casting choices. :-)

Well, that and the talent involved, of course.
Is this show worth watching? I'm not asking for Buffy/Angel levels of goodness, but maybe in the Miracles/X-Files zone?
I would definitely recommend watching this show. It's the first show in a long time that has filled the aching hole that was left when Buffy and Angel left my TV. Don't be fooled by the blatant prettiness or sometimes cheesy scares. Really, this show is all kinds of awesome. After watching the season finale and last week's season 2 premiere, I truly believe Supernatural could be just as great as Buffy/Angel down the road if it keeps up this standard of quality. Also, major kudos to the acting.
plus, you've got the pretty-cheekbones-badboy role filled with Ackles' character ;>
I would say it is definetly worth watching and agrees taht it fills a hole now that we do not have any new Buffy/Angel episodes to watch. It is a bit uneven and not as great as Joss' shows but it beats most TV shows today. Most of my friends NEVER watched Angel or Buffy but the ones that did, all four of them are HUGE Supernatuaral fans.
Supernatural is a great show. It is a great mix of creepiness and camp horror. I love the episodes where they explore urban legends. I was so relieved when they announced they were coming back for a 2nd season. I hope for many more to come.
I too noticed that Ben Edlund had been added as a writer (Consulting Producer) in the show credits and I think the first episode of season 2 really shows his influence. The writing was superior to many past episodes and the scene between Dean and the Reaper was eloquent. Last year it was watchable, this year I think it will be really great.
The writing was superior to many past episodes and the scene between Dean and the Reaper was eloquent. Last year it was watchable, this year I think it will be really great.

Agreed, the writing was simply great, and I really enjoyed this episode, maybe the best one so far imo. Although the ratings were pretty bad (2,2 million definitely isn't good), I hope the show sticks around, and doesn't get cancelled prematurely like so many other good shows I liked.
I'll have to check out the DVD sets of Supernatural when they come out. I already watch way too much TV as it is! DVD sets of TV shows have made me a cathode monitor slave.
Isn't the Supernatural Season 1 DVD-set out?
I agree that the dialog in this seasons first episode was better. Sometimes the humor parts of Supernatural just does not such problems this time. (Not that this episode was full of humor..but anyway..)
Weeee! Well, I for one am VERY excited! I wasn't too sure about this since I saw it on imdb first and they aren't always 100% right. Hehe, I guess Kripke is going to continue his "two Whedon!verse guest stars a season" theme here.

And I was hoping for some Buffy jokes in "Dead Man's Blood" but at least we got the SPN version of the Trio going "What would Buffy do..." in "Hell House."

If you don't watch SPN - go get those DVDs and watch it! The acting, this whole plot with Sam and the demon, and the incredibly pretty boys are just fun and it's my new Buffy. Kripke is doing amazing things with this show and it has just gotten better since day one.
Ummm... that was NOT Summer Glau! And imdb has no record of her appearing there, nor do any of the fansites... WTF?

The futoncritic is full of it.


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