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October 02 2006

(SPOILER) Spike: Asylum #2 and Spike vs. Dracula TPB out Wednesday. If you enjoyed Spike: Asylum's excellent first issue, you're in luck. The second issue is out this week. Weekly installments making it more like an epic program/movie than ever. Though, this is only a scheduling snafu, issue #3 isn't out until November (as far as I know). Sneak peak of the first five pages.

Since many people don't get their copies until later in the week and can't read the issue before the thread falls off the front page here, I started a discussion over at Brian Lynch has stopped by to comment.

Issue one was excellent and I'm really looking forward to issue two.
Is that Dru? Does a happy dance. JL's portrayal of Dru is one of my favorites in the Universe. I'm going to meet her at the next Booster event. This is great.
cheryl The women in the comic are new characters, they appeared in the first issue.
Okay. I guess I'm still pretty up beat since I still get to meet JL. :) The new character resembles Dru, you must admit. Thanks for the heads up and even though it ISN'T Dru, the art is still amazing. I STILL don't have the first issue but I am looking forward to seeing all the new characters, first chance I get.
Looks like I should have just ordered online as my crappy local bookstore doesn't have it yet.
Where is everyone getting their copies? Online.
Nah, that ain't Dru.

And Cheryl, when you read it, let me know what you think, thanks!
I just got issue one and just loved it! At last a male writer that at least gets part of the reason why Spike appeals to folks as a character, and who isn't there to just snark none stop.

The comments about Spike's 'Achilles heel' at the begining of the story so to speak were just wonderful.

As you can guess I'm hooked, and looking at the preview, well what can I say, naked Spike is always welcome!'s taken me awhile to get a chance to read issue #1 but I did last night and I have to say I LOVED IT!!!!!
This story you are weaving could really lend itself to a movie...damn....any chance you could do one...Ok...just wishfull thinking.
Anyway....I really like your take on Spike-speak and his inner thoughts crack me up, especially when they have to do with
the "Big Ponce". Women are truly Spike's foremost 'achilles heel', but man, Angel is a very close second!

The artwork is fantastic and Spike's facial expressions are priceless. My compliments to Franco!!!
One thing though, and my hubby pointed this out...YES...he actually did read it. Well...Ok he looked at the pictures and commented on how all the 'babes' looked really HOT!!!! I did notice that in lots of comics all the 'babes' have bodacious bosoms and booties. So if you wanted to get the guys interested in this series...I think you succeeded.

I should get issue #2 this week I hope, and if it's as good as I think it's going to be, this whole story is going to be one sweet ride.
Thanks again for bringing Spike back to us. Please bring us more. We promise to be good...OK?

Oh wait...Sue...whats this about naked Spike???????
We'll do Brian. :)
Sorry to appear a little hyperexcited about Dru, I remembered you saying she wouldn't be in the first issue but I got carried away thinking you put her in the second and it really really did kinda look like her.
Naked Spike?? Now my waiting for this in the mail will be like, FOREVER!! Can't wait.....still waiting....ARGH!!!
Sweet! I just picked up #1 over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Artwork is good and more consistent than I've seen in other Jossverse comix. Writing, yeah, well, that was okay, I suppose...just kidding! It was great, with lots of nice character moments throughout.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.
We'll do Brian.

Paging Dr Freud, Dr Freud to the front desk please ;-).

"Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!"
You guys are too funny, really.
Could also be such a thing as me, myelf and I. :)
"Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!"

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. :D

Anxiously awaiting my 2nd issue that was shipped yesterday. The previews look awsome.
Where did you order them from anindoorkity?
Cheryl...I get mine from Cinequest or IDW most of the time. It's just easier to order them than go to the comic store and find them sold out....
Thanks KathylovesSpike, I appreciate the makes you wonder why they don't order the hell out of a product that goes like hot cakes....

I don't own the comic yet but I did get my hands on a copy...oddly enough my MOTHER had it. I asked where in the world I could get the new Spike comic and she said "I have it but they only had one", lol, refer to the above mention of the not too bright people doing the ordering at the comic stores.

About the Comic... the artwork was amazing. The likeness to Spike is striking.
The story is interesting. I hope Spike doesn't get too beat up on now that he's in the rehab, with all the psycho's chanting his name. This obviously feels like it takes place after ATS season 5, with Spike's attitude towards Angel and needing to one up him and be more important than him. I really wish we had seen these two come to a better understanding of each other on the series but I understand that it wasn't to be. In all honesty, I prefer Spike's achilles heel to be the girl in distress rather than trying to one up Angel but I know millions of fans would disagree with me.
Things as a fan that I really appreciate are the attention to detail that you included.
The mention of doing a double shift at the Doublemeat palace was a nice call out to Buffy and as a fan I appreciate that.
Mentioning the law office and curse was a nice call out to Angel, I noticed that too.

I am interested to see what happens next and how Spike gets out of this. I'm also interested to see this demon love child, the product of a one night stand. Will it be a character we have already met? Will it be a brand new one? Can't wait to find out.
I think Spike's achilles heel, rather than women and Angel, is love. It's the women he has loved that have had a great effect on his life/unlife. And I believe it's his love for Angel/Angelus that has and is still having an effect on him.

My slashy heart yearns for some resolution there, but I realistically know that probably wont happen. That said, I don't see any reason why they can't peel away the layers of the love between the two characters. There is, imho, at the very least sibling love, occasionally it's more like father and son, or even just comrades in arms love. But it is love.

You could see in the first scene in Destiny how William was in awe of Angelus and wanted to impress him, and then how hurt he was by his actions. It only hurts so deeply, and for so long, if the person means something to you.

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Really enjoyed #1! I hope to be able to get #2 today.
Liking the story but have to totally rave about the art. It really is ART!
Another good place to order the comics from is Power Star Merchandise at The advantage of this place over cinequest and others is you get to pick which cover you want instead of them randomly picking one for you.
Cheryl, I ordered them directly from the IDW publishing store.

They let you pre-order the entire series.

[ edited by anindoorkitty on 2006-10-04 22:39 ]
I just finished reading #2. If you haven't started this series, run, don't walk, to your local comic store and snap up both books. It really is a great ride. So much going on, fabulous art, new characters, interesting twists.

Only complaint: I wanted to get both covers -- the "Usual Suspects" line-up cover by Franco Urru and the beauty shot of Spike by Matt Busch. However, my store only had the Urru covers, not both. So, sorry, Brian, I only bought one issue this time.
Just called Stalking Moon (local comic store), because you all are so ecstatic about it, and Brian is so proud of it!

The sweet and funny old man that runs it was shocked that it SOLD OUT so fast, even though he's a Spike fan himself.

Anyways, next week he'll have restock of both one and two, so looks like I will get to join in the fun!
I'm wondering if anyone found the other cover. My comic store had a lot of copies but only the line up one.

They thought there was only one made for this one.
Just got the second issue. Just fantastic. Is it November yet?
Xane, My comic store only received copies of the line up one, also. I was going to check a couple of the other stores here this weekend to see if I could find the second cover -- unless someone says that the book was shipped with only one cover.
I just ordered the 2nd cover from the above mentioned It was spendy, but worth it, to me anyways.

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