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October 02 2006

Karen Davis got a Myspace. Sarah Michelle Gellar's character, Karen Davis, has a myspace to promote The Grudge 2.

I never added a fictional character to my MySpace before, but I'll do my part to help promote the movie
Proving, once again, that MySpace is the spam of the 21st century. Thanks, Rupert Murdoch!
Not sure how it proves that, particularly. I'm pretty sure spam blogs and spam email are spam, and that there is spam on MySpace, and that there is spam in spam, sausage, spam, spam, bacon, spam, tomato, and spam, but MySpace is just a tool -- like email -- that can be used for delightful & meaningful ends, as well as "Would you like to sign up to here to receive annoying & puerile crap in your inbox?"

And a tool that, after all, and whatever you may feel about Rupert, for which you can hardly hold him responsible. It was the bastard lovechild of Tom Anderson & Chris DeWolfe, and Rupert bought into it much later when he was sure it was huge and therefore lucrative.

Better yet, why don't we just blame Canada?

I'm in Warren Ellis' "Friend Group" -- which means little in terms of a personal connection to him -- but does mean I get his bulletin posts. Without Myspace, it is unlikely that I would have received this lovely Warren Ellis rumination, and I am grateful that I did:

"Art, including writing, is about binding time. It's about taking moments and ideas and knowledge out of the river of time and trapping them down for our consideration before they're carried away. The whole point of inventing language and representational art, after all, was to preserve knowledge beyond a timespan of six generations at best.

Lots of people here have been asking me how to start a story, or what to do when they get stuck in the middle of one. And it's easy.

Find a moment from your life that you want to hook out of the river of time and bind it down so other people can get something from it."

I know a lot of people don't like MySpace, or prefer LJ, Friendster, Facebook, Tribe, Orkut, etc., or don't like online social networking sites at all, but MySpace has been bery, bery good to me. I've met delightful people, and connected with artists I admire -- facsimiles also -- but the actual folks, as well, who share a bunch of stuff online with each other -- not unlike whedonesque.

Just had to say (and apparently at great length, too.)
Without resorting to cheap digs or cracks at the average MySpace site (if anyone is going to do that, it's going to be me and I'm not in the mood), that Grudge 2 promo site seemed to be the quickest loading MySpace page I've ever been on.

Also that pic of Sarah is really nice. She looks good.
I think that's pretty cool. And it's nice and clean (and quick, as Simon says). Plus, i'm right handed and don't really like poppy top 40 music so it seems Karen Davis and I are a match made in heaven.

("Yeah, i'm that chick that no-one likes to ride with on roller-coasters". Shyeah, right. Has 'she' seen the photo 'she' put up ? ;)

Like any communications medium, Myspace has its share of noise mixed in with the signal but at least it's not noise that's thrust upon you (as with email spam, telesales spam, postal spam etc.). This is more like a spam sandwich where you can take it or leave it according to taste.

(maybe crossoverman feels a bit of national guilt for foisting Murdoch upon us ? Don't worry mate, we won't hold it against you ;)
Not bad for a MySpace profile, but I'm still thoroughly against it in general. As has been said, the one great thing is that it loads surprisingly fast! Okay, so the other great thing is Sarah's picture being on it, but maybe there could be two Great Things. End of ramble.

While I don't agree with your love of MySpace, QuoterGal, I must say that quote is inspiring.
I dont think I have ever been on MySpace. *shrugs nonchalantly*
I'm a non-MySpace user myself, but I have an addicted pal. I can see why it would suck up so much time.
Anyhoo, liked the trailer but it was double the length it needed to be - I feel like I've seen every scary bit of the film already.
hitnrun017, thanks for the add, er, link.

QuoterGal, amazing quote.

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