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April 18 2003

Network violence and credible characters. A NY Daily News columnist says that the violence in 'Dirty Girls' and this week's 24 wasn't gratuitous (major spoiler for 24 if you haven't seen this episode yet).

Cause I hadn't and was not happy when I accidently read what happened. See what happens when you try to go spoiler free for other shows?

The whole 24 thing sounds very Niska, dunnit? You can't die yet, that takes all the fun out of it!

I was glad to see someone else found the Xander thing very disturbing. I yelped. I cried. I've been moved to tears on Buffy before but I've never been so truly upset.

And lastly, I can still remember the chills I felt during that Twin Peaks episode as Maddy was murdered. "You're NOT going BACK to MISSOULA!!!" (And the white horse - yeah it made no sense, but it made for the kind of creepiness brings a different kind of tears to my eyes. The kind that sting from way deep down.)
I'm not sure what to make of "Dirty Girls." It was good to see Nathan Fillion again, but the evil preacher thing is a real turn-off. And much as I would like to see all of the slayer wannabes picked off by the First, I didn't want to see any of the real scoobys getting hurt.
maddy's murder on twin peaks disturbed me as nothing has before or since. i had totally forgotten that.
The part from that episode that still creeps me out, to this day, is when Leland straightens his tie in front of the mirror and blinks back and forth between Leland and Bob, grinning and chewing gum.
I got that "Fire walk with me" DVD from a local video store along with the complete collection. I thought it was the pilot and watched it first. Having never seen Twin Peaks before and being a huge Lynch fan, I felt really stupid and upset when I realized my mistake. I didn't even watch the other episodes.

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