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October 03 2006

Fox Fall TV Line up Launches on MySpace. Among the shows you can catch previously-aired episodes of at myspace, starting today, are verse related shows Bones and Standoff.

I have no interest in the new shows appearing this year. As a matter of fact, I've no interest in the shows that appeared last year.

Joss, where are you?!
Even though I can't see any show equal Buffy (at least, for sure, no one will ever replace Spike in my heart)I am very willing to give other programs the chance and there are good programs out there. Life does go on.......
Bones is really something to check out!

I think this season is one of the best for new shows.
Bones is amazing. :)
Still only works on computers running Windows and Explorer. No love for us Mac people.
I have no interest in the new shows appearing this year. As a matter of fact, I've no interest in the shows that appeared last year.

You're missing out on lots of great television, then.
Lost is a pretty amazing series. Not Buffy but not bad.
Going only by the pilot so far and the quality casting, Dexter looks promising so far. It might be my favorite new series this season, though I've seen three episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip so far and I'm more attatched to that at the moment. I'm giving Heroes a chance too. I miss genre. And I love how most of the separate character segments feel different from one another, gives me a nice amount of variety each episode.

I didn't intend on trying out anything more than Dexter, but those two shows turned out being more than worthy. I always wanted to check out an Aaron Sorkin drama (yeah, I'll check out the intimidating six or seven seasons of The West Wing on DVD some day. And Sports Night is a must 'cause I love Peter Krause and Felicity Huffman).

Brotherhood was a real find this year (it aired during the summer and finished last week--Showtime in the U.S. and on TMN in Canada). Between that and Dexter (and apparently Weeds and The L Word, from what I hear--some say Sleeper Cell was great too) it sure looks like Showtime is finally giving HBO and FX some serious competition in the premium cable market.
Kris, I LOVED Dexter! I don't get showtime so I'm hoping they are put on iTunes soon. I absolutely adore it. I have also become hooked onto Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Heroes.

Other than that, I'm still watching my favorites from last season and I'm catching up with the first season of Supernatural.
'Dexter' was brilliant and i'm enjoying 'Heroes' (is any actor as instantly likeable as Greg Grunberg ? Promising new character I reckon).

'Studio 60' is really good but i'm starting to want to see a few more risks being taken. When I first heard about the Show-Within-Show idea I thought "Cool it's like an Eval" (Eval's allow a programmer to run code that may or may not be valid in a controlled environment - i.e. within the existing program but in a separate 'box'). The SWiS struck me as a perfect way to push the envelope on US network TV while providing a framework around it to discuss the issue and present both sides of the topic (as with the Christian character Harriet for instance) with the meta-show acting as a sort of buffer between the SWiS and the real world but so far I haven't seen too much of that.

That said, i've no real feeling for what's allowed and what's not allowed on US network TV so perhaps the first 3 episodes have been unusually daring by those standards (and it's still early days obviously).

I think 'Bones' is moving along quite nicely too. The writers and cast are doing a good job of developing Brennan in a realistic incremental fashion without losing what makes her a great character. And there seem to be more 'shooting the breeze' scenes between the characters which I really enjoyed the few times they had them last year.

(and can 'House' put a foot wrong ? I'm thinking not ;)

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