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October 03 2006

Equality Now's 2005 Annual Report acknowledges support from the 'verse. Joss, cast, and fans are thanked. (link to pdf)

On page 21, the French and Spanish summaries say:
The Browncoats, fans of director Joss Whedon, organized various events in 2005 with proceeds going to Equality Now.

Page 22 has pictures of James Leary (Clem), Nathan with a SF Browncoat and Mandy from EN, and the ultra-cool Joss'verse/EN postcard.

Pages 26-27 acknowledge support from:
  Booster Entertainment
  Nathan Fillion
  James Leary
  Operation Browncoat
  San Francisco Browncoats
  Serenity - The Cast
  Joss Whedon
(Let me know if I missed anybody from the 'verse.)

All the 'verse stuff is cool. I was a little puzzled by the dedication to Andrea Dworkin, who I always found to be one of the more negative and divisive high-profile feminists.
Y'all make me proud to share your cyberspace, especially y'- specific-all who organized things and raised multiple dollars. Equality Now!
bix should definitely be on that list...without his mad organizational skillz, wouldn't have happened.
gobluegirl - that report is 2005, and the screenings were in 2006. I think.
Oops, you are definitely right about that. Thanks for the clarification gossi.
Wow. I just had that grinning, blurry-eyed, flip-flop-in-the-belly, pride at reading the Browncoat mentions and seeing the Equality Now postcard. Well done, friends. You make us proud. /beams

By the by... it's worth taking a couple of minutes to read some of the other pages of this report. Equality Now is focused on such basic issues of human dignity, that you can't help but say, "Well, sure. That sounds horrible. Of course I support an end to that." But they're actually out there making it happen. Big Damn Heroes, them.

(If you want to support Equality Now, but don't have a Big Damn Wallet, consider signing up with the free and non-profit service, and chosing E.N. as your charity. Then, when you make your every day online purchases like books, printer supplies, clothes, plane tickets, gifts, flowers, etc., a percentage of your purchases are automatically donated back to the organization of your choosing. And it's tax deductable. How cool is that? Am in no way affiliated. Just loves me some iGive.)
Oh man barest what a kool idea!

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