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October 04 2006

"I thought it was just a 'kick-ass show about Vampires'". Mercedes McNab chats to Fractal Matters about all things Buffy and more. The site also has an advance review of IDW's Angel: Masks comic book for your perusal.

I think it would be cooler if she played Principal Weatherbee. Now THATS a challenge!!
I didn't realize Mercedes McNab was only 16 when Buffy started. I'm always amazed when actors are actually the same age as the characters they portray.
True, Lady Brick. Usually actors playing teenagers are 25 or so and absolutely look their age. (Charisma Carpenter, for example!:))
Nice interview. I went to the Queen Mary and she seems like a sweetie. Gorgeous in real life as well.

The exception to that age thing was SMG playing older when she was on All My Children. I never saw it but I would have like to. Wasn't she like 16 playing a 25 year old?
Nicky was 28 when he was filming the sex scene with Eliza who at the time was only 17. That was 1999. Nick I don't think ever looked his age on the show.

SMG did a great Job. But she has always been a very mature actress.
I went to the Queen Mary and she seems like a sweetie. Gorgeous in real life as well.

I guess I should follow the royal family more. I thought Elizabeth was still queen.
Still is, jaynelovesvera;) Just in case you weren't being facetious, the Queen Mary was a luxury liner that used to be the creme de la creme of ocean-going comfort and travel. Got retired a while back to Long Beach harbour to become a floating hotel and resort.
I was going to say the same thing Lady Brick - that she was that young. It has one of my pet peeves since I was a teenager and felt that I'd never look like the actors on shows who were supposed to be my age. SMG and Eliza were also teens when they were filming Buffy (or at least close to the right age), and while Alyson Hannigan and Nick Brennan were older they at least looked and acted the right age.

I agree that Charisma wasn't as much a good fit - but then again her character was supposed to be striving to look and act older than her age. Regardless, she did such a good job as the High School Queen in Buffy. And when they transitioned her to "Angel", they seemed to give up that charade.

Anyway, good to see that Mercedes is still acting and getting new roles. That is always a tough business to keep getting work.
I don't know, some 16 year olds out there look 28 so I stopped trying to figure out the ages of actors playing teenage roles.
Mercedes: "People will definitely be seeing a lot more of me in the future."

Yeah, I think I read that somewhere.

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