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October 04 2006 Fox promotion includes Buffyverse shows. UK site's latest Fox TV sale lists the Buffy and Angel slim season sets at 14.89. Tru Calling and Point Pleasant are also on offer.

Possibly not front page news, but I haven't seen the reissue box sets this cheap in the UK since they came out. Also, for some reason I can't quite fathom, these are all listed as pre-orders for October 16th.

Hmmm. That is quite cheap. That's amazingly cheap. And I thought I was onto a bargain when I got the Angel season 5 boxset for 20 quid at HMV. And I'm amused that The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror DVD is listed on that page.

We haven't had a cheap DVD thread in ages. So come all ye faithful, with your tales of Joss DVD bargains around the world. Oh and can anyone answer me this question. Apart from the UK, which European countries has the Firefly DVD boxset been officially released in?
And I thought I was onto a bargain when I got the Angel season 5 boxset for 20 quid at HMV.

I got it for 17 quid a while back, but that was the Aussie version and the cover pic of DB is horrendous!

As for other bargains, just about every UK dvd site going has Serenity for around a fiver. I think it's 5.89 on, but I think there are a few places you can pick it up for 5.00 on the nose if you get it as part of a 3 for 15 deal ( being the one I used).
Huh. Curious as to whether this was genuinely the cheapest source for Buffy/Angel sets in the UK, I had a quick trawl round and found that has them for 14.49 - a whopping saving of 40p! Anyone ordered from that site before?
In Australia Ezydvd have the 'collectors tin' version of Firefly for AUD 29.83 - available 10 October. I guess they must have done heaps of business on their serenity tins.

Also Buffy 1-7 in a back pack for AUD 249.83.
Germany, Simon, I think.

Also, yes, those are seriously cheap - cheers, Grounded!.

I haven't seen Angel seasons 4 and 5 more than once, so I think I'll be treating myself.
If you're buying region 2 dvds then it's worth checking out

There are a couple of sites which have the Angel sets for £14.45! 4p cheaper than Bensonsworld! 4p!!!
The Buffy slimlines selling at 14+ quid is close to 30$can and that is Best Buy (Canada ) price. Cheers thats great finally you are on the same price level as N.A . Lets hope they sell like crazy and we get more buffyverse!
It's nice to see something positve going on in relation to Fox DVD's considering the debacle going on right now in regards to the region 1 release of X-Men:The Last Stand and the furor it's causing.
For those from the 'Summer in Supernatural'-thread wanting to check that show out, Supernatural is also on sale (go to bargains, then to tv shows). That and lots more.

Buffyfantic, what kind of furor? Haven't heard any.
Are the region 2 season 4 BtVS in widescreen? Thanks
Cheers for that link Jon - seems to be much better at finding prices than :)
Buffyfantic, what kind of furor? Haven't heard any.

Well,first of all,a lot of people have gotten tired of Fox's policy in regards to their film releases.In every other region of the world,Fox is releasing two disk sets of their films but in region 1 they are only releasing a single disk release,then at a later date will release the two disk set that everybody else in the world got right now.They also don't tell consumers this in the hopes that people will buy the first release then bring out the double dip.In the case of X-Men :The Last stand,region 1 got this....

R1 America - (Fox - Widescreen Edition) Commentaries:Audio commentary with director Brett Ratner and writers Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn.
Audio commentary with producers Avi Arad, Lauren Shuler Donner and Ralph Winter. Extras:13 Deleted/Alternate Scenes (9.46 / Optional commentary from Brett Ratner, Zak Penn and Simon Kinberg)
2 Theatrical Trailers
"A First Glimpse Of The Simpsons Movie" - promotion clip (1.03)
"A Night At The Museum" - theatrical trailer
Preview Trailers:
"24: Season 5", "Elektra", "Daredevil" and "Fantastic Four"Subtitles:English and SpanishPicture format:2.40:1 Anamorphic NTSC Soundtrack(s):English DTS-ES 5.1 Matrix
English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX
Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
French Dolby Digital 2.0 SurroundCase type:Amaray (Keep) CaseNotes:The DVD launches with start-up trailers for "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" and "Thank You For Smoking".
A separate 4:3 'Full Screen Edition' is also available. The DVD also includes closed captions.
Easter eggs:"X-Jet Lands In Washington" clip.

Every other region is getting this.

R2 SE United Kingdom - (Fox) Extras:DISC ONE
*The Film
English HoH subtitles
Xavier Side:
Audio Commentary with director Brett Ratner and writers Zak Penn and Simon Kinsberg
Deleted Scenes (w/ optional commentary):
- Xavier Voice Over For Main Titles
- Alternate Version: Beast Meets Logan
- Extended Fight At Jean Grey’s House
- Alternate Version: Bobby and Kitty Skate
- Plastic Weapons Manufacturing
- Hank Warns Trask Of Magneto’s Plan
- Original Version: X-Men Board The Jet
- Jean Senses A Scared Little Girl
- Storm Creates A Wave
- Beast Breaks A Neck
- Bobby Freezes Phat
- Alternate Ending: New School Year Begins
- Alternate Ending: Logan Returns To Alberta, Canada
Brotherhood Side:
Audio Commentary with producers Avi Arad, Lauren Shuler Donner and Ralph Winter
Deleted Scenes (w/ optional commentary):
- Jimmy In Laboratory
- Pyro Tells Magneto About The Cure Announcement – Clean Shaven Version
- Pyro Tells Magneto About The Cure Announcement – Bearded Version
- Alternate Version: Guard Yells At The President
- "Pyschic Battle" Voices
- Original Version: Jean Displays Her Power At The Encampment
- Plastic Weapons Manufacturing
- Magneto Asks Jean To Help In The Battle
- Alternate Version: Here’s Juggy
- Magneto Tortures Logan
- Extended Dark Phoenix Destruction
- Alternate Ending: Rogue Returns

- “Brett Ratner’s Production Diary” documentary (41 mins)
- “X-Men: Evolution of a Trilogy” documentary (43 mins)
- “X-Men: The Excitement Continues” featurette (20 mins)
- “X-Men Up Close” interactive gallery
--- Angel
--- Mystique
--- Wolverine
--- Magneto
--- Professor Xavier
--- Beast
--- Pyro
--- Colossus
--- Rogue
--- Storm
--- Cyclops
--- Jean Grey
--- Iceman
--- Juggernaut
--- Callisto
--- Kitty Pride
-“Anatomy of a Scene: Golden Gate Bridge” featurette (20 mins)
Previz Animatic Gallery (24 mins):
- Young Jean Grey
- The Danger Room
- Mystique’s Interrogation
- Jean Rises From The Lake
- Logan and Storm Look For Scott
- Jimmy Meets Mutant Playmate
- Angel Escapes
- Mystique’s Prison Break
- Jean Kills Xavier
- Angel Lands At School
- Magneto Talks To Jean In The Woods
- Logan Fights With Spike
- Multiple Man Decoy
- Magneto Moves Golden Gate Bridge
- Angel Joins The Battle
- Angel Saves His Dad
- Ash Burns Soldiers
- Omega Muties Break Into Lab
- Juggernaut Chases Kitty
- Dark Phoenix Finale
Vignettes (25 mins):
- Prophecies
- X-Men Politics
- Clothing vs. Costume
- Make-Up Chair Confessions
- Weapons of Choice
- On Set Effects
- Learning To Fly
Blogs (14 mins):
- Production Teaser
- Live From The Danger Room
- Marvelous Cameos
- Editing Magic
- Character Stills:
--- Angel
--- Beast
--- Callisto
--- Colossus
--- Cyclops
--- Iceman
--- Juggernaut
--- Kitty
--- Magneto
--- Mystique
--- Jean Grey/Phoenix
--- Professor Xavier
--- Pyro
--- Rogue
--- Storm
--- Wolverine
-Concept Art, Storyboards and Models:
--- Angel Escapes Lab
--- The Danger Room
--- The Golden Gate Bridge
--- Jean vs. Xavier
--- Phoenix vs. Wolverine
- Trailer A
- Trailer B
- Extended Trailer
Danish, Dutch, English HoH, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish subtitlesPicture format:2.40:1 Anamorphic PAL Soundtrack(s):English DTS-ES Matrix (Half bitrate)
English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX
English Audio Descriptive Dolby Digital 5.1Case type:2-Disc Amaray (Keep) CaseNotes:On Disc One, you are presented with choosing the Brotherhood or joining with Xavier. This gives a different set of deleted scenes and commentaries whichever you choose. There is no way of switching menus unless you reset your player.
Both Audio Commentaries have optional English subtitles.

Brett Ratner already let slip to IGN that this two disk set will be released in region 1 in probably 6-8 months.This is Fox policy now and people are used to it but get extremely annoyed with Fox holding out in the U.S.It's not like Lord of the Rings or Sin City where they need the extra time to put together the extras.This is already made and released everywhere but region 1 in order to do a double dip in the U.S.And a lot of people are getting fed up with it.

But what has really ticked people off with X-Men is Fox made a big blunder.Region 1 is only supposed to have 10 deleted scenes and the three alternate endings while the two disk sets in the other regions have 20 plus deleted scenes as you see above.For region 1,Fox is holding the other 13 deleted scenes for the double dip 2 disk set release at a later date.Except some shipments from Fox went out by accident to stores with the extra deleted footage that was being saved for the second release here.So what you've got is some copies of X-Men:The Last Stand in region 1 have 10 deleted scenes while other copies have 21.And there is no way to tell which copy you have until you open it and put the disk in your player and go to the deleted scenes section.Basically it's Russian Roulette on what you get.

Here's the official explanation from Superhero Hype.

The American release of X-Men: The Last Stand was intended to have 10 deleted scenes, PLUS 3 alternate endings. Another 11 deleted scenes were being saved for a newer, special edition DVD to be released at a later date.

However, do to an error, some DVD's were printed with all of those deleted scenes, all 21.

There is NO RHYME OR REASON to how these DVD's are available.

ALL versions of the DVD (Regular, Collector's Edition, Trilogy) are all EXACTLY THE SAME DVD.

So there is absolutely NO WAY whatsoever to determine, before buying, if the DVD will have 10 deleted scenes or 21.

These aren't separate releases. All of these releases are the exact same thing. The Collector's Edition version is the SAME EXACT DVD released regularly. The DVD in the trilogy box is the exact same DVD that you buy regularly. There is NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER between any of these releases.

The DVD's that have 21 deleted scenes is purely random. You will not be able to go into the store and find one with 21, and one with 10, and be able to make your choice accordingly.

The best way to go about your purchase is to purchase your DVD anticipating, and expecting, to get 10 deleted scenes. Then if you come across 21 instead, then you're a lucky camper. BUT DO NOT EXPECT IT, BECAUSE THE RELEASE WAS INTENDED TO CONTAIN 10 DELETED SCENES, AND SOME COPIES WERE ACCIDENTALLY PRINTED WITH 21. THERE IS NO WAY TO DETERMINE BEFORE PURCHASE HOW MANY DELETED SCENES ARE ON THE DVD. IT IS A CRAP SHOOT!

As you can imagine,people are really pissed off right now.Depending on if you have good luck or bad luck you might get a copy with 10 deleted scenes or 21 deleted scenes.It seems to be evenly dispersed in the market so a lot of people are getting 21 deleted scenes and a lot of people are getting 10.Obviously the people who get only the 10 feel cheated while others based on the luck of the draw are getting extra due to a mistake on the studios part.On top of that,there is a big problem with the Walmart Exclusive bonus disk.It was advertised to have two making of documentaries and instead has a history of the X-Men feature plus some copies don't even have the bonus disk in the box.Instead it has a second copy of the movie.Fox has set up a hotline for people to call over the Walmart bonus disk flubs.They are still trying to decide what to do since this is a mass problem.But they are taking names and phone numbers.

From SHH

"Apparently the studio is aware of the problem and a customer service hotline has been established. You will be required to give them your phone number and home address. You will also be asked to describe the nature of your problem (obviously only for those who have purchased DVDs from Wal-Mart). I have personally called and can verify this. At this time they are taking down records as a decision has not been reached regarding compensating customers.

NOTE: If you haven't saved your receipt from your purchase however, don't even bother calling.

The contact information is as follows:


As for the deleted scene disaster,I'm seeing reports of lots of people trying to return copies until they get one with the extra deleted footage.Unfortunately many stores won't let people try this.Fox really screwed up this release in region 1 and a lot of X-Men fans are livid over it especially since all these mistakes on this release were caused by the simple fact that Fox wants to double dip only here in the U.S.

If you check out the Superhero Hype X-Men:The Last Stand forum or some of the DVD forums like,you can see what's going on.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2006-10-05 12:24 ]
Ouch, sounds like you guys are getting screwed big style. Silver lining though, my copy will have all the extras. OK, it's not a silver lining for you buffyfantic but it makes me happy ;-).

(as an aside to UKers I saw 'Serenity' in Asda for a fiver the other week - I realise we've all probably got it, possibly multiple times, but it's cheap for lending copies or prezzies. Didn't check to see which extras you get though i'd imagine it's just the bog standard UK release)
Ouch, sounds like you guys are getting screwed big style. Silver lining though, my copy will have all the extras. OK, it's not a silver lining for you buffyfantic but it makes me happy ;-).

That's just the sucky part about being region 1 when dealing with Fox movie DVDs.They do this now with all their major film releases starting back in late 2004.The X-Men situation with the deleted material snafu is just the latest kick in the teeth.The Walmart problem with the exclusive bonus disk is the icing on the cake.

I'm one of the unlucky ones who got a copy with only 10 deleted scenes but since that's what was advertised,I'm not going to make a big stink even though one of my friends got a copy with the 21 scenes and we both picked our copies up at the same time from the same store.I picked up the Collector's Edition with the comic and fancy box that was ten bucks more while he got the cheaper standered edition but got the extra deleted That's the luck of the draw.

I don't buy DVDs from Walmart so that whole thing with the bonus disk isn't an issue for me.

Fox I think is still tops when it comes to T.V. on DVD though.
Buffyfantic explains the ways in which Fox DVD is trying to match the stupidity of Fox Network.

Yikes! And I was seriously considering Amazoning the collector's edition for the exclusive comic (which I figure we'll never see here).

The warning is much appreciated--I'll just stick to one of the R2 versions, thank you very much.
Yikes! And I was seriously considering Amazoning the collector's edition for the exclusive comic (which I figure we'll never see here).

The warning is much appreciated--I'll just stick to one of the R2 versions, thank you very much.
Telltale | October 05, 19:20 CET

That's probably the best move especially if you have a region free player or live in another country.The comic that comes with the region 1 collectors edition is nice,and even has towards the back a group shot from Astonishing X-Men #1 by John Cassaday,but the comic is certainly not worth the trouble this release is having in the U.S. If you get the region 2 set,you won't get the exclusive comic but you will get all the bonus material including all the deleted scenes.

As for the Walmart exclusive,some reports are now coming in that people have been in contact with Fox and they might send replacement discs for the Wal-Mart bonus discs.It's still not decided yet though.
Buffyfantic, ask Simon for a prize. Congrats for what has to be the longest single post ever. I shaved right before reading; now I'm all fuzzy again (and in the case of my brain, still).
No probs, Grounded. Glad it's useful.

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