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October 05 2006

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion on Lost. Exactly what the title says. some of you might not want to know who he's going to be on the show so I'll just put in the first part of the announcement to give you info on how long he'll be on the show.

"Exciting and exclusive casting scoop!!

Sources confirm to me that Nathan Fillion (Buffy, Firefly) has been cast on Lost! He starts filming the show next week in Hawaii, and will guest star in at least two episodes this season, from what I hear.

If you want to know *WHO* he's playing, keep reading .... "

Oh, no, that is too awesome! I don't know if my brain can handle it! :D
Sqeeeeeee!! Oh my!! Okay, I didn't read the link because I don't want to be spoiled as to what his character will be doing but if anyone can just answer me on whether or not he'll be a recurring character it would be greatly appreciated!! Squeeeeee!!!
Okay, I had to peak and just read the first paragraph but went no further. So at least two episodes! I can't wait to see Nathan on the small screen again!!
I love my captain!
This is very wierd...while watching last night my friend Michael said something to the effect of "I wish they'd get Nathan Fillion on this show".

Cue theme from The Twilight Zone......
Now I'm in heaven! I don't even have to go out of my way to see him! And think of all the exposure he's going to get now!
Now we know who Kate was thinkin' about when she was smooching those other (not Other) guys. Mmm baby. Oh, yeah!
Okay, I'm gonna have to do it... SQUEEEE!
YEEEHAAWWW! Awesome, marvelous grand, magnifico... just...*drools*> not a big fan of Lost, but jsuthappy he is getting uber exposure(not alot I know but its something.
OK, I thought I'd never do this, but: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

And kurya, no need to delete double post. You have such lovely penmanship it's worth looking at twice.
Cooooooool. And I thought that there was nothing that would made me be excited for Lost so soon.

PS. Just don't let Drew Goddard write an eye gorging scene for him. It would be messy.

I didn't read who he was going to be, but...DUDE.
Oh, my. I'm not sure if I can handle this much good news in one week. VM, BSG, AND Lost Premieres...AND the Captain on Lost?

I may implode.
Kurya, you told me I'd SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
You weren't wrong!!!!!!
Oh, this is the most exciting news!
Joss and Nathan news in one day. Be still my too swiftly beating heart!
My roommate and I affectionately refer to Lost as "Crush Island" because of the abundance of attractive men on the show.

And now this. I dig it.
This means I'm going to have to watch Lost again - but wow! Congrats to Nathan!!
how about explode? I may do that. And thank you jaynelovesvera... I appreciate the compliment on my penmanship, its a good thing you don't see my actual handwriting. Chicken scratch it is!
Not a Lost fan, But soooooooooooo happy about Nathan! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
Love! Love for our captain! Outstanding!

To avoid spoilage I didn't read the article, but I'm hoping he's been cast in an arc long enough for the Fillion charm to win over millions of new eyeballs. More NF on the tube is indisputably of the good (and incidentally, until Smell-o-vision sweeps the nation, turnip-free) ;)
Just when I thought it was safe to start skipping that show. LOL. Guess not now.

And: Yay. :D
I am dying with excitement.
As if there weren't enough actors I love (and loved before they were on Lost) on the show already, man. This is awesome. Not gonna read who he's playing though. Sometimes all Lost has to offer are its surprises, so I see no reason in spoiling that.

I liked last night's season premiere very much--anyone else?
It didn't provide as many answers or near-answers as Season 2's premiere did, but it still intrigued.

Glad I've stuck with this series. I know they didn't have a definitive plan when they started it up, but I really hope they've developed one (however loose it needs to be to allow for actors leaving or network interference--something that's apparently been a big influence in the series, unfortunately. Especially if you read David Furey's words about working on the series from last year--as long as they have some kind of plan and this doesn't end up as muddled as The X-Files' ongoing arc).

JJ Abrams has promised that more will happen in Season 3. I'm happy that that implies we'll have more going on in the present day island setting, but I also hope that means we'll get a serving of answers that's a little more generous than last year. We'll see...
Oh, what, come on. Do I seriously have to watch Lost now? That means like, I have to borrow the DVDs to catch up on the crazy complicated story, right? This is going to take a while.
I am largely disappointed in the program, keep watching in the hope something will happen, and then struck by how little actually does.

But I think Nathan Fillion is a compelling actor, so I will tune in to see him in the show. Otherwise, I'll probably read recaps on TWOP to stay up on what is going on. I am just not invested here, I identify with no character like I did on Buffy (Willow!), there is too much going on to keep straight, and the writers are manipulative rather than informational.

[ edited by zeitgeist to hide spoilers on 2006-10-05 21:40 ]
I have always thought that for an abandoned island it is rather populated.... and now NF's character is somehow on the island too?

If like on Alias a big red ball appears in the sky... run.

Guess there goes my theory this was always purgatory.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-10-05 21:25 ]
Well, I wasn't going to download Lost this season. So much for that plan.
I haven't seen the premiere yet, but I'll see it anyway to see how it argues, in the Others' minds, the Lostaways are the Axis of Evil or something. I just can't help but think the Others will be mindlessly killing people before realizing their big mistake. I don't expect to see Michael back, either, but Walt might be. That's my guess.
But Nathan coming on board, possibly as . That will keep me there. JJ Abrams should be happy "House" isn't up against that show. Otherwise, I'd choose that.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2006-10-05 21:35 ]
Please remember your spoiler warnings! (dana5140)I haven't seen the Lost episode yet.

[ edited by jcs on 2006-10-05 21:25 ]
Oh, what, come on. Do I seriously have to watch Lost now? That means like, I have to borrow the DVDs to catch up on the crazy complicated story, right? This is going to take a while.

Just gonna throw this out there for anyone who hasn't seen it; the first season worth watching, especially the first half. Even the folks that hate the show now will tell you that. Plus, Fury wrote a couple of great eps... So, there's that. Second season, though, just watch the first few episodes and the last few. Pretty much nothing of interest happens in between.
But the rest of the show was meh. Jack is stubborn...

Not going to debate whether Lost is a good show or not (I do that too much anyways, and have done it elsewhere more than enough). But just my thoughts on the "Jack is stubborn" attitude a lot of fans take...

As Picard would say, "There are FOUR lights!"

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2006-10-05 22:00 ]
Concur with Dirk -- LOST is all about the highlight reels. However, last night's premier rocked a little, and there's nothing that can spice a show up like Cap'n Mal. Ok, Billie Piper with her blouse undone a bit.
So back to ... WOW! How awesome that he's getting this fantastic exposure. I can't wait for him to become the new heartthrob! So, I haven't watched Lost in a while - have all their clothes worn out? Meaning of course I want to see Captain Tightpants without pants :-D. Ok, that was cheesy but I'm in a happy happy mood thanks to this news!
Is there anyone else who'd like to see this confirmed from another source, or am I the only one that's just a teensy weensy bit gunshy when it comes to K.?
Oh, I'm just so beside myself with glee. As a fan of both Nathan & Lost seperately I can tell you that this news MADE my day (week... year...). This will be fantastic for his career! Totally awesome news!
May I just say this

Mwhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha happiness x 50!!!!
Hooray! I adore Lost. It's ace. And some one even more pretty than Sawyer will be on it.
Wow! This is *great* news!!! Especially after last night's premiere, which was just way, way too good...
i'm doing the dance of joy! how wonderful! the more whedon alum on LOST the better!
ps how awesome was that opening sequence last night?

[ edited by yamsham on 2006-10-05 22:28 ]
The hills are alive with the sounds of squeeee.
Lucky for everyone else my keyboard is broken and can't give me 20 exclamation points.
Yay for Nathan..
I love my Scribe, but I -love- (with sparkles and ponies and hearts) my Captain.
I don't watch Lost, but I am very happy for Nathan!
mifeng, gal, you are so playing the field today.
Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! That's awesome news.

I hope he enjoys shooting in Hawaii... it's gotta be better than the woods of Vancouver at night.
oooh! oh captain my captain! this is sooo exciting!!
Very cool.. I actually just started watching Lost this summer myself.
QuoterGal- Whatever works! ; )
Oh, well, squeeeee! then.
Oh my god! That's what I just said out loud when I saw the link. Oh my god! This is awesome news! Go, Nathan!
Awesome! I love Nathan, and I love LOST.
I don't know if I'll can handle that much love.
Fantastic news!! This rates a big Squeeeee!

I thought last night's season opener was fantastic. The opening sequence literally made my jaw drop.
I haven't watched a single ep of Lost... and now I'll have to tune in... POOP!

But I refuse to get sucked in! I will watch when he's on, and then skip merrily away :) They had to pick the one "genre" show that I just have no interest in... oh well. If I sat through GhostWhisperer for Sean, I can do this.

<-- thinking of a much happier crossover, a TNG novel read by ASH
Hey,NoSadSeven, don't be insulting Vancouver woods at night. We have very nice woods!! Of course, I believe they were cold and wet most of the time Nathan was filming here - both for Slither and White Noise - but they're green with big trees! ;-)

I haven't been watching Lost, but I'll definitely tune in to see Nathan.

[ edited by samatwitch on 2006-10-06 02:05 ]
Booo yaaaah!!!
Shite, now i've got to watch all of season 2 so that I can catch The Nath in S3. Not read the link but way back when I first saw Ethan I thought he looked a bit like a slighter, thinner-built brother of Nathan's.

Without divulging any S2 spoilers, can anyone tell me if that's even vaguely related to what he's playing ?

Great exposure for the Cap though whatever he plays. I really hope he gets to run the range from comedy right the way through to show what he can really do.
Guess I'll have to start watching Lost...drat!
The only thing better that could happen is Joss Whedon writing a BSG finale. Squee, indeed!
I present... a dramatic re-enactment of my response when reading this post:

I have given up on Lost my own self, but I'll definitely be tuning in (and taping) when Mal Nathan is on!
thats quite dramatic gobluegirl... :P
Yay! He's a perfect addition to the show. Now we have to bring in the ratings so they'll think about keeping him as recurring. ;)

I wasn't crazy about the direction and pacing of last season, but I loved the first episode of the new season. IMHO, it's better than most of last season's combined. It's not perfect, but a BIG improvement.
I hope he is evil. I'd sure like to see Nathan playing a villian (per Caleb) again.

Of course, I'm staying unspoiled, so his character's character (so to speak) may already be known to all y'all*.

(Yes, "all y'all" is the plural form of "y'all", dont'cha know?)
Not read the link but way back when I first saw Ethan I thought he looked a bit like a slighter, thinner-built brother of Nathan's.

You totally read my mind, Saje (and you totally need to see the Lost S3 season premiere, if you haven't already -- is it on in the UK yet, or available through iTunes or the ABC website?). The funny thing is, the guy who plays Ethan, William Mapother, is in fact Tom Cruise's cousin (TC's real name is Mapother; Cruise is like his mother's maiden name or his middle name or something). Weird. But, Saje, I did read the link (some of the "clues" on Lost are so subtle or go by so fast, I kind of forget or miss details and sometimes need a spoiler to figure out what is going on!), and the answer to your question looks like it's probably "no," but, the way they use coincidence on Lost -- who knows!

I also think Mr. Fillion looks a lot like the guy who stars in Vanished on Fox (not a very good show, but I watched a few eps till Heroes started on NBC at the same time slot). Another weird coincidence, there's a really strong plot on Vanished about an old case that involved a kid named Nathan, so the FBI agent/hero (the one who looks like Nathan F.) keeps getting cryptic clues involving St. Nathan, etc.

The overall great thing about this is, our Captain is going to be seen by a huge audience who aren't into genre and probably haven't seen Firefly/Serenity, Buffy or Slither. This is just great, not to mention, yay more Nathan on my TV! Have fun in Hawaii, Mr. Fillion! :-)

BTW, yamsham -- agreed about last night's opening sequence! ;-)
yummy... I wasnt that excited for this season, but oh boy Nathan! Ill be watching.
I must be in the minority of loving this show a lot. Lastnights episode was great and I'm looking forward to Nathan being cast in a few episodes.
Minorities rule, cheryl. I'm proudly right there with ya.
Holy crap...that's my fantasy come true.
You are nowhere near the minority, cheryl.
Talk about the holy grail of TV shows. He must be so excited right now ... I'm grinning like an idiot :D
I love the show to Cheryl! And yes, last night episode was great.
Aw, crud, now I have to watch 'Lost' again.
(Which is almost exactly what a few other people said, but I swear I came up with this response on my own!)
Goddamnit, now I'm going to have to keep watching Lost! Oh wait, I was gonna do that anyway! Everyone wins!
This is the first ever thread where posters haven't queried the validity of a Kristin rumour. So proud. *sniff*.
Quote kdavid323: This is very wierd...while watching last night my friend Michael said something to the effect of "I wish they'd get Nathan Fillion on this show". I have that conversation about every show I watch with anybody. I'd love if it actually would happen all the time. I haven't watched Lost in quite some time, but the episodes with Nathan I will defenatly watch. Something to look forward to.
This just made my night, as I'm a *huge* Lost fan.
YAY! I can't wait to see Nathan!
Fun fact #1: Lost is showing 6 eps now, then going on hiatus till I think January, then coming back with the rest of the season uninterrupted. (OK, I admit it -- I'm a Lost fanboy, too. I have absolutely no life whatsoever.) ;-)

Fun fact #2: If the Lost-Forum is to be trusted (hey, if we ARE trusting Kristin now, I thought I'd bring up someone else to maybe trust/maybe not, heh), then And looking at some of Kristin's past spoilers for Lost, she was pretty much correct with all of them. So -- this Kristin!News looks pretty real, and Nathan's ep could be on TV very, very soon -- yay! :-)
Holy crap!! That is so awesome. I love Lost, and having the captain on it will be so shiny.
I wonder how long the UK will have to wait...
Ah, hate to burst bubbles Simon but I didn't actually realise it was Kristen (no clicky linky). Not querying though, seems straight-up (who am I to scupper a record making thread ? ;).

bandaids, if they're doing as billz says with the show 6 episodes then wait until January i'd've thought E4 will wait until the new year to start showing them then show them right through. We might get them ahead of the US (this happened with Stargate once I think) but it seems unlikely.
The last time Kristen posted a rumour about Nathan online (last year), Joss himself ended up coming on WHEDONesque to debunk it.

That said, I think this one is true.
If this is true - and it seems like it is - then Evangaline Lily is now officially one of the world's luckiest women because (cue spoiler text) ** sigh **
i'd've thought E4 will wait until the new year to start showing them then show them right through.

That does sound like the usual time for E4 to start things, and for once I'll probably be in the country!
This actually made me bounce!
Lost is a great show. Fantastic news that the Cap will be on it. Big break for him.
Lost needs to get ramped up or I will lose interest. Still, the opener had more of that very, very good acting that Matthew Fox does, which mitigated (big Tim Gunn word) for me how many more new questions there are and still no answers to old ones.

But I understand this turnipy-smelling guy will be on the show so at least I have that to look forward to.
JJ and co. have promised a freer flow of information and less obfuscation this year (I see your Tim Gunn word and raise you another one he would probably use!).
I have never gotten into Lost, but this news has made me an instant fan. This will be great exposure for Nathan, and I would be thrilled if it leads to more TV roles for him. Just think...Weekly Nathan!
Fantasic. I hope I'm still watching Lost then, becuase I'm starting to lose my patience with it now.
Zeitgeist, Ha! "See? All that sturm and drang has been worth it!" This could apply to anyone, anywhere who overcame big challenges and obstacles, including Joss. Maybe especially Joss in light of his most recent post here.
Hooray? I don't watch Lost, but if it makes everyone else happy, than yay for Nathan.
Well, with a shout-out to zeitgeist and Tonya J, let me say this to those who aren't Lost fans. Even if you aren't excited about Lost, we know one thing about Nathan in any role, no doubt: he will make it work! ;-)
The channelling of Tim Gunn is cracking me up. Thanks for the laugh, guys.
Lost had some serious ugly* writing last season. But with Nathan on board, I'm sure they'll carry on. :)

*I know it's not Tim, but it's my new favorite phrase.
Lost is quite possibly the best show on television right with the addition of Nathan for an ep or two?? AWESOME!
I'm gonna pretend that this casting was facilitated by this oddly-funny crossover fanvid posted by Lostaway on Youtube which WHEDONesque featured some weeks ago.

In my world, that's how it happened...
what a nice world quotergal lol.
Yay for NF!! I don't watch any TV any more, but I'm happy to hear that the Cap'n will be on such a high-profile show. And I do plan to start cruising around to see if I can catch a glimpse of him! They don't film anywhere near where I live & work, but it's a small island, so maybe I'll get lucky!

I really am glad for Nathan. . . .
You live on Oahu, SangChaud? *Rockin'*!

It's pretty impressive to me that this little fragment of news has already stirred up over 100 comments. We loves us our Cap'n, no doubt! ;-)
Yep. Oahu. 'S where all the jobs are. But to be PC, billz, ya need to put in the okina (the little mark that looks like a backwards apostrophe) to indicate a glottal stop: O`ahu. Learn somethin' new every day. Like the fact that NF is gonna be on my island! Squeeeeee!

And: kittens!
And a Squeeeee! from me.

I have not been watching Lost, but now I will have to start. Hopefully there will be enough Nathan to make it worthwhile.
Someone has to say it...

I feel better now.
I'm still a little mystified as to what people didn't like about the second season of Lost. Personally I enjoyed every episode (yeah, even the Rose/Bernard one, hehe). I sort of see where people are having an issue with the pace of the show last season but I didn't have a problem with it. I'm in no rush to have all the answers given out and all the characters and relationships firmly established. As long as each episode continues to advance the story and keeps me wanting more then I'm happy. At the end of the day, Lost is one of the best series to hit our screens in a long time and I'm sure as hell not going to start complaining if it loses a little steam now and again.

This isn't directed at the comments here (I've been around here long enough to know that even the opinions I don't agree with are at least informed and honest) but generally I'm getting the impression that Lost has become one of those shows that became too popular for it's own good. You know, the kind of show that because everyone loves it so much it suddenly becomes the cool thing to do to say that you don't like it and rip it to bits. Sort of like the "Wolverine" of the television world.

Fanboys! Gotta love 'em! ;)

Can't wait to see Nathan on the show. Gonna be a blast seeing one of my favourite actors on my current favourite television series.
Well done, jlv; I believe you've cleared up this mystery! I wish your clear, simple logic had been applied to solve the mystery of the hatch last year! (BTW, my favorite clear, simple solution to that had come from Naveen Andrews [Sayid], who said in an interview before S2 began that he thought the hatch was .) ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-10-07 18:04 ]
JLV, just...damn. We can only dream, right??

GrungerPunk, I know what you mean. I've always liked what my other friends didn't care for, but I'm so excited that so many of them now like Lost. I can finally talk to someone about one of my favorite shows! So, this fan girl is actually happy to be somewhat mainstream for a change :)
billz, since island wackiness must have had some folk doubting their sanity, I thought it might be...

As for clear, simple logic, you sure you didn't mean brother Saje? By coincidence I happened to be standing near a TV when Lost came on Wednesday. Very impressed by the opening sequence, I decided to start watching it again. Now with Nathan aboard I have to watch.
Harmalicious, I just love your name. If I get a girl puppy would you mind if I named her after you?

As for the damn, it's rarely I get damned in a positive way, so thank you! Oh, and did you see your namesake's pictures? Very classy.
Love you GrungerPunk. :)
Almost off the front page, but I just realized -- if we all get together in front of all our computers and all whisper "Drew Goddard" three times, will he magically appear and give us some inside scoops? ;-)
Either that or he'll kill us...

What the hell, it's worthe the risk I say.
See, Haunt, you're thinking Candyman. When Drew Goddard appears, he gives us candy, lovely delicious candy. And scoops about Lost. ;-)

ETA: BTW, jlv (and now I'm just trying to come up with more 3-letter abbreviations -- etc.!), when I associated you with clear, simple logic, there was more than a bit of a ;-) in it. ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-10-08 14:04 ]

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