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October 05 2006

Ron Glass is on Shark on CBS tonight. He plays the Judge in the episode, airing Oct 5th.

Thanks for the alert, RavenU, just in time to tune in. Yay Ron! Our BDHs are rockin' primetime, yo. ;-)
Thanks for the head's up! Just in time for me to put a tape into the VCR (I love my BDHs! ... oh, and for future reference: when I say "I love _____", I never mean in crazy stalkery way, I mean like sweet Kaylee kissing her Captain on the cheek when he threatens to tape up her mouth and throw her in the hold for a couple of weeks).

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Also, Jack Conley (Sahjhan from Angel) was on Grey's Anatomy tonight as a guy getting an ankle transplant of all things... pegged him by the voice in about 5 seconds :)
He plays the Judge

Was he baby blue?
Wonder if he'll send anyone to that special hell?
Is talking in court as big a sin ?

I'll take a look even though this is one that didn't really impress from the pilot. It should've done, James Woods is brilliant and the rest of the cast are talented and attractive but for some reason it just didn't quite click for me.

I read someone say that it's like 'House' with the law but by the end of the pilot I was thinking "it's like 'House' with the law if the creators totally bottled it and had House renounce his 'evil' ways by the end of the first episode".

Good for Ron though, always worth watching him.
Not watching Shark, but I always enjoyed Ron's take as Ross' laywer in "Friends".
If you missed it and have "On Demand" on your cable, I believe that you might be able to catch it. A number of CBS shows are up on the site, and I believe Shark is one of them. Along with NUMB3RS, the CSI's, Jericho, and NCIS (my guilty pleasure).

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Hey, I just found that Shark eps are also on the CBS website (hope this works outside the US, too)!

ETA: Hmmm, trying to use this site with Firefox on Mac crashed my Firefox twice. Beware -- and, darn! :-(

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Numfar, Ron was *excellent* as Ross' lawyer. Made him look like a complete idiot, which actually wasn't that hard to do. He did it with some style though :)
Nah, doesn't seem to billz, thanks for thinking of us though ;). Seen it through "other channels" and Ron didn't have much to do, and was sitting down too which made it pretty hard to impose himself on the couple of scenes he was in. Still, work's work right ?

I want to like this and the stuff between Stark and his daughter is pretty good (feels true and the young woman who plays her does a pretty good job, IMO) but the bulk of the rest of it just doesn't feel new enough to me (maybe because, brilliant as he is, James Woods has played 'ruthless, cynical and somewhat aloof yet fierce lawyer' before - e.g. in 'Fighting Justice' with Robert Downey Jr. - so it feels a little like old ground).

I'll watch another couple but I think this is going in the discard pile, lacks potential and seems too cut and dried procedural for me.
Sorry the link didn't work outside the US, Saje, but I have to say you nailed the problems with this series exactly. As you say, Ron was great for the two seconds he was onscreen, everything else, a bit less than "meh." And, quoting Saje one more time, work's work. Yay Ron!

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