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April 18 2003

Three M.E. episodes nominated for a Hugo Award. BtVS 'Conversations With Dead People', Firefly 'Serenity' and Angel 'Waiting in the Wings' have been nominated in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category.

And congratulations to everyone involved with those episodes.

So too close to call, which episode do you think should win the award?

I really liked both of the episodes that I saw ("Conversations" and "Serenity"), but while "Conversations" was a solid, above-average hour, I felt that "Serenity" was flat-out brilliant -- it packed tons of Joss-quality plot, character, dialogue, and action into its two hours, and really got to "Firefly"'s emotional core: finding one's place in a universe that has, morally, stopped making any sense at all.

Plus, the award would be a small but gratifying way to keep "Firefly" on the radar and affirm the great work done by everyone involved with the show.
All three episodes were remarkable, but "Serenity" was extraordinarily effective. If it had been aired as the actual pilot episode of Firefly, as intended, who knows if things might have gone differently with the series? It deserves to win the award on its own merits, but even more so just to give FOX a slap in the face.
"Waiting in the Wings" was dreadful. Whedon just wanted to write a ballet episode, so he did it. The ep was too self-indulgent, because Whedon disobeyed his own rules for writers on the show. Serve the characters and the story, that's all. Probably the worst Angel episode from last season.

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