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October 06 2006

Hyjacking Nathan - furry animal cartoon version of Mr. Fillion. A fan, Khei, has drawn up some webcomics involving a furry version of Nathan Fillion. From the site "A furry fancomic that chronicles the random insanity that ensues after a furry version of our favorite BDH is drawn with a special pencil simply called "The Red Pencil of DOOM" by our protagonist, Khei"

There is a bit of colourful language, but its quite cute and funny. Some fans, Alan Tudyk, and Adam Baldwin make some appearances in the comic too.

ETA: I recommend people read from the beginning(its only 20 comics), go to the archives link. When I go directly to the comics page, I get linked midway through the comics series.

ETA 2: Since the bandwidth is exceeded here is a link to some posts with the comics in some photobucket accounts.


Also it seems the archive page is still adequate so far. You can link to it HERE 2 Since in the other link I gave, there are only 15 comics, where there are 30 in total.

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furry as in anthropomorphic animals or Furry as in the ermm... fetish.
lol.... anthrop -whatyoucallit...I figured furry was an apt description, didn't think of any other interpretation. Man, zeitgiest, you have a strange mind.
Aren't they kind of the same thing ? Just depends what the anthropomorphic animals are doing, surely ?

Must confess, there seems to be a 'vibe' to these that's pretty suggestive (or maybe i'm totally reading something into it that's not there). Not judging in any way, each to their own and all that (and they're nicely drawn whatever the, err, driving force).
They aren't exactly the same thing, no, but certainly what the anthro animals (or people who think they are anthro-animals) are doing matters a lot. Just the way the word is used in the description suggests the fetish. If you think I have a strange mind... have you met Saje? ;P
hehe.... errr not so sure I would want to "meet" saje now. lol. I changed the title a bit to be furry animal cartoon version, hope that is adequate. And yes there is some suggestive stuff, but nothing of the "kinky" kind. Although I do not have the minds of zeitgeist or Saje :P.
The linked site's bandwidth is used up. So I don't get to see if it's cute, or disturbing, or a little of both.
Heh, I prefer to see it as a well rounded knowledge of various ... pursuits ;). I'm not strange, i'm just worldly, see ?

(yeah, even i'm not convinced and i'm normally quite gullible ;)

ETA: Oops, did we do that ? I dunno, you guys, can't take you anywhere *whistles in an innocent non-bandwidth-exceedy kind of way*.

[ edited by Saje on 2006-10-06 19:05 ]
Great. You all broke the internet!! ;P

I've seen them and think they are funny and not fetishy at all. Not that I know anything about fetishes... really. (Including what the plural of fetish really is.)
OOOOps... Ok, well that is too bad. Wow...I guess the bandwidth allowment was exceeded... I found a link to some images in some photobucket accounts, ILl post that in the header in a minute or two.
Having seen them, I can say they are really cute. Not meant to have a fetishyesqueness vibe. They started as a little joke amongst the Nathan Appreciators group, so any lustiness (the "vibe" Saje felt?) is just to kid on the group as a whole (that we're a bunch of women too old to be fangirls, but *omg squee* anyway). Khei found that they were so popular, she decided to post them outside of the group. She's really talented, no?
Okay now I'm REALLY creepified.. There was never any kinkyness intended.. The whole thing is ment to be taken as furry satire. My intent was simply to make fun of the general squealy drooling fangirllyness that ensues.. well pretty much all over the group..

To elaborate.. Yes I'm a "furry" and "furry" itself is not a fetish.. belive me There's alot of creepy stuff out there.. Being a "Furry" just means you like furries.. Furries are anything anthropomorphic. Even Bugs Bunny and Micky Mouse are furries and they have nothing to do with any fetishes.

Truthfully I drew everyone in the comic as furries as a running gag based off one SLiTHER panel exchange between Nathan and James Gunn. Everything in the comic is based off ideas the evil women of the Bunk give me. The current gag dealing with FFXI is my own dumb idea..

Oh and Since ya all killed the website (heh never ment the site to get 200 hits in a day.) The comics can be found in my myspace blog at if the website keeps getting shut down due to bandwith I may just start a myspace page specificly for the comics.. if they're THAT popular..

My God I've created a monster!
See ? I told you guys there was nothing kinky about it. Honestly, some people ;).

Clearly just me being, umm, worldly then. It was stuff like the shampooing scene that made me wonder Khei but seems like it was just innocent fun (as mentioned, didn't bother me anyway) and they're very nicely drawn, good job.

Sorry we those other guys broke your website ;).
Sure, Saje, always blame the other people, it is never you ;) How generous of you :P.

Anyways thanx Khei for giving some background story, and where are the comics located on the myspace account? I may just be a dunce but I cant seem to find it.
Should be a link to see older entries..

If folks want me to I'll start a myspace page for the comics to make it easier to access them.

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