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October 06 2006

(SPOILER) Katee Sackhoff talks White Noise 2. Some insight into her character in White Noise 2 and how she got on with Nathan Fillion (spoilers for Battlestar Galactica season 3).

Sounds like she and Nathan had a riot on the set:

"Nathan and I are just the biggest kidders, I don't know how we got anything done. We would just be making each other crack up, like during people's big dramatic death scenes, and we are just over there laughing in the corner. I had the best time ever."

I can very much see the two of them getting along so well. They both seem to have wacky senses of humor and both seem to just love life!
I reworked your subject line to make it more relevant for the front page.
I am so looking forward to this movie. The first one was bad, but this one sounds not only intresting, BUT also has Katee and Nathan. What is not to love. With their personalities it is not hard two see these to getting along real well.

As for BSG, I am so excited! I can't wait to see Starbuck again. I just need my Apollo/Starbuck fix and I am good to go!
I can't wait to see Mal and Starbuck together. That pairing is just frakkin' shiny! Also, I sooooo can't wait for the BSG premiere tonight! Seven months is way too long to wait for a new episode. Btw, I saw the first 12 minutes of tonight's show, and Starbuck is hardcore. So excited!
Ugh. Stupid Space channel in Canada, doesn't show the premiere until tommorow.

Sometimes I actually wish I was American. No, I didn't just say that, it was your imagination.
Your secret is safe with us, Resolute. ;-)
So true ESG - and we get a two hour premiere! I'm excited about Nathan getting the Lost gig but my dream would be if he got a recurring gig on BSG (of course that would be second to the return of Firefly/Serenity).
Firefly Flanatic, if my own reaction to multiple copies of Lucy Lawless is any measure (*counts the minutes till BSG season premiere*), then the possibility of many replications of Cylon!Nathan might cause an epidemic of explosions of fans' brains. Honestly, this might be a health hazard. ;-)
Nathan Fillion's a cylon! I never would have guessed.
Nathan Fillion as a cylon? NATHAN FILLION AS A CYLON!!!

We should be sending Ron Moore emails suggesting the pairing.
And you know he's pretty, unlike the other male cylons, who just aren't as pretty as the female cylons.
**ugh double post**
My computer is all weird today, sorry.

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Nathan Fillion as a cylon? NATHAN FILLION AS A CYLON!!!

See? Exploding brains, yo. Hazardous. ;-)
Speaking of BSG season three, does anyone know when Sky One intend to air it over here in the UK? It was stated at Digital Spy (yeah, I know, not the most accurate on news sources) that it would begin airing in October but given the current season two run I'm seriously doubting that to be the case.

Anyone have any more concrete info? Not sure how long I can wait to see some new BSG!

And Nathan Fillion was BORN to play a Cylon. He would be perfect for that role.
GrungerPunk, it won't be on in October. More like early 2007.

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