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October 06 2006

Armin Shimerman guest spot gives "Numb3rs" a verse trifecta on Friday night. With representation from the verse's of Whedon by Armin (Buffy), Navi (Angel), and David K (Serenity).

However, I think Bones is still in the lead as far a verse guests go.

Armin Shimerman has also been playing a continuing role on 'Boston Legal' as a Judge. I do love seeing Quark Principal Snyder Mr. Shimerman in different roles.
However, I think Bones is still in the lead as far a verse guests go.

You referring to verse guests in one episode or spread out through a season? How I Met Your Mother had Alexis, Aly and Amy in one episode.
I believe RavenU means Bones leads overall. There's a thread about this over at the .org.
Well the next episodes of Bones beats that, with Kali R as a guest, then Bones will have a trifecta of it's own. However, almost every week this season not counting the 2 verse members as main cast and now a recurring cast member, so far Bones has avg 1 verse guest a week, beyond David, TJ, and Tamara.
Wow! I had no idea we had such a verse connection with Bones. Very cool.
Benito Martinez (Aceveda from The Shield) was also in the episode. Who was in the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

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