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October 07 2006 article on Southland Tales. Director Richard Kelly explains a bit more about SMG's role in the movie, among other things.

"She is the femme fatale and the mysterious broker of this massive conspiracy involving an alternative-fuel corporation [and] a senator running for vice president."

BTW, there's a mistake in this. The second graphic novel is still not out. There's a clearance problem.

Interesting. I was unaware of the graphic novel(s). I think I'll check #1 out.

Also, I saw in the side bar a link to an article on the recent X-Men Movie: Brett Ratner Takes A Stand Against Critics As 'X-Men' DVD Release Nears. I was hoping for some mention of the Whedon AXM origins of the anti-mutagen theme and was rewarded. I quote the salient paragraph here:

MTV: Speaking of comic books, how much of the movie was drawn from Joss Whedon's story "Gifted"?

Ratner: It wasn't just from Whedon. Every scene in this movie you could find in an existing comic book a portion of it or the idea behind it. I didn't want the fans saying, "Oh, Brett Ratner invented this in his mind." So I made Zak and Simon show me the comic book references. Every single scene I had on my wall in my office in comic book form.

There was a thread in depth on that here. What was more interesting to me was the explanation of how the character is central in the movie.
You definitely get a feel from 'Two Roads Diverge' that Krysta will be a catalyst for the main events so from that I figured she'd be pretty central. She still seems more like a sort of opportunistic grifter rather than some shadowy mastermind though but maybe that'll change when we finally see the film (or with the next two graphic novels) or maybe she's only peripherally involved in the conspiracy, despite brokering it.

I really enjoyed the first graphic novel napua, nicely written comic with great, atmospheric, kinda water-colour style art (here's an interview with the artist where he talks about his process in some detail). My only minor complaint is that it's a bit expensive for such a small book. Very much looking forward to the second one though.
I wish they'd hurry up and get this released. I miss SMG from my screen more than I miss MSG from my food.
They've added pages to both books, so they're now both going to be in the range of 115 pages, from what I've read. I think that's where the clearance problem came in, too.

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