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October 07 2006

Bones coming to Germany. The German TV station RTL announced that they will air two episodes of 'Bones' every thursday at 9.15pm, starting with the show's pilot on October 19 (German text).

Great! Do they dub or use subtitles?
Almost anything shown on German TV is dubbed.
Yeah, as Shukriyya said, you won't find an undubbed series on a major German station.
Yay!! Looking forward to that, although I'm very bad with watching weekly TV shows - I always forget that they're on ... That's what happened when Veronica Mars came on, too - missed the first three episodes in a row, now I am waiting for the DVD release. At least I can watch it in the OV then.
The way ZDF treats Veronica Mars, it would have been hard to follow the series under any circumstances... First they reschedule it because of Tour de France and the soccer world championship, then because of the pope and now they find that they have bad ratings and reschedule it to the middle of the night. Right, that's gonna help the ratings! :-(

I really hope RTL treats Bones in a better way. And I hope even more that Warner will finally release a German DVD set of VM.
Does anybody know what's up with the r2 veronica mars dvds (s1)? Why do they take so long???
and what's up with Wonderfalls? No r2 either.
Does anybody know what's up with the r2 veronica mars dvds (s1)?

It wasn't a great ratings success in the UK. Perhaps that might be causing a delay.
Yeah, Saturday at 2 pm was a top slot for VM from the beginning ... It was promoted as a kids programme, more or less. But isn't it comforting (i.e. disturbing) to know that TV executives are the same all over the world?
It was promoted as a kids programme, more or less.
It was promoted?! I didn't see any promotion from ZDF at all, no teasers/trailers, nothing :-(

And hey, 2pm saturdays was still better than 1.40am like last week...

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bookworm, the American VM DVD set is a multiregion release (R1, R2, R3 and R4). You won't have any problems with it on your R2 player.
Wow.... good luck dubbing 'Bones' !
I really feel for those who have to watch a dubbed version. Besides the effect on cadence and possible difficulty translating humorous lines, I find that Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin and the recently added Tamara Taylor all have incredibly appealing voices, and no, I don't use their voices for masturbatory fodder. There are some well-known performers and civilians whose voices annoy me no matter what they're saying. I'm a bad person.
I really feel for those who have to watch a dubbed version.
Yeah, I feel sorry for myself, too *g*. It think I'll check out the first couple of episodes and if I like the series, I'll try and get the originals...
Well at least the dubbing canīt get much worse than Buffy (cause it canīt get worse than Buffy that is.) I think Iīll watch a few dubbed epis,shake my head and then thank god for DVDs.
When I first saw Serenity I thought I recognized Tamara Taylor, but couldn't place her. It just hit me that she played a doctor in the pilot episode of Miracles.

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