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October 08 2006

A review of "Stan Lee Meets The Amazing Spider-Man". Joss' story "Some Steves" gets praised for its comedy. And what wasn't there to love about Hedgehog Man? And for the Whedon completist, there's a Joss quote on the front cover of "The Losers: Endgame" tpb was released late last month

British completists might be interested to know that Joss' Astonishing X-Men run is being reprinted in the montly Essential X-Men comic book (price 2.50 and available in all good newsagents and presumably bad ones as well).

This comic sold out immediately in my area and it had to be ordered in again so I just got a chance to read it yesterday. Great fun and pure Joss with the twist at the end.
The Losers is awesome. It's another highly addictive comic that felt like it could have been a TV show.
The Losers is being made into a movie is it not?
I never really could get into The Losers. It does what it tries well enough--it's an action movie on paper--but I guess that's just not for me.

And Grounded--every comic is being made in to a movie right now. :-)
(Yeah, I believe the rights have been bought, but I don't know of anything actually happening yet.)

Let's see... Astonishing is a regular monthly, republished in the American flipbook Marvel Select, in trades, HC's and now the British Essential X-Men. And that's just in the English language--I've got an issue of the Dutch version myself. I wonder, if you add that all up, what the circulation of those stories really is.

Edit: Looked at the Panini website. Man, you can get a pretty decent price for those comics if you're a British reader, but man are they far behind on the American runs.

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I thought Some Steves was a love letter built around a perfect device (multidimensional comicon) to dramatize the difference that Stan Lee made as a writer. The serious and silly nicely counterpoised.*

*It's a word. I had to look it up and make sure, but it is.
I thought Some Steves was a love letter built around a perfect device (multidimensional comicon) to dramatize the difference that Stan Lee made as a writer. The serious and silly nicely counterpoised.

Very nicely put, Pointy.
And for the Whedon completist,

Heh, Simon, is there anyone here to whom that term would not apply?!
Yeah, it was Pointy, well said.

Liked it even if it was a bit slight. Stan's bit was cool too, good to see he's not afraid to take the piss out of himself a bit.

Plus, a whole world of porn ? That's a 100+ comment thread right there ;).

(I quite like 'The Losers', just bought 'Close Quarters' and 'Endgame' yesterday and i'm reading them all through from the start. It's sort of a 21st century 'A-team' for adults which, even if it's not gonna change the comics world, is great fun, well written and atmospherically drawn, IMO)
Sometimes I hate living in Sweden. I so hope there's gonna be a TPB of the Stan Lee Meets series, so that I may order it off the Interwebs.
Vince--a hardcover is already planned. Pretty safe bet a softcover trade will follow, too.
Thank you, Telltale [ETA] and Saje. I am reasoning thusly: Joss will love himself more if we tell him specifically how we respond to the love he expresses through his great, breaking 'art.

(Also, hoovering up the approval of me like it was an illicit substance!)

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