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October 08 2006

Doug Petrie helped write last week's C.S.I.. Buffy producer/story editor Doug Petrie is credited for work on the teleplay for the unusual October 5th episode of C.S.I.

The episode, entitled "Toe Tags" could have been entitled "Conversations with Dead People" since it has the murder victims speaking to one another in the morgue as the C.S.I. gang try to solve their cases.

I couldn't care less for "CSI", but my heart sings for Doug Petrie. If anyone is listening, please give us more of this talented writer.
I thought I saw his name in the credits! Go, Doug.
Sadly, the talking corpses bit was not very developed - they just kind of introduced their individual stories.
Big CSI fan anyway (Las Vegas, not Miami-- and NY is good too, but not a must-see to me), so I can't claim to be unbiased. The show is normally so steeped in serious drama, the silliness of talking corpses was a pleasant change. Yea, Petrie!
In interviews he comes across as a nice guy.
He was nice when I met him.
I noticed that episode took a few more chances than their usual stuff. I love CSI, but the talking dead people thing seemed like a Six Feet Under rip-off. The structure was ambitious though and worked surprisingly well -- makes sense that Petrie was a contributor!

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