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October 08 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar attends the premiere of The Grudge 2. Pics of Sarah attending the premiere of The Grudge 2 at Knotts Scary Farm in Orange County, California.

She looks great, but I have a bad feeling that the dress will be compared to Summer's dress. And we all know how well that went down.

Oh and I should thank Daphne Blake over at smgfan, she alerted me to this so thanks Daphne.

I love the dress, what fugs may come. Since she's clothed I wonder if this will top 100 posts.
Too true, jlv! I'm sure we can give it a go by talking about the dress. Um -- nice dress. (Congratulations on your new movie, Ms. Gellar!) ;-)
Jennifer Beals is in SMG's movie? Hello, AWESOME!

*puts on leg warmers*
I dunno, she doesn't look very happy.

(kidding ;)

Amber Tamblyn looks great (obviously SMG does too - possible dress issues aside - but that's like night follows day ;). I've liked her since Joan of Arcadia. Somehow didn't catch the second season though, may catch up at some point (does anyone know if it ends on a cliff-hanger ? Cos then I probably won't bother).
I've liked Amber Tamblyn ever since I found out she was Russ Tamblyn's daughter, he of West Side Story and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fame. And that's two musicals references in one post, so I'll be re-lurking right... about... now.

*has Flashdance flashback and involuntarily pulls shirt off one shoulder while looking for something to weld. This is unsettling but at least I don't have to worry about that bra-removal trick. I'm a guy.*
Let's not forget that Russ Tamblyn was also the psychiatrist in Twin Peaks.
Is Lucy Lawless in the movie, too?

I'm outraged!! Horror movies objectify and degr (never mind)
I love Sarah's dress as well as Kristen Bell's. If only I could afford all the pretty clothes...
I think Sarah looks tired and too thin in the face, personally. But it is nice to see all the dressing up even if I can't get a good look at the dresses.
Actually I think the dress is the 70s style print that is very hot right now. I don't think she'll get fugged for it. But she does look either very tired or very cranky.

The few commercials I have seen for Grudge 2 seem to feature SMG more than Tamblyn. I was under the impression that Sarah's character is not in it that much. Am I wrong?
I think we're missing the worst part...someone named their kid 'Ace'!!

And they invited Cylons to the premiere!! WTF?!
She looks happy with her hubby, if not so in her close ups. Prinze had better be a prince!
I was under the impression that Sarah's character is not in it that much. Am I wrong?

You're not wrong, Xane. SMG is supposed to be in it about 15-20 minutes altogether, i think. However, I assume b/c she was in the original and, between her and Tamblyn, has more star power, they are featuring her more in the commercials.
Lucy Lawless is friends with Sam Rammi, he was one of the producers of Xena.
I loved Amber when she was on General Hospital, actually I didn't like her on GH but I liked her when she was a guest star on that show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She played Dawns friend on the Hallwoween epiosde of season 7 if my memory serves me right.
Gunn 2 N's, I also heard she played Phantom Dennis on Angel, but that's probably just a rumor.

She was slated to have the Rachel Weisz role in Darren Aronofsky's new film about the Fountain of Youth, called "The Fountain", but things fell apart when Amber's agent insisted the title be changed to "Forever Amber". Anybody old enough to get that probably has a fountain of youth in their garden.
I also predict that SMG's dress won't be fugged. The print is a little loud for my taste, but not bizarre, and it works with the cut.
To Saje, Season 2 of Joan of Arcadia is very good. While it does not end on a cliffhanger it does introduce the story arc for season 3 which as you know, never got made. The neat thing about the last episode is, it has Wentworth Miller (from Buffy and Prison Break) as the new "big bad". So worth a watch.
Aha, thanks for that. Might just check it out.
Lucy Lawless is married to Rob Tapert who is Sam Raimi's production partner at Ghost House Productions. The two also produced Xena together. Both Rob tapert, Sam Raimi and about five cast members do commentary for The Grudge DVD.

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