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October 09 2006

Co-star announced for Sarah Michelle Gellar's Addicted movie. Wonderfall's Lee Pace will be starring opposite Sarah in the supernatural thriller which is set to begin shooting later this month.

We did this one back in August. Dunno why SciFi Wire took so long to get round to reporting it.
Lee Pace is gorgeous. Does that count as two Whedonverse-related peeps if Lee Pace was in Wonderfalls?

(P.S. I'm a girl : ))
Two things Simon.That link you gave goes nowhere (well it actually says no permission) and this is actually news of who is in the cast apart from SMG

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Simon, must be sleepy.
Correcting the link that Simon was linking to.
We did this one back in August.
I know it's her bread and butter, but SMG may want to think about giving the "supernatural thriller" genre a bit of a rest.
I have achy feet (new shoes ouch) so they're distracting me. I'll reword the subject line.

but SMG may want to think about giving the "supernatural thriller" genre a bit of a rest.

Well universities are my bread and butter and no one has ever told me to give it a rest. If she likes doing them, fair play to her. And besides she has a rom-com (hark at my Variety speak) out this year from what I remember.
Could someone please tell me who Lee Pace played in Wonderfalls?
I have loaned out my DVDs and can't look it up.

By the way off topic I know but the people I loaned it to took a few months to get around to it and then sat down intending to watch the first episode last week and stayed up all night watching the whole thing! Kind of like when you can't put a good book down I guess.
He was Jay's brother (the theologian who didn't believe in God ;). Great character and he played him well.
Lee Pace played Jaye's brother, Aaron.

but SMG may want to think about giving the "supernatural thriller" genre a bit of a rest.

The thing is, the original was by no means a "supernatural thriller"...drama-romance maybe? So now I'm thoroughly confused. :-S It's possible it won't turn out to actually be a thriller.
Thanks for the info. He WAS great. Pretty much everyone in that show was great. Interesting and unique characters, all played really well.
When I read bobtaylor's comment about Sarah giving the genre a rest, I interpret it as I always do: "Please God, Buddha, I would like to see Sarah do a film with Martin Scorsese or Gus Van Sant or Brian DePalma, a director with heft, because her talent outstrips anyone in her age group (Dunst, Johannson, Ricci, et al)." Nothing wrong with the horror/thriller/supernatural genre but are these films really giving her the exposure I selfishly believe she deserves? Probably not.
I only just bought the Wonderfalls DVD (from PlayUSA, because it's not been shown ore released in the UK!), and I'm enjoying it. Good to see him working with Sarah.
Yes Tonya. I think Sarah has yet to find movie material really worthy of her talent. She is just so good and she had such an opportunity to show it in Buffy that these movies are a tad disappointing.
FINALLY, Lee Pace is getting his due.

He was my favorite actor on Wonderfalls (besides the incomparable Dhavernas, of course).
Actually, I don't think SMG is more talented than Christina Ricci, but that's neither here nor there. I was just a bit surprised to see the term "supernatural thriller" pop up in her resume again after The Grudge, The Grudge 2, and The Return. Heck, how 'bout just a plain ol' thriller with evil people instead of evil spirits? (Or, maybe Indigo Chick is right and this flick is mislabeled in this post.)
sigh. i miss wonderfalls.
This is wonderful news - I LOVED Lee Pace in Wonderfalls. So happy he's picking up major roles at last :D
As a side note, I must now use "rom-com" in casual conversation immediately. "Stay away from the latest Duchovny rom-com, it's deadly." I wish I had heard this phrase prior to my recent rewatching of Simply Irrestistable.
I watched four episodes of Wonderfalls in the last week, and remembered how much I loved it. Even more than Veronica Mars. The scripts were hilarious, and I loved the idea of some spiritual power speaking through knick-knacks. Tim Minear's great. You know what I'd like to see from him? Episode 14.

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Yay Lee Pace! I love Wonderfalls, and he was just one of many great reasons to love it, especially when .
For any US nightowls, SMG will be showing up to chat with "Late Night" show host Conan O'Brien this Wednesday night (check your listings). He's intelligent and personable and he usually asks good questions, so I'm anticipating an actual conversation.
Thank you, Wiseblood, I just programmed the TV computer. Sarah Michelle has a fine, filthy sense of humor.

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I miss Wonderfalls. I wonder if Joss could be persuaded to have Diana Prince work with Jaye at Wonderfalls?
Don't think there's anything particularly supernatural about this film. It seems to be a phrase they like throwing around these days.
Maybe they mean super as in 'very'. It's SMG's first kitchen-sink drama ! A coma but like normal people have.
bobtaylor - Addicted is based on a Korean film that has no evil spirits in it. When people use the term "supernatural" it doesn't nescessarily mean it has anything to do with any evil spirits.
When people use the term "supernatural" it doesn't nescessarily mean it has anything to do with any evil spirits.

But what fun is that?
Ooh Lee Pace, woot woot!
Perhaps Lee will have to play one of the coma victims because he's 6'3" and she's only 5'3"! That will be some pretty cute little kissing scenes! He is actually a very impressive actor - his range is huge for such a young guy. I think I will actually see this film. I can't stand horror films - they just scare me too much so I haven't seen any of her other recent movies. I don't know how I got through all those years of the Buffyverse - perhaps vampires aren't too horrific for me! But those Grudge type creepies? *shudders*
For all Buffy's greatness, it was scary approximately twice in seven years.

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