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October 09 2006

Free Slither Screening with Q&A in Hollywood. On Oct 17th, there is a free Slither DVD screening at the Mann Chinese Theater. Afterwards there is a Q&A with the director James Gunn. Apparently one can win DVDs and there are some special surprises. Details on how to get the tickets are on the link.

I wonder if one of the surprises is Nathan Fillion attending. And I would so go, except for the fact I am a few thousand miles away :(

Aw shucks, the L.A. people have all the fun, especially seeing Himself (JG) at the screening. I'm going to have to start an L.A. fund savings account so I can shuttle back and forth a few times a year to this stuff.
Joinin' in the "wrong city, wrong state" no-love. :-(

BTW, it might be "wrong city, wrong state" for Mr. Fillion, too, if he's off filming Lost in O`ahu (thanks for the way to spell it correctly, SangChaud!). ;-)

Oh, well, maybe one of our Los Angeles Whedonesquers will go and give us a report?
I'll be in Burbank this weekend. :)

BUT...I fly back home on Monday. Shoot!

I really hope someone will be able to go though.
I will be going, and I'm sure I'll be blogging about it afterwards. I haven't seen Slither yet, so I'm really looking forward to it.
I just sent off for a ticket, but I may be too late.
Hmm, would it be dream logic? Hopefully not. Damn you lucky LA Region people. Always near the fun. *sigh*. Well at least in Montreal we will be having a Slither Halloween shindig, so maybe someone can "pretend" to be Nathan Fillion.

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[Clicking heels 3 times] Please have a screening in Vegas, please have a screening in Vegas, please have a screening in Vegas!
AmazonGirl, please let me know if that works for you.
It never works for me, jlv. Guess I need the gorram ruby slippers. ;-)

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