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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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October 10 2006

James Marsters Drafted into Web Comic Alt-Country Gotterdamerung.

Back in January, Ray Price and Don Williams breathed their last praising Emma Caulfield. The killer: sword-wielding raven haired songbird Gillian Welch. Now Zayne Reeves' and Mike Alves' Americana-and-ultraviolence obsessed magnum opus, "Bring Me the Head of Waylon Jennings," takes another trip to the Buffy well as all-around great guy James Marsters enters the surreal, blood-soaked fray.

I've been naught but a lurker for a while here, but I thought I'd hit y'all with this....
4th Annual Scimitars and Wenches Convention, huh. OK, I'll admit I laughed.
This is a wonderfully weird site.
Very interesting, and yes, like you say, wonderfully weird....
That was just...uh...great.
*scratches head*
Thanks so much, Bob.

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