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October 10 2006

Second Season opener of "Bones" available for free on iTunes. The episode "The Titan on the Tracks" is a good way to see if this Whedon-like "CSI" is for you (USA only, link goes to iTunes).

Out of interest, what exactly is Whedon-like about Bones?
The mix of off-beat humor, the odd little family of people who aren't related to one another, and drama, perhaps?
The mix of off-beat humor, the odd little family of people who aren't related to one another, and drama, perhaps?

Isn't that the synposis for every US procedural tv show? NCIS and Bones. You could swap half the characters around and no one would really be any the wiser.

When I watch Bones, it's on as background music really. It's never screamed to me "Whedon-like" in the sense that Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who did. David Boreanaz is great to watch and he's a terrific actor but it is a fluffy light weight show.
grr arrgh, i have to create an apple acct in order to buy it and i don't wanna give them my credit card info...oh well.
*shrug* Perhaps. I don't really watch any other procedurals. I was just taking a stab at your question.

But what I've gathered from every other procedural that I've come across, is that they take themselves kind of seriously, whereas Bones not only has a sense of humor, but has a sense of humor about itself, like Joss' shows.
NCIS, L&O: SVU and Bones, IMO, are very different from their other procedural counterparts. On the three CSI's and the other two Law and Orders they are pretty cut and dry. Crime, solve,social commentary, bad guy goes away. But at least with those three, there is alot of human, personal and priviate moments that make the shows much more enjoyable. You actually get to know what makes these characters tick, their fear and see how it effects them in their everyday enviroments. You root for them as characters and not just cops.

I like Bones, yes because of Db, but I also find that the supporting cast and the witty way the react and bounce of each other is what really draws me in. Same with NCIS. with SVU , it is the dark, emotional, and often sexual tention between Stabler and Benson that keeps me glued. I would now watch Bones without DB.

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I don't know if I'd call Bones Whedon-like, but I like the show. I tuned in for DB, and I've stayed for him, ED, and the characters.
I like Bones, certainly compared to most other so-called procedurals (CSI is terrrible TV in my opinion...). Sadly for all these shows however, I have seen The Inside. That show demonstrated for me what could be done with the format, and blows everything else out of the water.
Bones has a better sense of humor and charcters that flow together unlike other shows like CSI or NCIS. It has a feel to it that is more way of whedon dialougesque. Plus the fact that of all the shows out there it tops them in whedon related guest - last season there were 36 and so far in this season there are 6 (I think). I was hard on it at first but it improved a great deal from the pilot and I would say it has more in common with Angel than CSI/NCIS and I am not just talking about the main characters that were from Angel. Booth/Angel - both have a past marred by numerous deaths they caused and are seeking a bit of redemption from. Also they are willing to do what ever they have to to protect those they care about even relive the darker part of themselves. Also they have quirky sense of humor and it reflects in how they deal with and handle situtations. Bones/Wesley, the female version of Wesley who has a lot of knowledge and tends to expound on it at inopertune times. Both have a past they have not quite come to terms with regarding family members. They try to understand the world from their perception of it but sometimes others need to redirect that perception for them. They are good people who see like from a bit of a skewed angle. Hodges/Cordellia, barring the rich or formerly rich part they both have their own take on things and can be counted on to make things interesting by chiming in with there take on the situtation. Angela/Fred, they are the heart and they exhibit the humanity with their own intuative take on things. Zac/Harmony, the outcast who doesn't quite get the world and is forever trying to prove their worth to the others. That would be the bulk of the cast but I would have to say that if you add Cam then you have the Spike of the group only this time it's the women Bones/Cam who would exhibit the Angel/Spike back and forth, testing each others bounderies but coming together when they have too. Wow, that was a bit of my perspective of how Bones may be more whedon-like, than other shows. Plus they have a monster of the week but they also have a story arc that seems to sneak in every now and again. Especially with this season, kinda like Angel did.
RavenU, I've been watching this Season of bones online at MyFox, having not seen it since early first season. I think it has improved markedly, and I find your take on it spot on. You've impressed me, not that you should care.
I love DB and watch because of him. It's fun stuff and it's improved over time, but I've never gotten any Whedon vibes from it.
Bones is a good , fun show. I'm pleased for DB because the role suits him and I always like it when my favourite Whedonverse peeps do well :)

But I'd never give any non Joss show the title of "Whedon like"

It's like all those silly shows touted as " The British Buffy" Or whatever . The only really real Buffy is Buffy and she's ... sitting in shiny DVD box sets next to the TV ready to be watched whevever I feel like it.

And the only really real Whedon is Whedon and he's ... very much around and posting on Whedonesque :)
I like Bones. I love DB. It's not Shakespeare and it's not Whedon, but that doesn't mean it's not good in it's own right. Parallels can be drawn from most things if you go looking for them.

I'm just glad DB is on telly where I can see him being funny and just lovely. :0)
To me it's not terribly Whedon-like though I enjoy the show a fair bit and think it's improved a great deal since the start. It has humour and a good team dynamic but then so do most good shows (I agree with Donna Troy that NCIS is actually pretty funny too and also has great chemistry between the cast - even if it's not the slightly trite, IMO, "will they/won't they" type of chemistry).

Any similarities could probably be attached to a lot of shows (though there are a lot of 'verse actors on there which speaks to their skill at their craft I reckon). Character comparisons don't always convince me either though if pressed i'd say Angel is more like Brennan than Booth (apart from the surface atonement similarity) since Brennan has trouble relating to people, is very driven - to the point of being inconsiderate sometimes, relies on her friends to make her whole and inspires unfailing loyalty in those around her. Booth is very much a people person, very likeable, straightforward, also driven but keen to balance that with his family and having a life and only introspective when pushed to it. He has his past but, for the most part, he carries it lightly (unlike Angel who did the whole Mr Broody thing). Booth seems more like Buffy to me if I had to pick a Whedon character.

Everyone's take is different though, s'what makes life a constant puzzle joy ;).
USA only - tsk tsk, when will they ever learn.

(Battlestar Galactica Whedon like? I what alternate universe *g*)

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