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October 10 2006

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk to appear on CSI! Our beloved ex-pilot (bereft of life, he rests in peace) will be appearing on CSI, episode airing November 2.

Don't know if the page description counts as spoilers or not; they give a full description of the crime being investigated, but no hints on the resolution :S

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I reeeeeaaally hope he's not playing the bad guy! Perhaps not the best way to re-enter the spotlight...
Also, Melinda Clarke (Nandi, Heart of Gold) reprised her character from a couple seasons past on tonights CSI episode.
Yay Alan! I'm so happy to see all our BDHs getting back onto my TV. ;-)
Uhh, so shiny! I really hope he will have an interesting character (I don't care if he's a good or bad guy, just as long as it's not a lame character).

Do you have any source for that Melinda Clarke info? I'd really love to see her on CSI again :D
I was watching the episode as I posted that, Salocin. But a quick IMDB search lists her three CSI appearances in 2001, 2003 and (last night's) 2006, respectively.
That CSI with Melinda Clarke was from last season. The ep was "Pirates of the Third Reich".

I really hope she'll come back for another round.
Damn, so it wasn't a new episode...
That's funny... If Alan is playing the bad guy, D.B. Woodside, a.k.a. Principal Wood, played a similar character a few seasons ago.

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