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October 11 2006

Adventures in Font Matching: part deux. Awesome! More info about the fonts used in Serenity including a look at "Fruity Oaty Bar".

Part one: if you missed it.

Neat! I missed this the first time around. I particularly like the Orchidee Medium used for Serenity's opening credits.
Rick is multi-talented. He is also the designer and webmaster for our BC Browncoats site. I do enjoy using different fonts.
Anyone else think "NOT MANDATORY" in the correct font would make a great slogan for a T-shirt?
And nifty! Many perplexing font questions resolved. Fontastic!

Thanks to Simon for finding this and Rick Yaeger for the P.I. work.
My own thought was that "NOT MANDATORY" would make a spiffing name for a band, but a T-shirt is good, too.
That kind of work is so exciting to me I don't even care that the medical form font I asked about couldn't be found. I appreciate the effort, and feel sure it will turn up sometime.
This guy so *rocks*! I thought the previous Adventures in Font Matching was great, and so is this one -- nice link, Simon! :-)
Update! Obscure font from Serenity identified!

I found it! I found the font on the header of River's "medical" charts, as discussed in Adventures in Font Matching! It is a font named "Induction" and it is available from

I posted this as a reply to Adventures in Font Matching but since he never posted my reply I figured I'd best post it here too.

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