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October 11 2006

(SPOILER) More on Nathan Fillion and Lost. A spoiler-ific website has a little more information on Mr. Fillion's appearance on the show, based on a fan sighting of the Lost film crew. Lots of spoilers for other Lost eps, too.

I had found this website when the first story about Nathan Fillion was posted here. Be warned, Lost fans: the page this links to is so full of spoilers, you can barely get through it without being spoiled. If you want to avoid seeing other spoilers, try searching for "10/10" (the date of the update about Nathan) or "3.06" (the ep number -- 6th ep in the 3rd season) and just read that paragraph.

Okay. They said If I knew which one, I might try to go watch. But for a small island we have just big bunches of , and unless I know which one, I'll never find them filming it!
I was wondering what you might have to say about this, SangChaud. I tried to Google a bit to see if there was any more info around, but I couldn't find any. I would also guess that it probably doesn't take them more than a day to shoot a few scenes, they've probably moved on. Sorry. :-(
Hey, billz! Thanks for the effort and for the link. I was joshing (yeah, I know, I couldn't resist) a little bit. It would have been fun, but I kinda figured by the time I found out where they were filming they wouldn't be filming there any more. But I still might catch sight of him somehow, even if I can't just take time off work and go trolling. God, that image wasn't very pretty, was it??

I'll try to keep my eyes open whenever I'm driving around, but they mostly film on the other side of the island, so I'm not gonna hold my breath. . . .

Again, thanks for the post and the Google-ing. And if I do manage to catch a glimpse, youse guys will be the first (only) to know!
youse guys

So -- is that a Hawaiian accent, dude? ;-)
You didn't know??? Nah. Just like I enjoy speaking with different accents (probably god-awful but no one will tell me so), I enjoy writing different stuff/voices. Here we use "da kine" a lot. It sort of covers a multitude of sins, and a very loose translation would be "thinggummy" or "whatchamacallit" or "whatshisname" or "whosit."
billz, great link, he-who-I-made-feel-bad-in-a-previous-thread-and-will-forever-hang-my-head-in-shame-humming-Johnny-Cash's-I Hung my Head-in-atonement-for buddy. Also, my daughter calls me "dude", in fact she calls everyone "dude"--I think she's channelling The Big Liebowski.
SangChaud, you brought back memories of an old friend's discription of what he went through when he moved from the Jersey Shore to Hawaii just in time for High School. ...Born in Korea, learned his English in with a strong NJ accent and then was suddenly a teenager in Hawaii looking like he should be local, but certainly not sounding it. Good thing he was a survivor.

Back on topic: As I'm sure you know, usually you can tell a film shoot by the trucks and other equipment near by. If one were keeping one's eyes open for a filming location, noticing the trucks would often be the best clue.

JLV: My son has been calling me "Dude" too. What's the deal? I am so not a dude...
Remember the toy airplane Kate kept in a box? I thought the guy who gave it to her was her one and only. How wrong was I? But then, there's so much about Kate not known yet; her violence, her tenderness, her manipulation of situations. I'm starting to get nervous for Nathan.
newcj, I don't know. I tried calling her "dude" right back, or "dudette" but it doesn't phase her at all. She even calls her grandmother "dude".

It may have started as a putdown when creepifying guys hit on her--she gets hit on a lot, curse of beauty and all that, although it hasn't gone to her head--but now she uses it for everybody.
For shame, jlv - I'm sure billz will release you from your pennance if you say something funny involving weasels or make a joke wherein the punchline revolves around a superfluous asterisk. I'm really just guessing, though...
For billz:

A weasel with a bad cold walks into a bar. The bartender says, "What'll it be, Mr. Weasel?"
The weasel says, "Don't call me Mithter Weathel, Jayne. You know my name".
The bartender, prompted to epiphany, says "Oh yeah, Tommy! What'll it be?"
"I want one of them fruity drinkth my bother'th wife liketh tho much. I don't know the name of it. Ith my brother around?"
"Sure. He's in the back room, playin' poker as usual".
"Good, then athk Rick".
"What was that?"
"Quit makin' fun a me, you pr*ck Jayne! I said: Athk Rick!".

Ok I give up. I can't do it, zeitgeist. billz, I guess you'll just have to stay mad.
I don't know, jlv, I think you fulfilled all of zeitgeist's suggestions - in your own unique way, of course ;-).
Thank you, samatwich, you are very kind. Did you hear the one about the witch who walked into a sandwich bar....
Which sandwich bar was samatwitch's, jlv? And thankth for the Thtrangetht. Weathel joke. Ever. As zeitgeist suggested, your penance is all, er, pennanted. ;-)

Nah, no worries, dude, never were, we all have our days. Besides, I'd like to think I'm channeling The Big Lebowski, too. The Dude abides, yo. (and back to the thread -- ) Mahalo. ;-)
Hey, he was calling me dude. My son does, too. But I also answer to "dudette." My son's a surfer who's been exiled from surfing because he is allergic to jellyfish stings and will go into anaphylactic shock if it happens again. Worrying about sharks just about did me in--and then jellyfish on top of them! (What a mental picture. And how far OT can you get??) (Sorry!)

Anyway, will keep my eyes open for signs of trucks, klieg lights & all other da kine. . . .
Hey, SangChaud (and Saje) for that matter! I just turned up the original item, which is more specific about the church and all (great, once this is already off the front page):

Kate Scene

Found this over at Lost Forum. My take on the "looks like Ethan" is that it could be Nathan Fillion who is rumoured to be in this episode.

Well, at least I'm thorough. ;-)
billz, in case you tune back in, just wanted to say thanks! And yes, my god, you are thorough! Also sweet.

Anyway, the

Okay, probably TMI. But thanks!
You're welcome! :-)

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