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October 11 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be on Conan tonight and Regis and Kelly this morning. Just a reminder, to promote The Grudge 2, Sarah will do both the early morning and late night circuit.

There is also a report that she will be in the UK edition of Glamour magazine. There, thats all I know, now quit hounding me!

We don't do links to scans of articles so I've removed the relevant text.
jerryst, she is also on the cover of the November Marie Claire magazine with a six page spread inside. They give her what they call a never-seen-Sarah-like-this-before makeover, complete with black hair and back cherry nail polish (my fave!). Gives her thoughts on upcoming films and celebutantes, which I think she doesn't approve of.
What scans,Glamour isn't on sale yet.
SMG was also on TRL yesterday.Here are links to some photos.



During her interview,she took some audience questions and was asked about a Buffy movie.

Audience Member:I heard a rumor that Joss Whedon is thinking about doing a Buffy movie and I wanted to know if there is any truth to that?

Sarah:You know,it's so funny,you're the second person to ask me that but I've only heard that from a few and now one other person.Honestly I have no....

Host interrupts:You must not be getting the same newsletter or something.

Sarah:The Road Island news,yeah.I actually,I don't know.It's a very good question.

Audience Member:Well us fans would love to see a movie.....JOSS?

Crowd cheers

Sarah:I wish I had a better answer for that.I really wish I had a good one.

Here's video of her TRL appearence at You Tube.

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Here's a link for Regis and Kelly

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I appreciate people trying to be nice and share links to Sarah's telly appearances but try not to link to illegal downloads of clips of tv shows in the comments section . I've edited a couple of comments above. And btw I was referring to the Marie Claire scans in my previous comments.
I'm puzzled then why the transcript of part of the interview is still there then.Fox regards transcripts as breaking their copyright
If you do have queries over our rules, it would be best to email us rather than discuss it on site.
Sarah is incredibly sweet and I did notice that she still seems open to the idea of reprising the Buffy role. The fan call out to Joss was great. I'll second that notion. Joss?

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