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October 11 2006

Tour Buffy's Torrance home this weekend. Owner opens to public one weekend only as part of Historical Society tour.

I spelled Torrance wrong.
Acording to Google Earth I'm 5,446.53 miles away. Which is a shame. It would be fun to walk around Buffys house.
Yeah, zz9, I'm about 2500 miles away. And that's a damned shame, too. I would so very much love to walk around "Buffy's" house. Sigh.
Ah, that's cool! I wonder if you have to go on the rest of the tour too...

When hubby's mom comes to visit next year from Holland, she wants to see Buffy's house and Sunnydale High, it's just a shame this isn't going on when she's visiting!
Ahhhh, lucky LA people! I did my own Buffy tour when I visited LA two summers ago, including walking all through Torrance High, which is an insane feeling for any Buffy fan, checking out The Hyperion Hotel, and of course, I parked outside Buffy's house for a few minutes and was in complete shock. I knew it was a private residence so I didn't want to seem like a stalker, although NOW it's okay for people to just walk in. Dammit!!!
We should pool our resources and buy this house, like the Ariel ambulance project, and keep it open year-round for pilgrimages. Maybe take it on the road for zz9 and SangChaud. And add a pool, which we wouldn't take on the road, I suppose. If we raised enough money and he wasn't too busy, maybe we could hire Nick to lounge around the pool in his "Go Fish" speedos for the ladies who wish to objectify him.
Oh, and I didn't correct my spelling error in the link 'cause I remembered anindoorkitty's advice that proper names can't be misspelled--did I just mispell that?--no free pass on that one.

I pour over the blueprints to the house from the Season 2 boxset a couple times a week.

I'm a freak.
So is an open house an open invitation to vampires?
Alex2459, I'm even more incredibly jealous. My set didn't have blueprints.
I'm going to this on saturday, and I so can't wait. Just wanted to delurk to say that. ;)
And again with the L.A. and the having of fun. Other than ComicCon it seems that San Diego is shunned when it comes to screenings and appearances but I suppose I can live with it. If CC moves though, you may hear me explode no matter what country you live in. It'd be great if the owner made it an annual thing though. Maybe I'll write the tour people and see.
I couldn't wait...had to purchase individual seasons. So no blueprint. I was in LA last week. Even went through Torrence. I would love to know where the location shots were done for BTVS and AtS. Is there a good website that gives out this info?
If anyone is going, I'm sure I speak for many of us here when I say I'd love to see the pics. Please do upload to our Flickr group.
Yes! Pics, please.

ubermum, thanks be to Wikipedia:

Buffy/Angel Locations
Thanks and a shipment of kittens to Tonya for the Wikpedia info. Didn't even think to go there. Now I'll have another reason to head to Sunny Cal this winter.
Was anyone else surprised to learn they filmed so much at an actual house? I knew it was a real house for the blank exterior shots, but thought they never filmed anything there. A neat bit of tv trivia that I now know.

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I'll be sure to take pics. :)
I'll be sure to take pics. :)

If pics gets to go, why can't I? Mom, that's not fair!
"Overall, it was great," she said. "And I made money. Whatever."

*shocked* Whatever? WHATEVER?!? I second that money pool thingy.

Also, I thought after season three they were banned from Torrence but page 2 and 3 of the article suggest otherwise. Interesting...
this would be so trippy...but i would love it. write down that address and if I'm ever in the area I'll drive by :)
Touring Buffy's house would be incredible. Maybe a little spooky but in a good way.
Why were they banned, Brisco?

And count me in with the folks that thought they just filmed the exteriors there. Didn't 'Set Guy Carey' (or that other guy) take us through all the Summer's House interior sets on the dvd? Was that actually the frickin' Revello house? 'Cause I didn't catch that part...
janelovesvera, thanks for thinking of zz9 and little ol' moi! Think taking it on the road would include coming to Hawaii? I'd love to see any & all of the 'verse/Whedonesque `ohana (Hawaiian for family) here! Including the house!!

And Willowy, it was my understanding that the crew & all of Buffy were persona non grata because of the horrible noise they made when the blew up the high school!

And I think I just broke my "!" key! So I'll try to stop overusing it now. . . .
Mahalo, SangChaud. And thanks for that. It joggles the memory, now that you say that, but can't remember where I read it.

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