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October 11 2006

No more TV for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah Michelle Gellar says that she doesn't think she could ever do a one hour series again because it is too exhausting.

Find out where the quote originated from and win a prize.
Fair play to Sarah. And yes, I was just playing that game, Simon.
From an interview about 3 years ago (after BtVS ended) is the only time I recall her saying anything vaguely like that

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Looks like they linked it to Starplus, there--I figure I could kill two birds with one stone.

I found the commentary in this one interesting. There are some real "Buffy snobs" who think we are daft for enjoying the show. To think I use to be one,-which is hilarious when I look back on that now.

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Ah yes, Spikeylover, I remember a time when my hubby showed me a Spike calendar and had to explain who it was and I kind of rolled my eyes while smiling placatingly at my cute, nerdy hubby....

Joss, he'll make hypocrites of us all!
Is it just me, or was the author unnecessarily snarky? It seems like SMG's been saying things like that for a while, and if she no longer wants to work 16 hour days, can we really blame her?
I saw dailies where her and James were out shooting DEAD THINGS scenes at 3:00 in the morning. I think you can understand a bit of burnout, especially from the star of the show..

Rogue, my friends were going nuts over James/Spike, and my eyes were rolling back in my eye sockets over it, since I'd tried watching BTVS back during the early seasons.

Um.. I'd say they are kind not to laugh at me, now.

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Um.. I'd say they are kind not to laugh at me, now.

Kinder than my hubby! Anytime I'd write a fic or do a Spike manip, he'd chuckle and say, "Remember that one time..."

On topic...I have had various opinions about SMG throughout, but I could never fault anyone for not wanting the grueling schedule of an hour drama. I can barely manage the 8 hrs I have to put in at my office, and I'm lucky enough to live close enough to go home for lunch.
I understand her need to rest... but never say never, Sarah.
Looks like they linked it to Starplus, there--I figure I could kill two birds with one stone.

And Starpulse got it from the World Entertainment News Network. So where did WENN get it from? Sarah fans, you're letting me down here. The prize is a doozy btw.
Quote - Shmote ! Bring on ALICE !!!
Well I am a lucky recipient of the magazine Glamour (not boobies, more like shiny bags)which has our beauty SMG on the cover, and an interview in which she states;

'I don't think I could do a one-hour prgramme again, it's the most exhausting life. A movie is... etc' and then goes on to the quote in the link.

What do I win??
What do I win??

You get to find out... wait for it... my mood of the day. Which is depressed after finding out that Brian K. Vaughan is 2 years younger than me.
It may not be new information, but I think it's still worth commenting on. I do think if it was the right project, I would love to see Sarah on TV again but I am interested in seeing how her film career goes, because I think she is only going to get better.

I think that being the main character of such a high quality show would have bee very draining, so it's understandable that Sarah might feel that way. I get the sense that she feels that she really worked intensely and really honed her craft on Buffy, and whilst she's grateful for that, she doesn't see the point in signing up for such a commitment. I'd imagine she now wants to work on films and see where that goes as well as enjoying the slightly less hectic pace.

However, I'm sure if things were a little different she would probably consider going back to TV. Think of something like Lost, which has a huge cast of main characters, yet because each episode usually focuses on one or two of them, the rest of the cast may only appear in a few scenes, so they can enjoy steady work whilst not being so vital to every episode as Sarah was to Buffy. Even Desperate Housewives is basically split into four segments, with each leading actress having her own, which also cuts the workload considerably.

And then of course there are other formats she could consider than the one "hour" drama- just look at Alyson on a half hour comedy, which seems to be enjoyable but much less stressful.
Thanks lone fashion wolf for the find. :) {The always reliable Contact Music is also spreading their version of "the quote".}
I remember Eliza saying she would never do T.V again because of how grueling it was. I agree so much with SMG. I am very glad she is now in a medium were in some small way she can control her life and her projects to her satisfaction.
Simon, thanks so much - but I already have one of those. I'll settle for a shiny bag!
If Alec Baldwin can agree to a sitcom for a while, SMG may be back on TV many years from now. For now, let's see what she has for us in the big screen over the next year or so.
Does this remind anyone else of how Joss's rumor control post was taken out of context and spread around the interwebs just days ago? ;-)

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