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October 11 2006

Why Buffy slays us. A sympathetic article in The Age (as Amber Benson and the Troika get ready for their appearance at the HUB in Melbourne) about why we are “still nuts about Buffy”.

The article pretty fairly covers it; humor, emotion, metaphor. I would have added some stuff about cool monsters and kung-fu fighting but thats just me...
... in The Age? I thought they'd be too highbrow for popular entertainment :P
"...continuity-deprived.." ??? I thought it's continuity was one of the reasons we all love Buffy. It's one of the ultimate geek rewards of this show.

Other than that, decent article.
Xander's quote is wrong. The one with the face of danger... it isn't from "the zeppo" but from "the witch".

and never forget the fights, never ever...
I love that it's the Nerd Trio & Tara -- aside from them being four of my all-time favourite characters, it's the beautiful reconciliation of Murderers & Murderees. It only needs Willow to be complete...

Speaking of, I think post-the-softer-side-of-Sears, which was but a moment, Willow's fashion sense varied from just fine to mighty fine -- love some of the velvety-witchy outfits that Willow rocked post-Season 3 or so -- with the exception of some very frightening sweaters and knit tops.

They always made me think of Dr. Huxtable's sweaters, which were... well, distracting.
I can tell you why *I'm* still nuts about Buffy.
Joss Whedon's incredible writing and SMG's incredible acting.
Throw in some ASH, NB, AH, DB, AD and you have a dream come true.
QG, favorite Willow outfits ever! The purple sweater, striped skirt, tights, with a white tee underneath that she wears while walking and talking with B (at Cordy's supposed funeral!) after she's caught kissing Xander in Lover's Walk. Cutest.

The loud red shirt and tights with the suede-ish skirt and the big round shell medallion in Selfless. She just rocked that - effortlessly.

Dassa mah girl! :)
Oh, don't get me wrong, Willowy, I think she had some sweaters to die for, and some in which she could only be described as "comestible" (I'm thinking of a certain pink fuzzy number.) And the purple one is groovy, especially with striped tights...

I mean the ones with appliqué & and yarn dollies and hoopla & such...
Ooh, glad to see this in here! I read the Green Guide before school as always, turned the page and saw Sarah Michelle Gellar staring at me! It was a moment. It never gets old, seeing articles of Joss, Sarah and various Scoobies in the Age.

As has been mentioned above, some of the errors (questionable continuity? As if!) bothered me, but it didn't stop me from putting the article up on my wall as soon as I arrived home.
Ack! I'm sorry, I was unclear (again), the skirt was striped, the tights were kinda lilac colored (solid). And loved the fuzzy, same ep by the way..., but the yarn dollies? Eh...not so with the

Hey, I like this topic. I'm gonna start a flickr thread.
jynnantonnyx - The Age, highbrow? I wish!

To their credit, they seem to have had a lot of Buffy fans on staff over the years. There have often been good articles about the show, and other bits of Whedony goodness.

Loving the detailed recaps of Willow's clothing. I'd say the character was a bit of a costume conundrum - at times looking teh hotness (especially as BigBad!Willow - whoah!), at other times, well, there was a doofy hat trend for a while there (Season Four?) which I found somewhat troubling. And I second Quoter Gal's 'hrm' over the applique/wacky pic trend. Always liked how they pointed that out in 'The Body':

God, why do all my shirts have such stupid things on them? Why can't I just dress like a grownup?

So, yeah. I really just wrote a paragraph about Willow's clothes, didn't I? In the name of all that is good and holy, Joss, give us something new to obsess over.
Mythtaken, would you write a paragraph on Cordelia's clothes? I'm trying to keep you in the light. I used to lurk overmuch also--eventually it's bad for one's inflection.
Willow wears some good hats in season 2 particularly the big purple number in Surprise. She still manages to look cute: "I said 'date'".
Willow was a sweety early on. Thanks for reminder # 1,334,423 of why I remain crazy for this series. :)
Willow's best clothes- Halloween, of course! Tara's best? Nothing at all! :-)Okay, settle down now.

Good article. I think the continuity issue they were referring to was with regard to really small details out toward S7, lines begun that were not followed up on. Otherwise, no program has ever done continuity as well as Buffy- things in S1 show up in S4, etc...

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