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October 11 2006

Whedonverse Multimedia Project Farewell Fundraiser. "We have accomplished a great deal in the time we've worked together to bring Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity to public libraries, but alas its time to say farewell. Let's go out with a bang!" The site itself will be closing in November 2006.

I'm sad to see this project closing up. It was such a positive, outreaching fan idea.
*sigh* It's really sad to see this project end.
I'll be sure to make a donation.
That is really sad it is going to end. I regrettably have not given a donation, but I will give what I can now. I guess the operating costs are too high to keep it going.
I'm the one who's been running the Whedonverse Multimedia Project for the past two and half years. It's difficult to run a campaign like this one by yourself and regrettably I just don't have the time or energy to keep it running the way that it should be - with plenty of news and activities to keep fans engaged. I hope that, even after the site is gone, fans will continue donating dvds, books, and stuff to public libraries and other charitable organizations.
Congratulations and well-done on an incredibly successful campaign, supporting two of my favorite things all wrapped-up in one: the Whedonverse and public libraries. I learned of the drives here on the black and I so appreciated the chance to contribute with donations and DVDs. My attention was caught by the recent request the project received from the Trenton, NJ libraries. It's not 30 minutes down the road, but a lifetime away from our little town in terms of public resources, funding, and opportunity. zeitgeist and I would love to send a set of Firefly to help build their collection. We'll get in touch.

(And by-the-by, I could be wrong, but I believe this ginormous project was pretty much a one-woman show, orchestrated by a Whedonesque member. Thank you. You've done us proud.)

ETA: Crossed-posts, and see now that it was as I thought. One brave soul. The sadness noted above is, I'm sure, a testament to the warm/fuzzy feelings of good will around this effort. It's totally understandable that you're ready to wrap things up.

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Thanks, killinj! The Multimedia Project was a great idea, and your hard work was very appreciated. :-)
Bravo for this amazing effort, I was proud to contribute discs to my local library in Minneapolis in the name of sucha great project and I look forward to helping out the Trenton library to help the project go out with a bang. You've indeed done us all proud, killinj, thank you for your tireless efforts over the years.
killnj, it is a magnificiaent effort, and quite good of you, I do not know if I would have had that committment to do this by oneself for as long as you have.
I'm sorry to see the project ending - it's such a wonderful cause. Thanks for all your work killnj.
I just contacted my old hometown library (in Cookeville, TN) to fulfill their request. This is such a great project, and I'm sure it's brought joy to many, many people. Yay!
killinj, great thanks to you for your noble efforts. It takes a special kind of person to maintain their dedication to such a project for so long.
killinj, do you mind if I archive the website elsewhere on the interweb just before it closes?
Thanks Killinj, for all your hard work. I always thought this was a wonderfully multilayered fan project and had great respect for it.
Congratulations, killinj, on such a wonderful and successful project. It's too bad it couldn't continue, but I can understand how hard it must be to run this by yourself for so long.

On a related note, I was searching for something online this morning on our local public library system (21 branches) and thought I'd check to see if they had any copies of Serenity. They have five - and 74 requests! They also have 15 copies of Firefly and several copies of each of the BtVS and AtS seasons and most of them are out at any one time. I credit them with a good buying department - they also have S1 of Veronica Mars, although no modern BSG yet.
Oh, samatwitch... that's so cool to hear. I have to admit to spying on the BtVS DVDs that I donated to our county system, like a giant tool. I go to the website and check on them now and again. Lots of action! zeitgeist teases me that soon, I'll want to go visit them in person. :)
LOL, barest, you could knit them little covers so they don't get too worn out looking ;D. I have three loaner sets of Firefly and only one set is out right now so I feel as if I'm falling down on my conversion duties.
gossi, that's fine with me!
Update: I've been contacted by fans who've volunteered to provide the remaining DVDs to the Cookeville Public Library in Tennessee and the Santa Monica Public Library in California. In addition, fans are sending Firefly to the library in Trenton, NJ.

We've completed the donations to all the libraries on our waiting list! All the Serenity DVDs will be shipped out this weekend. We've reserved $35 to cover the packaging and shipping costs. All remaining funds will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

For those wishing to continue supporting public libraries, we encourage you to consider donating to the rebuilding of the New Orleans Public Library.
Hey, killinj, this brings a good ending to the whole project -- of which you should feel very proud.

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I emailed the Cookeville TN library but never heard anything back. Maybe someone had already fulfilled the request? If anyone hears from them that they still need something, let me know!

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