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October 11 2006

Into the Black trailer. Official trailer for the Fan-film "Into the black" as shown at V-Con.

Just wanted to say have been waiting for some clips from this set, that is totally wicked. They should host the video on Youtube, so it can save them some bandwidth. Im going to take a look at it now.

ETA: Saw the clip, quite good quality i must say for a fan video production. I am impressed. And there was some funny bits there.

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I wasn't expecting to, but I LOL'd. And want to watch the whole thing.
Edited title to add full stop.
They need to normalize the trailer, or whatever it's called when you make it so that you can hear the voices without the gunfire destroying your eardrums. I had to keep my hand on my speaker's volume dial.
Yeah, the trailer was thrown together hurridly to make the convention, so it isn't fully edited, and the effects need to be spruced up a bit. But hey, it ain't bad for short notice! exciting....i can't wait to see more.
Wow! Looks great! Congrats and best wishes to the cast and crew! :)

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