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October 11 2006

Joss and Brian K. Vaughan talk Runaways. Joss and Brian chat about how they started collaborating and give a brief idea of what's in store for the Runaways (spoilers for upcoming issues).

VAUGHAN: Itís really depressing because publicly you want the best for the book, but secretly you hope that someone terrible will take over because then everyone will miss you when youíre gone. Thatís why we got Joss, because after two issues everyone is going to be praying for my return.


I can't frakkin' wait.
Is there any chance we can get some Spoiler warnings on this and other Runaways posts? Really didn't want to know about the death mentioned in this interview, but alas, I now know who dies in season two :( Anyway, just a heads up for someone to hopefully add a spoiler tag!
those are the sweetest guys. oh, how much I love'em, not as much as Doug Petrie, but...

spoiler would be fine, because there are still no tpbs with this special story out, and some of us are depending on them...
Great interview. BKV and Joss are obviously good buddies. I love their interaction.
Bonus life! I got the hardcover collection of the first 18issues today. Amazing series. Really blew me away.

Is there any chance we can get some Spoiler warnings on this and other Runaways posts

If they've already happened, not really a spoiler anymore.
I've been reading and catching up with all the 'Runaways' backstory, and I'm very excited to see where Joss will go with it.
"first of all heís not killing them fast enough. 18 issues between deaths? I think that I can up that ante a little bit."
Oh yes, this is going to go well.
Simon, it is true that they are not really spoilers but many of us are just now reading the comics so some heads up is always useful. Fun interview. They didn't mention when Brian takes over Joss's kids though. When Joss starts writing? When his first one is published?
When Joss starts writing? When his first one is published?

Joss's first issue will be issue 25 and I think it will be out in March/April.
Brian K. Vaughan: "Iím in Los Angeles, and Iím doing a lot of sellout movie and TV stuff and I was like, 'Wow, Iím going to move out here because I want to have a career like Joss and I want to do exactly what Joss is doing.' And as soon as I move out here I find out that Joss wants to be doing what I just quit. I told him it was like a dumber version of 'Gift of the Magi.' Ē

Made me laugh...
I'm still on first "Runaways" trade, and possibly would have been better off not knowing of the fairly major plot point revealed in the link. I'm guessing quite a few Whedonites are going to be reading these books only now because of the news that Joss'll take over in 6 months.
... and in the process, said whedonites will discover that BKV is another great writer - albeit one who has focused on comic books (which is a shame - Y: The Last Man would make a GREAT TV series)
Wicked series. Really believeable characters. Just got the hardcover and started reading the first 18 numbers. Loved the unspoiled cover art. I assume those were the original covers.

And I, too, wished I hadn't read that major spoiler . . . sniff . . .
BKV is currently working on/has written a film script for both 'Y: The Last Man' and 'Ex Machina' (also excellent). He was originally a film geek.

Personally I don't think it's a shame he's a comics writer because his comics are brilliant and, a bit like adaptations of novels, I think most things suffer when transferred to other media (if Y had originally been a TV show that might have been different but then it's very unlikely Vaughan would have written it - he's not a TV writer - and so it wouldn't have been the same story or had the same great dialogue).

(read the first 'Runaways' hardback and liked it, probably waiting for the second hardback - if I have the patience ;) - then i'll get the singles for Joss' run)

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