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October 11 2006

Tony Head on that Ripper spin-off. He thinks that the BBC would still be interested in making it. That and more in this fab QuickTime interview.

That would be cool, but Ripper implies that the show would focus on Giles in his younger years.

I know that much can be done to make one look younger, but... really, isn't Anthony a little old to be playing a young rebel?

I can't wait until the second Doctor Who series comes out on DVD. Much Anthony Stewart Head goodness.
More than the Buffy Animated, more than a Faith or Spike-specific series, I've really wanted to see Ripper get made. After Angel, I believe it was the first spin-off talked about that was actually in the very early planning stages. And for years it was reported that it was probably gonna happen.

Though I'd trade a new Buffyverse spin-off or two for just that sixth and final season of Angel.

Hoban, the Ripper series has been talked about in the past (as early as Buffy's...fourth season? Can't remember exactly). It would be about Giles in the UK, more of a supernatural mystery/ghost story-type series, but it would definitely feature the present-day Giles. I guess the "Ripper" name implies stories about his youth, though he's still been called Ripper by the likes of Ethan Rayne and I think by Angel as a taunt once. It's not a past he can escape, so it'd still be an apt title for a Giles series.

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Yeah, "Next on BBC2 Rupert Giles!" wouldn't really draw much intrest.
Yeah, what Kris said. I don't think "Ripper" was ever meant to be about young Giles. (There's a Ripper in all of us...)
Joss give us Ripper!

I have been waiting for this since Season 4 of Buffy. I think Giles was the most interesting character on Buffy only because by the time Buffy ended there is still much you don't know about Giles. Not to say he was under developed, but Gile's past could be as interesting as Angel or Spikes century old pasts.
While Whedon has his hands full with some movies and comics, I'd love to see "Ripper" passed over to some of the "Angel" writing staff.
Considering what the BBC is making and showing these days, it doesn't seem that unlikely...
I'd love to see it happen, but only if the BBC did it right.

I'm worried that if the BBC make it, they'll turn it into some dumbed-down Saturday evening TV show that gets seemingly more & more aimed at a younger audience as it goes on because of parents complaining that its too scary for little kids (Kinda like what happened to Doctor Who throughout a good chunk of series 2). Though I doubt Joss & the legions of fan-boys/girls/puppets would let that happen.
RIPPER! Please BBC, work a miracle.
Ripper would make me chipper. As to youthcentricity, adopt Lost's damn-near-everything's-in-flashback structure and have Orlando Bloom play Young Ripper, Head Boy. On second thought, I wouldn't watch.

I want:

Ol' man Ripper, 'dat Ol' man Ripper,
He must know a spirit, but he never fear'it,
He just keep rollin' along.
That show would make me SO happy. There's an odd emptyness in my soul now that we have no Whedon shows at all on the air. What'd be super-great, assuming any part of this works out, is if the BBC did NOT pull a Doctor Who and show 'em in the US one season behind. Real Air Time Ripper, that's what I'm rooting for!
And Ethan would come to visit, too, right? Right?
You know that horse/water/LSD thing Joss was on about? Well, I made the LSD up. But I think this is probably one of that.

That said, the BBC have taken off with fantasy serial genre stuff a *lot* recently, and it's had really good ratings with it. 'Buffy' was a cornerstone of the Beeb's serial stuff back in the day. From a commericial point of view, I don't think it's that far fetched as a pitch. And I'm sure somebody like Alexis would be up for it, also. Lost Watchers, anybody?
Come on BBC make it! I hope we don't have to endure news like this to lift up hopes we've trained to keep down since the ending of Angel.

Doctor Who makes loads of money for them on dvd as well as tv, imagine the Ripper rights on dvd for BBC. Just make it, end our pain and suffering!
I would love a Ripper spin-off project of some sort.

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Sean, I don't think there's any possible way BBC would be able to get all the DVD profits. 20th Century Fox would definitely take a cut (if not most of the cut), even if Ripper was co-produced/financed by the two. So that might take away a bit from the incentive BBC would have to try and develop a Buffy spin-off.
Was the BBC responsible for Hex? I watched a few episodes then started to get a little bit sick in my mouth when I realized I'd gotten sucked into a really boring show. I hate it when I try to like something that isn't good (Fallen Angel man was sexy though).

I would love to see Ripper made. Hoban Washburne made this comment above:
That would be cool, but Ripper implies that the show would focus on Giles in his younger years.

Did any of you see a movie several years ago based on Graham Swift's novel, Last Orders? Not only is it a marvelous film but they found a young man to play the young version of Michael Caine's character, who was almost the image of him when he did Alfie (almost frighteningly similar). So there could ostensibly be flashbacks if they found a 20-ish actor to play young Ripper.

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If there's one thing Angel taught me, it's that all you need is Tim Minear.

Let's ask him to run it!
Tonya J, they couldn't get Jude Law? Actually, I'd take old Tony Head--or Michael Caine--over anyone younger and just ramp up my suspension of disbelief adjustment knob.
Ripper! Yes!!!

Tonya J, great idea regarding young/not as young Giles. Now that I would like to see!
I would also love to see ASH reprise the role of Giles. As we know from BTVS, Ripper was a force to be reckoned with.
Unlike the view of others, I would only be interested if Mr. Whedon pulled this together. Where the other writers are good, Joss is grand.

Maybe one day Joss will hear the fan call outs and give us a Buffy movie and bring back Ripper that way. Wouldn't that be awesome? All those pretty faces in one movie.
I'd love to see Olivia make a reappearance... wonder what happened with all that. I chose that character for my Halloween costume a few years back (only 2 black female characters to choose from, and her robe was comfy), it would be awesome to see him interacting with other adults for a change!

Now if this turns into "Slayerettes Gone Wild!" with Giles as the world-weary chaperone, count me out.
I would also love for this to finally happen! I was so excited about this when it was first being talked about. I think ASH is a tremendous actor and when Giles went all Ripper on someone he was even more tremendous! I'll never forget the Halloween episode when our, mild, bookish favorite librarian took off his glasses and kicked Ethan's ass! Whoa!! I was like, "What the hell just happened there!?" and wanted to see more of that bad ass Giles.
It was also delicious when he threatened Snider with what would happen if he didn't allow Buffy back into the school.
Was the BBC responsible for Hex?

Sky One was responsible for it.
This would always be top of my wish-list of Joss continuing any Buffyverse, personally. And yes, let's have Wes pop in (if the timeline works). I'd love it if the BBC got the idea going again.

Not watched the interview, by the way - no broadband - so I'm just commenting on the little text on the link and people's comment here: how much of a real prospect did it sound - or was it just journos with their questions?
UnderTheDark, besides Olivia--did you see the movie in which the incrediby hot Phina Oruche played a vampire?--for future Halloweens there's also:

Kendra the Vampire Slayer (deceased), Nikki Wood the Vampire Slayer (deceased), and the First Slayer (the Primitive, also deceased). For pictured non-black slayers there is Buffy, Faith, and the Boxer Rebellion slayer whose name escapes me. Am I forgetting any slayers?

Then there's non-slayers Lissa (played by Ashanti), the demon who wanted Xander in First Date, and Gunn's cuter-than-any-button-I-ever-saw sister Alonna, played by my future wife Michele Kelly--hey, a boy can dream.

Abut 4 a.m. where I am, s I must tddle ff, I can't seem t find the "" key. Gd night all.

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0h! I f0und the "0" key. Yeah me! Damn, that's the zer0 key...
A BBC produced show with Giles would be great. If I remember this correctly Joss wanted to do something kin to BBC murder/mystery format, i other words 4-6 episodes clocking in at 1,5 hours (Inspector Lynely, Midsummer Murders, Wire in the know the drill) and BBC was kind of negative as they were hoping for something more along the lines of a US show format. BBC has be good at the latter lately with Spooks/MI5, Hustle as all those shows has been sold all over the world.

BBC America announced last week or so that they are expanding in the US and are looking to co-produce shows. Why not have BBC America co-produce in the same way A&E co-produces Spooks, WGBH co-produces Inspector Lynely and AMC co-produces Hustle???

Imagin Wire in The Blood but with a Joss spinn??? Such a Giles-centric show would be very good.
Anything with Joss and ASH's involvement would be to die for.
From what I remember it was to be more supernatural than something like 'Wire in the Blood'. I think it was actually partly replaced/scuppered by a show called 'Strange' which had a defrocked vicar, John Strange (played by Richard Coyle - Jeff from 'Coupling' UK) solving supernatural whodunnits. The Beeb mismanaged the show and initially reasonable viewing figures fell and I think it maybe soured them on the superficially similar 'Ripper' idea.

(in fairness 'Strange' also had some clunky writing, acting and, at points, laughable effects. Family shows can stand bad effects since fun is the aim but I think it's harder for an adult show which is going for a darker, more ambiguous feel to live them down - which, incidentally, makes me worry about 'Torchwood'. The trailer didn't exactly inspire in that regard though I guess we'll know in 10 days or so)
Saje, I had the same thoughts about the Torchwood trailer.
I've never seen Strange, though I love Richard Coyle and I am cautiously optimistic about Torchwood as it happens, though I think RTD and crew are getting stretches awfully thin. Is Strange worth tracking down? I had intended to.
What is Torchwood??

By the way I think that if Joss & BBC got together with Kudos, the production house who does Hustle, Spooks and Life on Mars a Giles/Ripper show could turn out very interesting. Why, well Hustle & LoM can balance drama, mystery and humor in a very nice way.
Torchwood, Everwood, Deadwood, Woody Woodpecker: wood someone tell me what's up with all the darn wood shows? I thought this was television, not woodshop. At least Woody Harrelson never got an eponymous sitcom.
We've got wood ! in a lot of programme names at the moment.

Jonas, 'Torchwood' is a spin-off show from Doctor Who based around the eponymous organisation first founded by Queen Victoria to protect Britain (and presumably everyone else) from otherworldly threats. It's aimed at a more adult audience with darker plots and supposedly more believably evil baddies etc.

zeitgeist, 'Strange' had a definite vibe and at least two outstanding performances from the great Ian Richardson and the not-as-great-but-getting-there Richard Coyle but some of the others didn't do quite as good a job and some of the lines were a bit hoaky/clunky. I'd say it's a 'bitsa' show. Good bits, not so good bits, unintentionally hilarious bits but probably worth checking out if you're a Coyle fan (especially if you get the chance for, err, free ;).
jlv, you are giving me splinters. :)
Torchwood producer describes Torchwood (and I quote): "More Serenity, less Star Wars".
As a bonus, Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who :)

Saje - I'll endeavour to check it out for free :)
jlv - stop splintering your wood! Er... stop splintering people with your wood... er... give up/giving up!
Of all the ideas for Whedonverse spin-offs Ripper is my favourite. With the BBC quality (strange people see the BBC as a bad thing. I've always seen it as something really good), ASH and the Giles character it would be great. And I love the possibilty of including Alexis. If he's up for it, give Wesley a part, even if it won't fit very well in the story, it doesn't matter if we get Wes back. I'm afraid it won't happen, but it's good to hear atleast Tony is still up for it.

And about the rest of the interview. Do other people here like Little Britian too? I think it's great. ASH bit is funny, the Vicky Pollard bit is briliant, the mental institute bit always is good, the bit in the shop where the man comes in with very specific wishes and the owner shouts Margaret! upstairs and the Andy and Lou bits, et cetera, they're all funny. It's really a great series.
Saje, Ah, OK I am on board now. I recently saw that Dr. Who episode with Queen Victoria and the werewolf. That spinn-off show sounds interesting. When is Torchwood out in the UK?? (I am from Sweden and currently living in the US but I have lived in Middlesex, UK...just to clearify things...)
Willowy, dear, you should ensure you have protection before handling some posts.

gossi, I like that quote. So did Victoria really form Torchwood, and did the creator of Doctor Who find the anagram first or later? Remember you're dealing with an ignorant American who has never been interested in royalty he couldn't push his way into.
To the Groosalugg - Little Britian is metal, yet very funny. I really enjoy that show! A friend said there was a Buffy reference in one episode...but I have never seen THAT episode myself.
I, too, enjoy Little Britain. Yeah, but, no, but, yeah! All of the best Buffy refs for my money took place in the classic (for my money) series Spaced, especially the one where Tim is praying and then they reveal that he was praying to his Buffy poster.

Jonas - Yeah that clears it up ;)

jlv - The Queen Victoria character on the show created it on the show (the show being Doctor Who). Torchwood is not so much real... or is it?!
The name Torchwood was used as the fake name for the 1st series of the new Doctor Who while filming the early episodes to keep what they were a secret. The name was then subsequently used in the series.
Torchwood is not so much real

That's just what "they" want you to think zeitgeist. Have we been attacked by any otherworldly threats recently ? Hmm ? Well then, what more proof of its existence do you need ? QED. ;).

Quite like 'Little Britain' though I think it's coming to the end of its life for me. I don't think that kind of catchphrase comedy has the same longevity as something like 'Spaced' for instance.

(BTW, is it totally uncut in the US ? So you still have the 'only gay in the village' and so on ?)

Jonas, 'Torchwood' starts on October 22nd over here (at 10pm, well past the 'watershed' for adult viewing so, for those in the know, Captain Jack may be given his, err, head. So to speak ;). Still hopeful that it's just a badly put together trailer).
Saje, you don't find it a little beneath you to keep picking on trailer trash?

Every time I see the phrase "Wire in the Blood" I visualize the test in John Carpenter's remake of The Thing.
I keep digging in an attempt to find something beneath me. Just passed China, still looking ;).

It's a lot like 'The Thing' jlv but where that only featured horrible deaths at the hands of an unstoppable alien entity, 'Wire in the Blood' has Robson Green *shudders*.
Torchwood starts this month, Jonas.
I was thinking a lot about the future of the Buffyverse and when it comes down to it, yes I would love a Faith series and yes I would adore a Spike movie, but when it comes down to it 'Ripper' just totally tops the bill for me. I guess the only thing I think would be equally fascinating is to find out Oz's story in mid-Season Four of BTVS.

For me, Ripper would just hurtle the series in a new direction, stylistically and thematically. It would be a new world, a new culture and new characters, yet at the heart of it, it would still be the Buffyverse. As many posters have said, Giles is a popular character that we've emotionally grown with, yet has a past that we know almost nothing about and although we've only got hints of it in such episodes as "The Dark Age" you can tell theres an incredibly rich story there that would be great to watch. And the good thing with it being a BBC drama is that you can let the story just unravel so very slowly and tantalisingly. Gah! Just thinking about the possibilities makes me shudder with happiness.

What I love about this is that potentially there is already a third of this series written. Joss has already authored the two-part pilot, which I'm guessing has set up the characters and at least some of the arcs. And so many of the writers are eager to return to the Buffyverse. This is why I still hold out hope that this project may one day come to light, even if its just for one 6 or 7 part series. Now I've got all nostalgic!
After seeing the Queen Victoria ep of Doctor Who last Friday on Sci-Fi Channel in the US, we're really looking forward to seeing Torchwood! Any idea what the plans are for showing it in the States?
billz - The only showings planned in the States for Torchwood that I know of so far are the ones in mine & barest's living room ;) Thanks for the reminder, Paul, you rock! I had forgotten about it being the pre-prod/early prod name for the new series. As far as Little Britain I first watched it on BBCA and it didn't seem censored, have the first series on DVD and it seemed the same rewatching it. They aren't censor happy on channels you need higher tier cable or satellite services to get. The first (of many) times I watched Coupling was on BBCA as well. Mmm, Spaced...
I guess the only thing I think would be equally fascinating is to find out Oz's story in mid-Season Four of BTVS.

You maybe interested in checking out Golden's novel, Oz: Into the Wild
gossi & sarje - Itis nice to hear that Torchwood is starting this month!

I honestly think it will show up soon here in the US. The first "new" Dr. Who series did very well on Sci-Fi and they just started series 2. (BBC America is running series one now as well.) I think there is a larg chance that Torchwood will show up on Sci-Fi OR BBC America. BBC Americais acctually one of the fastest growing cabel channels here and fairly new BBC shows are nmaking it surprisingly fast over here. Saxondale is starting tomorrow and teh new Cracker is on in a week or too.
Christopher Goldens novel was what made me really interested in what could happen. Its just ever so good

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