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October 11 2006

Nathan Fillion confirmed for Slither Q&A in Los Angeles. James Gunn's MySpace blog gives more details about the Slither screening and then gives you a big piece of his mind about other schtuff ...

Could somebody please please please go to this and take pictures etc of Nathan? I hate living on the East Coast! (I can beg more if needed!)
I wish James Gunn had a talk show or podcast. Very funny man.
I edited the subject line to make it more relevant for the front page.
twaddle1, I'm sure more than a few fans will be there taking pictures etc. Let's face it, James will probably blog all about it.
Jetlag pending, I plan to go to this. Now to find out when the Veronica Mars encore is on.
I'm afraid I just don't get the humour of swearing every other sentence. But once I get past that, an enjoyable blog.
hmmmm, Lioness, I guess I have a more uh immature humour, because I find it hi-larious, in the low brow kind of way.
For me, Mr. Gunn's humor isn't in his swearing anyway (I think that's just the way he talks), it's in the content. Although he does like joking about his actors in a very, er, extreme way, doesn't he? I like to read James's opinions about TV and movies, too. :-)
That YouTube clip is hi-larious, gossi! :-)

Hey, jlv! I left you a post on the Nathan Fillion in Hawaii thread that just fell off the front page -- the one with the weasel joke -- go check it out! /personal communications ;-)
Thanks, billz. Originally in the weasel joke the weasel was named billz, so at the end you'd be calling me a pr*ck, but I wasn't sure you talked that way, and didn't want to further transgress, so I changed his name to Tommy. Sorry the joke was just strangely unhumorous, but at least I tried. Herr zeitgeist set a "tall task" for someone who was kicked out of school in the fifth grade for unseeemly shenanigans with the previously mentioned Ms. Bianchi. At least she avoided prison time for degrading me. Nowadays she and her and husband, who is an 11 year old from Stalingrad, raise llamas in the Andes and learn dead languages in the hope Mel Gibson will cast them in his next film. She tried to get on Dateline, but wasn't pretty enough to profit from her missdeeds. And I'm just making up everything after "tall task".
I'm just making up everything

Just as it ought to be, jlv, just as it ought to be. ;-)

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