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"Phil? His first name is Agent."
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October 11 2006

Boreanaz Poses for Bones Season 1 (R1) DVD Cover.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-10-12 02:31 ]

That man is fine.
Yep, Boreanaz looks damn good in business-wear. One of the treats Angel Season 5 gave us.
David looks good in about ALL wear. Casual, business, leather....he is one hot man.
I rather enjoy listening to you fine ladies objectifying David. Were I gay I'd probably be objectifying him too. Don't he and Emily make an attractive couple? Carry on.
Hello Salty Goodness!! Yes, he's one fine looking man and yes they do indeed make a fine looking couple. Bones is a fun show and they have great chemistry together. Last week's episode was especially a hoot with the dwarf on the show and all of Temperance's comments to him!
Yummy DB.

Emily who?
Ok, that's it. I've decided that Bones is the next show I'll netflix...when I'm finished with Grey's Anatomy. I've heard Bones is quirky, so I'm intrigued. I've seen a few episodes and the acting is good. I agree, Emily and David make a gorgeous couple.
He looks great. Not a big fan of him in suits, but bring on the jeans and t-shirts anyday!

ED looks very nice to.

I really do adore this show!
Firefly Flanatic, I haven't seen that episode yet. Was the dwarf interacting with Temperance played by the same little guy who flirted with Buffy in The Puppet Show?
Nope, this guy was the creature in the cave with Fred after she discovered what Jasmine really was on Angel and was on the run.
RavenU, I love the finger-food demon. I'm afraid my comment above was another whole-hearted but half-witted attempt at humor--the little guy who flirted with my beloved Buffy was the puppet/demon hunter who actually was wooden, sorta like my jokes.

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