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October 12 2006

Fox has picked up three additional scripts from "Standoff". As reported earlier Tim Minear has also recently come aboard this show.

Looks Like this show may be getting a lift on Tim's back. That I hope, can only mean good things for "Drive".

I am glad they are also giving Justice a chance. I really Like Kerr Smith.

Yay Gina and Tim! :-)
Hmm, still piece-meal. Not hopeful (but then, i'm like that ;).

If it stays on and ends up half the procedural that 'The Inside' was we're in for a treat.
I have to admit, the first thing I thought when I saw "3 eps" was the way they added 1 or 2 scripts at a time for Firefly, which, not so good for Standoff's future. OTOH, I don't know if Tim has had a chance to film any of his eps yet, maybe Fox is just being cautious and showing him a little faith before they commit more. And it was very promising to see that Fox has created a website for Drive (thanks, QuoterGal). :-)
Billz, that website was put up mid July - something I found out only after linking it on the Drive blog. It seems all Fox's pilots had a site there and now only the shows that are up for midseason status have sites. So all it means is that Drive isn't dead, nothing more.
maybe Fox is just being cautious and showing him a little faith before they commit more.

Won't work, billz. Tim's well aware Faith will never do nudity under penalty of a whuppin' from her Grandma.
jlv - plus Tim would never objectify Faith like that :)
Well, jlv and z, at least this won't turn into a "Faith Goes Commando" thread, then. ;-)

(Plus, thanks, Jackal, for setting the record straight.)
billz, I just checked a Buffy appreciation site that posted Mercedes' pics. They've been "visited" over 18,000 times.
How many visitors do you suppose Faith would get?

BTW, billz, you have "z" so intensely blue he looks like I--or maybe you, Mr. Goody two-shoes--ticked him off. At least on my monitor.
:) The hex code for 'mod blue' is #3366cc
"Eliza Dushku Denies Rumour She's Joined the Commandoes"

"Shares in Mercedes (Benz) Sky-rocket After Internet Mis-understanding"

"Is the Current Zeitgeist Blue Enough ? An Examination of Depression in our Times"
How many visitors do you suppose Faith would get?

I was checking to see if my computer has the symbol for infinity, but no such luck. ;-)

Yes, poor z-man, I did notice that the blue in that earlier post went past "mod" blue to "wrath of gods" blue. Thanks for the correct color info, dude! ;-)

And I want a subscription to the crappy tabloid Saje is writing headlines for! ;-)

Good gods, it's a triple ;-) post. Alert the media, Saje! *struggles mightily to avoid ending this paragraph with yet another ;-)*

"Blog Poster Enters ;-) Rehab Program; Swears He'll Get Off the Emoticons"

ETA: I? A goody-two-shoes? My very naughty shoes resent that, jlv! *must.not.add.emoticon.*

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