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October 12 2006

Buffy and Angel complete series R2 DVD box sets reissued for Halloween. This'll be the second time that the "limited" Buffy collectors edition has been re-released in the UK. Still no word on whether the Angel boxset will ever get released in the States.

And no word on whether the Buffy R2 collectors edition will have the special disc that the R1 set got but it looks highly unlikely.

I really do wish they'd release the Angel box stateside.
The R2 Buffy set which was released last year (and which I bought) wasn't identified as a "limited" or "collector's" edition. It had a simpler box than the first R2 set (released two years ago) and didn't have a serial number or the letter from Joss Whedon.

Similarly, I expect the new Angel release will be in a simpler box with no serial number or letter. Various etailers are advertising it with a picture of last year's limited edition box, but they did the same with Buffy last year, presumably becuase no pictures of the new box were available.
Yeah, okay... there's going to be a revolution soon if we greedy Americans don't get us an Angel boxset. I'm serious. Columns of smoke miles high, blood flowing in the streets...

I just visited the Fox site, and their October release schedule links to a page which shows a picture of the limited edition Angel set. Also the URL of the page says "limited":
However, there's no mention of "limited" or "collector's" in the text of the page, so I still expect this release to be more consitent with the Buffy unlimited set:
Iíll sign up for that revolution, Haunt!
Got the Angel set and it is, frankly, brilliant. Seldom have I seen a finer example of the boxed set genre. It's like a paragon of boxed-settedness, king of the hill, top of the heap, A number 1. If they'd thought to, they'd probably have named it twice, that's how good it is.

(hey, at least you guys get the extra disc in the Buffy set. And I bet it doesn't cost $335 dollars over there either. Much penny saving required)
Saje, for a limited time only, for the sake of our dear friend dreamlogic, I thought we'd all agreed all musical references would be to tunes primarily associated with black artists. See Paul Robeson shout-out in one of the threads--"Ol' man Ripper". Love Frank, but really, does he qualify?

And Pointy, wherevever I may find you, "Contusion" is a rip-roaring Stevie Wonder instrumental track.

And I want that Angel R1 box set.
You're a lucky, lucky fan, Saje. But sadly you're not making the pain any easier to deal with over on this side of the pond. :(
I'm so glad I've already purchased every season of Buffy and Angel, because I don't need to consider the vast expense of buying more copies. There is something nice about having every season in a single, compact box, but I think on the whole I prefer the "Watcher's Diary" style packaging that we got with the original R2 releases (aside from season one of Buffy).

One thing I am holding out for is the Farscape boxset. I can remember watching it a few years ago, although I never watched it with the same regularity with which I would follow Buffy or Angel. As a result I missed a lot of episodes and never really enjoyed it to the same extent. However they seemed to have released each season in parts, and then whole season sets, and there was a whole series one too. But back when the Buffy sets were first released, when DVD was still quite young, the RRP was about £80 and I considered £60 a good deal. By the time the final seasons were being released it was more like £50 and you could easily find them for around £35 or £40.

Now I have noticed that Amazon is listing the Farscape complete series boxset with the miniseries too, however at almost £200 it's not something that I can reasonably afford, particularly as I never really got invested in it so I might buy it only to discover that it's not as good as I remembered, and have wasted my money on it.

Say what you like about the endless reissues of the Buffy and Angel sets, at least they offer a relatively inexpensive way for people to take a chance on them and maybe discover something they really love, at least compared to those of us who bought each season separately.

However with Farscape the single season sets have always remained around that high £80 band, and the series boxset seems to be slightly more affordable but still kind of unreasonable. I mean they are going to sell this Buffy boxset for around the same price, when it consists of seven seasons, whereas Farscape was only four plus a miniseries. And I'm sure that we will see the Buffy set at a cheaper price before too long. I'm guessing maybe with Farscape they don't anticipate the same demand and have thus decided to keep the price of the sets consistently high?
But sadly you're not making the pain any easier to deal with over on this side of the pond

Oops, certainly didn't intend to make any Yanks insanely jealous or anything. Much. ;-)

(leetle bit o' payback for getting pretty much every film and TV show months to years before we do ;)

Razor you could be right about the Farscape sets but I for one would buy them like a shot at say £100 for the 4 seasons + (got the mini-series already but it'd be a bonus to have it all together). As it stands, I won't buy them on principle (at one point with a bit of shopping around I could've got Buffy and Angel for the price of Farscape so 12 seasons for the same cost as 4 - that's just taking the piss, IMO).

ETA - oops, didn't get the memo jlv ;). Who's Bad ? I'm bad. Thought I might have heard it on the grapevine but it must've been too loud up on the roof. In, err, Spanish Harlem. Boy, do I need to wake up.

(contrived, contriveder, contrivedest ;)

[ edited by Saje on 2006-10-12 21:33 ]
Haunt: YES. Sign me up.

Honestly, what the heck are They thinking? Just give us the gorram R1 box set and maybe we'll stop whining! At least long enough to watch it, anyway.

RAWR from all quarters. now has the Buffy and Angel R2 individual seasons for £14.45 each. At this rate there'll be giving them away soon!
I completely agree, Saje, I would be willing to pay maybe £100 for the four seasons because it is a reasonable price, but it's almost twice that amount and completely out of line with almost every other TV show DVD out there. For older seasons anything more than about £30 is ridiculous, when you consider that you many new sets from last season can be bought at between £30 and £40, so the fact that the Farscape sets are still so highly priced is a real deterrent.

Who knows, maybe they will put the series boxset on sale, and in that case I might pick it up, but otherwise it's far too much for a casual purchase.

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