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October 12 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on The CW - Amber Benson guests in Supernatural. And in two weeks time, there's an episode penned by Ben Edlund. So it's all good really.

Apparently Ben is a consultant on the show.

Simon, thanks for the reminder. Any and all opportunities to bathe in the aura surrounding Amber must be taken advantage of. And Ben just makes it better. But his bathing will be in a different location, just so we're clear.
A different location to yours and Amber's? Or a different location to yours AND to Amber's? Subtle distinction, sure, but one option puts you and Amber in the same location, the other puts you and Amber in a different location (in addition to both putting Ben and his goatee elsewhere).
You're saying Ben is Glory?
I wasn't saying it, but I was sure as hell implying it :)
I'm thrilled to be seeing Amber on television again. I sure hope her role is better than the one Amy Acker got in the first season. I remember the first time Sam and Dean (when they were still naive) encountered vampires and Dean uttered a line I've used in a tagline elsewhere, "Vampires. Every time I hear that word I laugh." Of course now he has no illusions they don't exist.
I am really starting to like this show.

But then what is there not to like about Jensen Ackles. And Amber guest that is must see t.v.
Which one is Jensen Ackles--they both look alike to me (duh, brothers)--and why does 'is name raise me 'ackles? What is a hackle, anyway? And does everybody have them?

zeitgeist, directives in order of importance:

1. Ben is in a different location.
2. Amber and I are in the same location--unless the thought creeps out anyone but her and her boyfriend.
3. Amber is in another location from me, but not with that damn hack Ben
4. Amber is in the same location as Glory. Ok, this ones moving up the list.
What was wrong with the Amy Acker episode? I enjoyed it, but then I've always enjoyed this show. Ben is Glory, ha! I loved that episode, makes me smile....
Jensen Ackles is Dean.

LOL. Stop confusing the rest of us. It's not friday yet.
There was nothing wrong per se, with the episode Amy appeared in but that same Amy spark just wasn't there for me in that role. That was the first thing I'd seen her do since Angel and maybe I wasn't prepared with a mindset change (Okay, it's not Fred, it's not Fred, I can deal) at that point.
And next week, Summer Glau!
Always a thrill to see Amber. Wonderful actress.
And next week, Summer Glau!

They aren't trying to woo Joss's fans, are they?

There's something seriously wrong with me. I used the word "woo."
They aren't trying to woo Joss's fans, are they?

Yes. Supernatural is the new Bones which was the old Veronica Mars in terms of wooing.
Do you think they can woo James Marsters? Please??
Nebula1400, I heard the Summer episode is being directed by John Woo, which would explain your wooziness.
Woo -- hoo!

And I kinda think this might mean Ben is Amber. Weird. ;-)
Supernatural is a terrific show. I hope people who tune in to see Amber stick around for the series.

I got the season one DVDs and one of the extras was a panel discussion at the radio and television museum (I think at least one of the BtVS DVDS had a similar one) where I learned that several of the writers, directors and producers had previously worked on X-Files, which for me is a real plus. The pilot episode in particular was DAMN creepy! They film the series up in Vancouver, so I'm hoping besides the CSM (who appeared in "Scarecrow") we'll see other X-Files guest stars show up.

And more Whedonverse guests, too! Seeing Amy Acker last season was nice.
At least Ben's not Blue. Or Woo.

If they woo James Marsters, how much you wanna bet they'll make him a vampire?

Yes. Supernatural is the new Bones which was the old Veronica Mars in terms of wooing.

And "Lost" is the biggest wooer of them all. As it turns out, the entire crew of Serenity lives somewhere on the island. They're the other Others.
Hey, our crew deserves a nice tropical island, even one with polar bears and smoke monsters! And at last Wash's Hawaiian shirts will be appropriate. ;-)
I thought Smallville has first dibs on Marsters, but I will be looking in over the next two weeks. If he does show up on Supernatural, I am sure he'll be in the daylight.
And where exactly is the Serenity crew on the Lost island anyway. I'd rather see them than the Others, who enjoy bullying the Lostaways for no reason at all (except maybe to eventually execute them four weeks from now). No wonder "Criminal Minds" beat it in the ratings last night.
I do love Supernatural. I'm watching the first season as we speak.
billz, that Hawaiian shirt joke deserves a drum roll. Unfortunately, not only can I not play drums, I can't even play them on the keyboard. As a token of respect, I hope two backspaces will suffi
Just watched so I could see Amber but the blood, gore and guts does nothing for me. I'll watch next week to see Summer but that will be it for me and the show.
I really enjoy Supernatural and tonight's epi was great. AB was fantastic as a vampire.
Just been wooed and ready to be wooed some more, especially if they're going to do it so intelligently. Juicy moral complexities : good in demons, evil in demon fighters, the danger of turning yourself into the enemy you believe you're fighting, the risks you run by refusing to be the enemy your enemies mistake you for. The show may be taking a Jossy turn.

ETA recognition of the nice touch of having a demon-hunter from one show play a demon in another.

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OK. This is stupid, but can somebody please tell me how it ended? I still use a VCR (Thursday is the new night for conflicting TV-viewing loyalties), and for some reason, it stopped taping before the last act of the episode. You can email me off list if you would prefer. Thanks.
Nebula1400, did your VCR stop around the act that started around 9:43:55 or the little act at 9:54:35?

ETA: Here's the little act at the end, the one that started around 9:55:

[ edited by Pointy on 2006-10-13 05:51 ]
I really did like this episode and I thought it was well-written. It's not as action-oriented as most of their episodes but I think it dealt well with a continuing story line . Amber's character was great and she did a fine job being incredibly sympathetic. Also, the fangs on those vampires are so much scarier than they ever were on Buffy. :shudder:
The Supernatural vamps remind me of the images in 30 Days of eyes, lots of needle sharp teeth.

Amber looked lovely with dark hair, didn't she? I hope Lenore shows up again some day.
jlv, thanks for having my back(space). ;-)
Thank you, Pointy. That's the part that got cut off.
Good. Cuz I went to bed.
I mean, you're welcome!

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James masters on Supernatural NOW!!
Hey it's Eric Brady, I mean Jeson Ackles. And isn't it weird that GG's Dean isn't Dean on Supernatural? He'll alway be Dean to me:)

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