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October 12 2006

Woah! Xander does have bite! (30 second promo). This seems to be an ad for "Barqs" starring Brendon as Xander. I'm guessing this promo was shown in Season 4 (2000-2001). Came across this little gem through Buffy promos page.

Nice find! Haha, never saw that one.
I found the 2nd Barq's promo a few days ago. Anyone know if there were any more than these 2 for this campaign?
I never saw that and I never knew it even existed. Great.

And thanks for yours, paxomen
Time for one of the ladies to say: "I hope Nicky barqs up my tree".
I hope Nicky barqs up my tree.

Happy, jlv?
I love Barq's! That's a funny commercial.

ETA: Funny how watching those commercials made me crave a Barq's rootbeer. Mmmm. I like Barq's because it's spicy and makes all the other sodas bland in comparison.

And now I can't wait for Halloween!

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Lioness, your posts always make me happy. I miss Buffy, though. Do you?
Never saw these before -- thanks for the post!
I wonder who filmed that, a Joss Whedon directed commercial?

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