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October 12 2006

Guy Builds Serenity's Mule from Scratch. I got the heads up from a friend. Model builder Brian Thewlis, built a replica of Serenity's (the movie) ATV Mule from scratch and describes how he did it. All you modeling freaks get your learn on.

That is beautiful craftstmanship.
Such attention to detail. Wow.

It just occured to me...the Mule is Serenity's version of the Land Speeder from Star Wars...
I laughed out loud at Sarah's response to a Buffy feature. Please Joss, don't make us wait until Buffy is beating back the bad with a cane to give us more of our tiny blonde hero.
It's nice to see that she is open to it now that the series has ended. Joss may get to make that Buffy movie afterall. :)
Errr Cheryl I think you may have the wrong thread :p
That is sweet. It would take me a month, and wouldn't look nearly as good.

Cheryl, is it possible you posted in the wrong thread?
Mr. Thewlis *rocks*! ;-)
Wow, that's a work of art. From scratch ? Amazing.
Well, he built the basic frame himself, but supplemented some things from model kits.

But saying it's not from scratch is like saying that unless you grow and grind your own wheat when you make your bread, then your bread is not from scratch.

What I mean is, yeah, it's from scratch. Awesome.
gobluegirl, excellent analogy. I have a welt that's from scratch, and even that started as an insect bite.
I know someone who made his own individual mill to grind wheat - talk about making bread from scratch!

What a great job this guy did with the mule - definitely a labour of love.

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