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October 12 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz blogs about Bones. Over on the FOX website David has a newly updated blog. Maybe minor spoilers for future episodes.

Great to see that he keeps up with the "Bones" forum. The show has just gotten better and better. I thought it was funny that he was concerned about the fan's reaction to his being with Cam and Rebecca. I love that the show has quirky characters. I can't wait for the hiatus to be over soon.

Love that he reads the forums and is so excited about every part of this show. I am so happy about how the ratings are on the upswing. I just adore how he talks about him and ED and Booth and Bones relationships. I agree about Bones being his nearest and dearest. I can wait a long time and enjoy the ride to get there.

I too love that he was concerned about what fans that thought. It is great that he cares that much.

I also love how he is so normal. Losing his memory card and playing fantasy football, sounds just like stuff I do.
"Aliens on a Spaceship"? Directed by and starring Mulder?

That's either going to be the worst idea ever, or fantastically nuts.
David Duchovny will be directing the Aliens episode, but he won't be a guest star in that episode. DB said Duchovny might appear in another episode. Both ways sound like great fun.
I would love to see Jonathon Frakes direct an ep. And can't wait for David to try his hand again.
Finally a thread I didn't kill....Oh wait...
Hee. DB's so adorkable! I wonder what his socks looked like?

But I do hope they never actually realize the UST between he and Bones. I don't think that would be a good thing for the show.
I agree anindoorkitty it would be the end of the show if they hooked them up for sure, better they keep the sexual tension going and let Booth get into more and more trouble with his ladies!

And yes, what a dork DB is, but a totally gorgeous one to be sure.

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