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April 20 2003

Pictures of 18/4 Buffy wrap up party. (Only thumbnails are viewable without reg.)

Notice conspicuous absentee.

tut tut SMG

Yay 4 Seth and Amber! and MT is looking great!
I'm a bit out of the gossip loop here, why exactly didn't SMG show for the wrap-up party?
Amber's face is looking very chiselled, isn't it? She is all angles and hollow cheeks, very un-Tara-like. It's odd.
These WireImage people should really be more on the ball if they expect people to pay money; misidentifications, misspellings galore. That guy listed as "David GreenwalD" is most definitely not David GreenwalT. I dunno who he is, but it ain't Greenwalt. And "Emma Caulfiled"?

(And let me just second that MT compliment; yowza)
I'm pretty sure that the guy listed as "David Greenwald" is in fact Drew Goddard.
Cool pics, nice to see all the old gang back together :).

And at least, we have one lead from a Joss Whedon show turning up.
I wouldn't read too much into SMG not showing up as I think that Scooby Doo 2 started filming immeadiatly after S7 wrapped. Then again, being a no show at the wrap party a couple of days after your husband takes a shot at the show could lead to questions.

By the way, I think that if your going to make statements like Mr. Prinze then you should at least name names rather than tarring everyone with vague accusations, but that's just me.
This does add speculation to the rumors that Sarah was having trouble behind-the-scenes, as she didn't show for a special thing the show held for the press recently, where all cast members but Sarah were present.

I was disappointed to see that Sarah was not at the wrap party. But it may have been a work thing and Sarah has always been dedicated to her work.

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Wow! Amber looks lovely; Michelle too! ASH and his daughters, aren't they cute? Oh, and the photos of Aly and Alexis remind me of college party 'snaps'. They both look so happy and carefree! :D Loved seeing the pics, sorry no SMG, but didn't she have to hit the set of SD2 as soon as BtVS wrapped? I thought I read that somewhere---doesn't help the speculation any, but I don't believe it was a personal slap in the face on her part.

Also, love the ones of Joss! :D

ps: No Eliza??? hmmmm

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I'm surprised to see that even Seth Green showed up. Now if only he had made time to return to the show for one last episode, I would have been thrilled. Sorry to see that SMG isn't there, but I'm not going to speculate on the reasons behind it. Even if there is behind the scenes drama, at least it doesn't show on the series.
I like how all the James Marsters pictures make him look like a disembodied head. Booyah.
*Sigh* I hope Amber's not on her way to becoming a lollipop.

Echoing others, it's nice to see Seth Green there, and Nathan Fillion! No David Boreanaz, though, nor anyone else from Angel other than Alexis, at least from what we can gather from these pictures.
Not wanting to start any blasphemous rumors of course, but what if SMG really hates All Things Buffy? Is the fanbase ready to listen to rants and fights and destructive stories a la Charmed or 90210?
From what I've read about Sarah, she seems really nice and professional. She just might not be as attached to the show as others are, maybe to her it's just a regular paycheck. I imagine that there are a lot of actors in TV land who are like that.

She did come over really well in the MTV "meet the fan" thing.

But has anyone considered that a farewell party may have been too emotional for some of the past and present cast?
of course, Simon, you have more than likely hit the nail on the head. I'm sure it was emotional for many of the cast and former cast members.

Glad to see Nathan Fillion showed up. ;) Anyone seen the banner at the TWoP board? The one about 'Firefly' being released on dvd? Has a really cute cartoon-y 'Mal' and 'Caleb'.

As for 'Charmed' --- don't go there, please. That show has become "How naked can AM be in one episode", imho. (and I don't mean emotionally)
Forgot to add that E! News will feature the Buffy wrap up party tomorrow i.e. Monday 21st.

Hopefully this will be able to viewed at the E! Online website.
Very sad. Drove by the set this afternoon on my way back from Easter brunch and it seems as though it's beginning to be taken apart. It was bound to happen eventually, but it was sad just the same...
While we're talking about no-shows like Sarah and Eliza, how about David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter?
And John Ritter? :)
David Boreanaz not turning up is no big deal as far as I'm concerned, but the show is called BUFFY the Vampire slayer, and as SMG plays the lead it would seem to me like a deliberate snub that she was a no-show.

Seth Green caught a plane at 5.00am to make the party, with no sleep. Don't you think that she could have made the effort? Makes her look ungracious.

As for Charisma Carpenter, she is a new Mum, and anyone who has been there knows it takes a huge effort just to get out of the house.
Is Michelle Tractenberg's dress cut as low as it looks? Somehow that seems disturbing.

So is SMG's and other notable absences. Perhaps the actors are not as much the characters as one might wish ... oh well.
I don't think it does well to dwell on why Sarah was or wasn't there. It may simply have been that she had to be a SD2 right away.

It tarnishes the show's grand finale to think that there's all these horrible goings-on behind-the-scenes. Our show is not Charmed or 90210 - it's Buffy. We should focus on the amazing final four episodes that are left, and appreciate them while we can, instead of speculating about this and that. :)

Much more fun to focus on the eps, anyway :)
Hear, hear, Thomas. When it comes down to it, we don't and probably never will know exactly what goes on off-screen. I don't know Sarah, and I never will; no number of press appearances or interviews will ever substantially change that. It's not my place to judge her. The same is true for the rest of the cast, and any celebrity, for that matter.

And John Ritter? :)
Robo-Ritter | April 21, 08:08 CET

LOL Robo-Ritter! :D

*edited because Pele forgot to use html instead of cbb

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I'm glad to see a lot of the cast and writers show up. David Fury, David Greenwalt and Jane Espenson were notably missing though.

It didn't bother me that Sarah wasn't there. I think people are assuming too much. She's never been one to attend these events. Personally, I think this party wasn't really to say goodbye (because I'm sure that they've done that in private already) but more of a last 'official' gathering outside of work and an opportunity for photos.

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