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October 12 2006

'The Return' Sarah Michelle Gellar stills At Horror-Fanatics. Horror-Fanatics at MySpace have added seven stills to their site, one of which has already been posted at Whedonesque. And there's three official clips from The Return over at Rope of Silicon (thanks to jerryst3161 for the heads up).

Thanks, Tonya J. In the one pic the cut on her arm is crescent-shaped. Think the character is converting to Islam?
I am so looking forward to this movie since I saw Asif Kapadia's The Warrior (upon the recommendation of a fellow Whedonesque member, thank you very much). The Warrior works at both the action and character levels -- it's exciting throughout but it always takes you deeper into the main characters. Kapadia's technique looks like pure simplicity, but he included a lot (perhaps unconsciously) of genre stuff from Westerns, Samurai movies and even gangster movies, though The Warrior is none of those things.
The coolest thing was the way he told the story with almost no dialog, so I'm hoping Sarah Michelle Gellar gets the chance to do a great deal of acting with just her face and body. If so . . . I think it is reasonable to anticipate a masterpiece of performance, which I hope will be followed by massive waves of respect for my favorite actress. ETA Thank you, Tonya J!

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