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October 13 2006

Wash reads his own eulogy and makes some changes as he goes along. Glorious Friday fun courtesy of Alan Tudyk at Dragon*Con.

Ok, now that was hilarious! Shame about the sound quality, I missed some comments, but what I could hear had me splitting my sides.
Hysterical! Yes, I wish the sound had been better -- I would have liked to hear some of the comments Summer made, too. But this was sooooooo funny. Good way to start the day.
I was there; I can affirm that it was great.

It was actually the second time he read the "sexy, sexy, sexy" eulogy. He had read it the night before at the "Wash Wake/Browncoat Ball," I believe.
Great fun. Alan is so funny.
I wish Alan could be bottled, he is that funny, kind, charming and enthusiastic. Thanks for sharing that.
And sexy, sexy, sexy!
What this thread needs is some virtual balls.
Very, very, very funny. (and sexy!) :)
Quite, quite funny. How lovable he is.

I especially chortled at, "Wash... taken from us -- by Joss 'The Bastard' Whedon." Also, I enjoyed Alan calling for Summer to "pitch a fit" when someone identified a stray sound as being made by Reavers. He's very quick...

And I thought the eulogy writer was eloquent.

Kaylee: "Captain seem a little funny to you at breakfast this morning?"
Wash: "Come on, Kaylee. We all know I'm the funny one."

-- FF, "Heart of Gold"
As one who saw it live, I can attest to the greatness. Alan is hi-larious!
I liked it - thanks for sharing (in an unironic way) :-)
Gotta love those BDHs. Summer is so cute when teased. (SUMMER!!!)
Alan, please marry me, kthxbye.
... somewhat LESS attractive, now that he's corpsified and gross...

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