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October 13 2006

(SPOILER) Anthony Stewart Head guest stars in tonight's Doctor Who. The episode was already broadcast in the UK, but it makes its US debut tonight at 8pm [EST] on the SciFi Channel.

There's a video trailer on the site where you can get a glimpse of ASH playing Mr. Finch, an evil school master in this episode, entitled "School Reunion."

The episode also reruns at midnight, for those working late.

In other news, the series Threshold debuts tonight after Battlestar Galactica's new episode on SciFi. This great show was cancelled last year by CBS before it had a chance. Whedon connection - Amanda Fuller, who played slayer-in-training Eve on BTVS, appears in two episodes.

I saw this on Australian TV a few months ago. I didn't think it was the best of episodes, but ASH turns out a great performance - he's really fun to watch.
I really liked this one, a lot of fun, ASH is really good as a baddy, but the main focus of the story is the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9, great stuff! Definitley one of the better new series villains in my opinion too, much better than the Slitheen or the Sycorax.
It is a terrific episode with many stand out moments. Even if you've never watched Doctor Who before, I'd recommend tuning in.
I absolutely adore the show (always have done) and I am a huge fan of Russell T Davies (he didn't write this particular episode), so I am completely biased, but I agree with Simon that it is a terrific episode. It's well worth tuning into. The return of Elisabeth Sladen was enough to get me blubbing but she was more than matched by the wonderful Billie Piper!
I loved this ep, some parts were very Monster of the Week, but as a fan of Doctor Who since the early 80's, it was very emotional seeing Sarah Jane's moments with the amazing David Tennant.
The return of Sarah-Jane was great but Sarah-Jane and K-9 ? Fan overload ;).

Great episode, with an entertainingly grande villain as played by ASH (and, yep, some very touching stuff between S-JS and Tennant's Doctor).

("We. Are in. A car." ;)
For anyone in Canada the episode should be airing on CBC, on Monday, October 23.

It kind of sucks that the CBC is airing it so late, especially considering that they co-produce the series. However, they didn't want to air it last spring and have to reschedule episodes around NHL playoffs.
Can I just echo what everyone else has been saying, don't miss this if you're a fan its a wonderful episode, the minute I saw Sarah Jane it surprised how teary I became and of course ASH was suitably sinister and evil as the headmaster from hell, all in all one of my favourite eps so far, have fun America!!
Great episode.
You do NOT know how much I'm looking forward to this. Giles as an alien headmaster who talks like a lounge lizard? Cool! It's a good thing I'm TiVoing this since I work the graveyard shift. But i'll have plenty of time this weekend to see this, and the other episodes of the new season.
This should have gone in the Ripper thread in which Direct-to DVD and downloadable original content were discussed, but I just learned this over on The Movie Blog: Morgan Freeman, his producing partner and Intel are launching the website for their joint venture Clickstar this December. First offering will be a new film of Freeman's to be available for download 2 weeks after theatrical release, then followed by other films available for download day and date of theatrical release. If an actor can get something like this going, maybe Joss, when interested , could too.

And if Morgan does land the WW role, maybe he and Joss will bond, he'll invite Joss to run Clickstar, Intel will pony up chip dollars, and "Ripper", "Spike's Gotta Have Faith", "The Fred and Darla Show" and "Wyndham-Pryce: You Only Live Twice" (fulfilling both Wes and Alexis-as-Bond fangirls' dreams, will be off and running.
"Oh my God. I'm the tin dog!"

LOVED this episode--I kept calling ASH EvilGiles!

Lots of echoes of Buffy in this episode anyway, from the whole high school setting to them fighting off the "bats" with a loud siren noise, like in "Teacher's Pet."
I can't post while at work so I am silent all week. I enjoy reading all the Whedonesque posts but Jaynelovesvera - your posts make me laugh all week.

Sign me up for "Ripper", "Spike's Gotta Have Faith", "The Fred and Darla Show" and "Wyndham-Pryce: You Only Live Twice" !
Re: Direct to DVD, Stargate:SG-1 is apparently getting a couple of D2DVD movies after the end of Season 10. It's a bit different to, for instance, 'Firefly' since the show's still fresh in people's minds and the studio, MGM in this case, have said from the first news of cancellation that they'll stick by the creators (and put up the money for future projects) but I think it'll be a pretty good indication of the sort of sales we could expect any future Joss D2DVD projects to take (and AFAIK JMS' new 'Babylon 5: The Lost Tales' shows are also D2DVD so I think it's an idea whose time may have finally come).

(my favourite pick for a non-Joss D2DVD series would be 'Global Frequency'. How that pilot didn't get picked up is a complete mystery to me)
I'll admit to being a big fan of the new Doctor Who (though 9's my doctor)... so i was very excited to see this episode. OOOH ASH was a naughty bas%#rd. I kept yelling to my husband "Giles is being so evil". but I loved to see another side of ASH... is this what Giles could have become if he'd ever been turned?

I loved the return of Sarah Jane... it addresses the fact of what does happen when they get left behind.
Passion, not only are you one of my all-time favorite episodes, you're also my new best friend. I'll let you know which two days every week I'll be coming over for dinner. Oh...and football on Sunday. Just a few snacks will be fine...maybe a Butterfingers or three?
I loved when ASH snarls, "Bad dog!" He was so good as the baddie. And those teeth when he screamed! Yikes! *g*
What with his past and everything, Giles would have been such a deliciously evil vamp. Now I pine for same...
I've seen only a few episodes last year and one earlier one from this season, but I didn't want to miss ASH. I do remember K-9, though, from some past life -- so I guess I saw an episode some years back somehow. In any case, I enjoyed ASH as the baddie -- and he was quite good at it. It is difficult to take one's eyes off him when he is on screen. What a magnetic actor. I truly miss not seeing him regularly on TV.

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